What is UF Water Purifier? (Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Technology)

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We don’t know the type of water that comes to our homes. Is it safe for drinking? Setting up a water purifier with doubts like these becomes essential. Water Purifiers purify and filter out the harmful contaminants from water, making it clean and pure.

Today there’s a wide variety of water purifiers available in the indian market, including UV, RO, UF, and NF. One of the most known among these is the UF Water-Purifier. Do not worry if you have no idea about it. We are here to walk you through it!

So, let’s start to learn about UF Water Purifiers.


What is UF Water Purifier?

What is UF Purifier?

UF Water Purifiers are Ultra-Filtration Water Purifiers that indeed ultra filter the water. The water is passed through a hollow membrane consisting of tiny pores of about 0.01 to 0.02 microns. Dirt, bacteria, and suspended particles get trapped in these membranes, making the water clean and pure. Thus, an ultrafiltration water purifier eliminates particles of size 5000 times smaller than human hair.

Now that we know how a UF Purifier works let’s look at the various benefits and disadvantages of UF Purifiers.


Benefits of UF Water Purifier

Benefits of UF Purifier.

UF Purifiers have the best benefits. Let’s quickly learn them.

  • The pores of the UF Filter are smaller than the size of viruses, thus filtering out all the harmful disease-causing germs.
  • UF Water Purifiers are eco-friendly. UF Water Purifiers can be used to treat wastewater for reuse.
  • UF Purifiers do not waste any water.
  • UF Purifiers do not need electricity.
  • UF Purifiers follow a chemical-free water purification system.
  • UF Water Purifiers are the best in treating muddy or turbid water. It filters out all the dust particles and removes the turbidity from water.
  • UF Purifiers do not remove the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from water, making the water not only clean but healthy too!
  • UF Purifiers work fast. They filter one gallon of water per minute.
  • UF Purifiers do not require high pressures of water for purification. UF Purifiers can filter slow running water or low-pressure water smoothly.
  • Now that we understand the numerous benefits of UF Purifiers, it is essential to learn the disadvantages of a UF Purifier.


Disadvantages of UF Purifier

UF water purifiers can be the best economical water purifier at your home. However, before setting it up, it is essential to understand some of the disadvantages of UF Purifier to make the right choice.

  • UF Purifiers might not necessarily eliminate the bad taste or odor of water unless it is due to any contaminant that has been filtered out. Hence, UF Purifiers do not improve the taste or odor of water. 
  • The filters of UF Purifiers have to be routinely cleaned at least once or twice a week. Filtrates like the dust may accumulate in the filter membranes and might leak into the clean water, making it unclean again.
  • UF Water Purifiers do not filter out the dissolved solids or salts from water. Hence, if you are a resident of an area with high TDS, UF Water Purifiers would not benefit you.

Author’s note: Your drinking water should not be very low on TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels too. According to a WHO Report, water with low TDS is tasteless and less thirst-quenching. It also reported that the minimum TDS Levels of water should be 100mg/L. Hence, check the TDS levels of your drinking water. If the TDS ranges between 100-300mg/L, UF Water Purifier will work the best for you!

Now that we have learned all about UF Water Purifiers let’s dive into a few of the most frequently asked questions about them.



1. Is UF Water Purifier safe?

UF Water Purifiers have the smallest pores (around 0.01 micron) in their filters, removing all the harmful contaminants, including dust, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, UF Water Purifiers are safe. However, UF Water Purifiers fail at filtering out the dissolved salts in water, making it unfit for use in places with high Total Dissolved Solid levels of water.

Author’s tip: UF Purifiers, when combined with RO or UV Purifiers, can help eliminate the dissolved solids from water, which a UF Filter alone can not. 


2. Do UF Purifiers waste water?

UF Purifiers filter water by passing the water through a hollow membrane of tiny pores. It does not require electricity. Hence, UF Water Purifiers only remove the suspended particles, dust, and micro-organisms without electricity and wasting water.


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UF Water Purifiers indeed have an innovative mechanism through which it purifies water. UF Water Purifiers are a great way to obtain clean drinking water without wasting excess water or electricity. However, they might not always clear out the dissolved solids from the water. Hence, before you buy a UF Water Purifier for your home, make sure you know the TDS of your drinking water.

Drop-in a comment and tell us how your UF Water Purifier worked for you!

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