When Should You Take BCAAs

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What time is it appropriate to take BCAA? The answer is quite comprehensive – you can consume BCAA between meals, before or after the workout or during the workout. So every moment seems appropriate. However, this is not entirely true and, therefore, a brief explanation.


How can you derive the maximum profit from taking BCAA Supplements?

BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) is the name given to the three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, which the body itself cannot produce. This trio of amino acids is responsible for several positive effects around the muscles (including muscle building and regeneration) and numerous other metabolic processes.

But how do you get the most out of taking BCAA?

We have compiled some instructions for you, especially about the time of taking BCAA:


Defining goals

Beforehand, it would help if you clarified the question of which training goals you are achieving.

If you do intensive endurance training, then BCAA should be fed before the load and the second half of the training.

Strength athletes, with a focus on muscle mass, use BCAA primarily directly before and after training.


BCAA for beginners

BCAA for beginners

The mode of action of the BCAA in the body is strongly dependent on the training and performance level of the active person. It has a different effect with a beginner than with an intensively training bodybuilder, and the quantity requirement differs.

With the amino acid 5-HTP, the hormone serotonin is produced, guaranteeing more energy and stamina. 5-HTP is the intermediate from the conversion of Tryptophan into Serotonin.

Since the BCAA is also involved in this metabolic process and numerous others around the body’s own hormones and the conversion of amino acids, it makes sense for beginners to provide care just before training. This type of intake is sufficient for the beginner and can be done via food or a dietary supplement.


BCAA for Fitness Freaks

Fitness Freaks

Active athletes with ample gym experience who work to build more muscle mass have a different BCAA need. For fitness enthusiasts, food-only care is usually not sufficient, and they resort to other sources of BCAA.

A possible scheme for taking BCAA:

On training days with targeted muscle/strength training

– 1 capsule about 15min before training

– 1 capsule during training – 1 capsule after training

On training days with cardio training:

– 2 capsules

about 15min before the workout – 2 capsules in the training course

On rest days or in a cutting phase

– 1 capsule before breakfast

Alternatively, you can use our BCAA powder or the delicious BCAA Drink Powder Matrix Formula. Under the heading Amino Acids – BCAA, you will also find numerous products from other manufacturers in capsule, tablet or powder form.


A good start

As the proverb says so aptly – well started, is half won. So first, provide a small stock of BCAAs in the sports bag. The extra dose of BCAA can somewhat compensate for the occasional grip on low-protein but high-calorie treats before training. Fill your training bottle with water and swallow a capsule dosage or shave the water with a BCAA powder. So your muscles are well supplied with the essential amino acids even during the workout.

To keep the protein balance at the necessary level in the long term and on non-training days, you should not do without BCAAs, even on rest days.



BCAA, as small protein building blocks, are absorbed quickly by the body and can be used within a short time. An advantage over a classic protein shake, which also provides amino acids, the body must first break them off from the whole protein, which leads to a time delay in use.

The higher your training level and the more pronounced your existing muscles – the higher the body’s consumption of protein and BCAA for maintenance and regeneration. We, therefore, consider the intake to be meaningful around training and especially with intensive training. For beginners, it can lead to better stamina.

Whether you prefer to swallow a few capsules or use BCAA in powder form, you can tailor it to your personal needs. For those who are reluctant to die, the BCAA also has the advantage that the products usually have hardly any calories.

So get on with training – good luck!

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