Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil Review

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I know you all must have experienced the feeling of getting your hair massaged by your mom with hair oil, which is enriched with the rich essence of coconut and almonds. There are different varieties of Treatment Oil out there that claims quite a few benefits & most of them doesn’t take their stand. In this article, we will introduce & review this highly organic Hair Treatment oil so you could analyse it without confusion.

Bhringraj is completely ayurvedic in its crucial hair growth properties & is used in several treatment oils, shampoo, even in edibles. Through this review, we will guide you with all the benefits, usage & does it stand to be a worthy product compared to the rest of the essential oils out there in the market.


Benefit of Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Treatment Oil

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil


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Previously, I had been looking for Bringraj products on the internet & I got my attention to this hair oil with Bringraj elements in it. After reading a lot of users reviews on Internet, I ended up choosing to pick this up, & to be honest with you, I did find a lot of benefits that Kama Ayurveda has successfully passed towards it.

The Benefits Boosts that Kama Ayurveda Hair Oil has provided through their extraordinary combination of sesame seeds & milk! Can you imagine that? Without any further ado, let’s look at these Benefits of Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Treatment Oil.

  • To be fair, this hair oil didn’t disappoint when it comes to its Natural Constituents, just like Indulekha which contains herbal properties.
  • Kama Ayurveda has finally made me stop my usage of a Conditioner which is absolutely mind-boggling! It benefits of acting as a Natural Conditioner, making this a top-notch product.
  • The Natural Conditioning from this oil is keen to make sure that your hair is silky smooth after taking a shower.
  • Most, hair oil usually acts as a warm agent where its strong odour may provide a specific benefit but could fail at holding you off from all the stress. The Kama Ayurveda Hair Treatment Oil cools your scalp & uplifts you with total relaxation.
  • Hair Oil renders many benefits altogether, but they are mainly focused on hair growth elements. Kama Bringadi hair oil improves in removing excessive dandruff with the strengthening of hair follicles.


Why is this Oil Essential?

This Intensive hair treatment oil can be an important use for those who have an itchy, irritating scalp & are unable to seek a solution. After using this product, including me, we saw enough moisture that a hair couldn’t provide at all terms that can be achieved with Kama Ayurveda Bringradi hair oil.

The ingredients we will discuss further in the article will give you an insight into how this particular Hair oil provides a perfect cooling attribute, and it prevents scalp infections. Let’s take a look at these Ingredients & their qualities.


Detailed Glimpse of Ingredients & their Properties

Before we move on to these ingredients, the best part of it all is that these are all Natural Herbs which makes this Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment oil much efficient.

Ingredients In Kama Ayurveda Hair Oil Qualities of the Ingredients
Sesame & Milk This acts as a key to the mixture, providing a moisturising ability to your hair with an increment in hair growth & preventing premature greying of hair.

Its endless attributes are why we love this hair oil.

Indigo Indigo is generally known as Henna too, which has the property of providing your hair with a particular colour & the ability to manage hair with smooth and strong hair.
Bhringraj This is an essential herb that brings pride to its name itself, as it prevents hair fall & brings ultimate strength to your hair follicles.
Amla (Gooseberry) Amla is the sole reason for this product which heals the split ends & makes your hair roots stronger than before thus we used these & found out better results.
Balloon Vine Karnphool or Baloon Vine has an assurity of fighting against dandruff and lice attacks.
Coconut Oil The ability of coconut oil isn’t unknown to anyone; its high penetration into the hair roots give you a firm touch of your hair, with proper nourishment.
Mulethi (Licorine Powder) This Hydrating agent helps alongside Sesame & Milk in order to moisturise the scalp. It’s an excellent constituent in this hair oil.
Rosemary Rosemary benefits just like others in promoting hair growth.
Lavender Lavender has a strong odour with antibacterial properties to cleanse the scalp.


Health Benefits from Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

Health Benefits from Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

When it comes to Health Benefits, Bhrigraj is the only core ingredient that surprisingly benefits our health in many ways. Let’s take a brief dive into what types of Health Benefits Kama Ayurveda Hair Oil provides us.

  • Prevents Folliculitis (Inflammation of hair follicles)
  • Prevents from Alopecia (Hair Loss)
  • It prevents you from Dermatitis (Dandruff)
  • No Skin Infection is to be seen
  • Balances out High Fever
  • Prevents Scalp psoriasis


Our Thoughts & Experience

Believe it or not, I don’t trust reviews until I let myself try and review these products. Only then do I share my experience. My Hair before applying Kama Ayurveda Bringradi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil was nothing but dry and harsh.

It shocked me to the core after applying it to my scalp after I had the smoothest experience of my hair. Twice a week of usage is perfect for those who want a change at ease.

Due to that, we have organized a set of advantages and disadvantages of this Kama Ayurveda Intensive Hair Treatment Oil; take a look:


Pros & Cons of Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Treatment Oil


  • It is a perfect blend of Herbal Essentials you don’t want to miss out on.
  • An Ayurvedic form that prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth
  • The core advantage of moisturising the hair is its most prominent trait, bringing a pleasant smell to your hair.
  • A balanced mixture of Bhringraj and other herbs makes your hair shiny, silky and manageable. This will also add an extra texture of colour to your hair.
  • A Minimalistic Packaging would fit anywhere in your pocket too.


    • There are only some mentions regarding the features which we think are a bit much. The Price of this hair oil is expensive, even for a small amount of volume.
    • The pungent odour can be an issue for some individuals, although it didn’t bother me much.
    • Mixing Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive hair treatment oil with other oils like castor, coconut won’t give you the best results & it will result in a worse situation.


My Experience over Product’s Claim

It’s time for results, and here we think that Kama Ayurveda’s hair oil claims are relatable to our reality. This is due to their firm blend of the herbs used in the hair oil extract. My Experience with this hair oil wasn’t too much & too less good, it did its work with an increase of strengthening of my hair follicles & preventing hair fall & dandruff.

Here is a brief experience over the product claim, so let’s take a sneak peek to a brief check & see whether this product is worth your time or not.

Product Claim My Experience
They claimed to prevent excessive hair fall & to promote hair growth. After several usages, this turns out to be effective as it does prevent hair fall. You will be able to see the difference when you’re managing your hair.
They claimed premature greying & dandruff prevention. Our several users do feel the difference in less number in greying of hair.
Conditioning of hair follicles in bringing smooth and silky hair. This turns out to be 100% true after several usages per week, and we found out the perfect results in smoothening hair.
They claimed users would feel relaxed and uplifted after use. This turns out to be blindly authentic, as we do feel comfortable and at ease.
They claimed a Mythical Fragrance It’s a fact that they do smell amazing.


Step-by-Step Usage

  1. Pour 2-3 drops of hair oil on your scalp before taking a shower and massage it thoroughly.
  2. After massaging it perfectly, let it sink in for 10-15 minutes. This will let rest all the herbs and ingredients perfectly.
  3. Then rinse your hair entirely & you can use your shampoo if needed.
  4. After quite a few moments, you will see quick results of smooth, silky hair with a pleasing aroma.
  5. Applying this hair oil for a matter of a few weeks will give you improving results in hair fall and dandruff with less irritation & lice attacks.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Does it makes your hair glossier?

Yes, without any other help, you will be granted glossier hair with no such styling & there will be a more straightforward approach to manage your hair. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Oil will meet up your needs.


Will Kama Ayurveda Hair Oil maintain a steady hair colour?

On applying in general, due to the Indigo constituent in the Hair, Oil can create a subtle brown hue which can help you in premature greying of your hair too.

Individuals who are going through premature greying can also use it 2-3 times per week to see good results.


Do you recommend Kama Ayurveda’s Hair Oil for Hair fall prevention?

After briefly looking closely at the ingredients which are present in the hair oil, I can quickly agree that it genuinely does prevent hair fall to some extent. There will be no sign of dandruff.

So, if you are looking for hair fall & Dandruff prevention, yes, I do recommend using it.


Do I need a conditioner after buying this hair oil?

This is the highlight of the product. After massaging your scalp with the hair oil, there are fewer chances for you to use conditioner. Kama Ayurveda Hair Oil does it all precisely the same as the conditioner.


What would be the exact usage to get the proper results?

As in the product itself, it provides you less volume, so its important to use the oil in two to three drops and see the difference in 4 weeks. Excess usage is not good as your scalp needs only a few amounts of oil for daily use.



This is rarely possible when a brand, either big or small, does care about a customer & knows what they are producing for you. Kama Ayurvedic Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment oil does meet up our needs, & I would definitely recommend anyone to rebuy this hair oil.

None shall miss these features if they possess this product in their hands. Kama Ayurvedic Hair Oil can be your new conditioner, better than those out there. Kama Ayurvedic did earn their trust from my side.

It is impressive, with 9-10 beautiful herbs/ingredients which controls dandruff and other hair related issues. If you are looking forward to it, don’t miss out on this product’s beauty.

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