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Who Are we:

Welcome to Drugresearch.in! Our platform allows health experts to share their knowledge and research with the world. We believe that by sharing this information, we can help improve global health and make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We hope that you will take advantage of our platform and use it to share your own research and expertise with the world.

What Drugresearch.in Do:

Drugresearch is the blog where doctors recommend their favorite products because they know what works and what doesn’t. Here, you can find organic skin care products, fitness equipment, supplements, exercise equipment like resistance bands or weighted vests to help you improve strength and muscle tone in only a few minutes per day.

Aim of Drugresearch:

The Drugresearch blog aims to supply interesting, accurate, and up-to-date articles backed by science about diet, nutrition, and exercise. In February 2013, we launched a fact-checking project. We worked with health experts and published our original articles as fact-checked versions (Checkout Our Editorial Policy). The Drug Research are a group of health experts like Team of Doctor, Pharmacist, Dietitian, Athlete & Bodybuilder based in Mumbai, and Pune. We want to use our expertise to help people improve their health. So everyone at Drugresearch.in is committed to improving the quality of the advice we give.

Meet Our Team: 

Ms. Arti Jain (Dietitian) Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Ms. Arti Jain (Dietitian) Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Qualification: MSc (Dietetics), PG Dip(Nutrition), Diabetic Educator (USA), International Sports Nutrition (California), Genetic Diet Expert. Hormonal Diet Expert

Expertise: Diet & Nutrition, Weight Loss, Slimming, Laser, Beauty, Hair Care.

Hospital Name: Diet4health

Website: Diet4health.in

Ms. Geetanjali Mengi (Nutritionist), Bandra, Mumbai

Ms. Geetanjali Mengi (Nutritionist), Bandra, Mumbai

Qualification: Masters Of Science In Dietetics And Food Service Management MSc. (DFSM), Bachelor in Nutrition (ACEND), Diploma in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition, PGCE (Certified Diabetes Educator), Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program, PG Certificate Course In Diabetes Education (PGDCE), Genetic Diet Expert. Hormonal Diet Expert

Expertise: Weight loss, Lifestyle Management, Detoxification, Nutrition Plan, Weight Gain, Sports Nutrition

Hospital Name: Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic

Website: Dieticiangeetanjali.com

Ms. Pradnya Padhye (Nutritionist), Thane

Ms. Pradnya Padhye (Nutritionist), Thane

Qualification: : Masters Of Science (Food and Nutrition)

Expertise: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Kids Nutrition, Corporate Wellness, Sports Nutrition, Lifestyle Diseases & Women Health

Hospital Name: Balcal Nutrefy

Website: Balcalnutrefy.com

Dr. Amey Kelkar, Dermatologist Pune

Dr Amey Kelkar, Dermatologist, Pune

Qualification: MBBS, MD (Skin and VD)

Expertise: Acne, Dull skin, Hair Loss, Skin Ageing and wrinkling, Vitiligo & Psoriasis, Medical Dermatology

Hospital Name: Derma Solutions

Website: Dermasolutions.in

Dr. Devesh Singh, Dermatologist, Lucknow

Dr. Devesh Singh, Dermatologist, Lucknow

Qualification: MBBS,DDVL, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist

Expertise: Acne Treatment, Hair Fall, Hair Permanent Removal, Face Lift, Cosmetic Dermatology

Hospital Name: Dr. Devesh Singh Indira Nagar (Skin Clinic)

Website: Devskinclinic.com

Dr. Deepak N Inamdar, Orthopedic & Joint surgeon, Bengaluru

Dr. Deepak N Inamdar, Orthopedic & Joint surgeon, Bengaluru


Expertise: Hip& Knee Replacements and Complex Trauma surgeries, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery


Website: Orthoone.co.in

Rahil Hurzuk (Certified Personal Trainer), Pune

Rahil Hurzuk (Certified Personal Trainer)


Expertise: Strength training, Aerobic exercise, Balance exercises, Stretching,

Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym

Trupti Niwate (Medical Coder, Registered Pharmacist), Dasgaon, Mahad

Trupti Niwate (Medical Coder, Registered Pharmacist)

Qualification: Bachelor in Pharmacy, D Pharmacy

Expertise: Community Pharmacy Practice, Medication Management, Pharmacotherapy, Patient Care Coordination

Mahesh Raskar, (Athlete Weightlifter), Nerul, Navi-Mumbai

Mahesh Raskar, (Athlete Weightlifter)

Qualification: D Pharmacy

Silver Medal in Asian Bench-press championship, Dubai 2018

Registered Pharmacist at Generico, Nerul

Mahesh Raskar Achievements List

How We Earn:

We care about a healthy lifestyle! And we love writing about it. Therefore, our scientific and rigorous research and a team of health experts help us to write about any health and fitness-related product. We are a part of the amazon affiliate program. Therefore, we list and review health and fitness-related products and accessories while providing you with detailed first-hand information about the product. Any purchase redirected through our website helps us earn affiliate revenue. 

We have no hidden agendas, and our information is free of cost for readers. Our sole purpose is to help you reach your desired accessory or product and provide useful fitness-related information. By advertising products, we generate revenue that helps us maintain and update the website for you.

Medical Disclaimer:

The contents available on naushadk33.sg-host.com are solely for informational purposes and cannot be considered an alternative medical remedy. We highly recommend consulting a professional/local health expert for serious health and skin-related concerns and emergencies. We do not entirely guarantee the accurateness and completeness of the information.

Therefore, we are not liable for any errors or accidents that can be caused to you. We request users to verify any information for being appropriate before personal use.

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