Kent Water Purifier vs Aquaguard Water Purifier

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You want to buy a filter for your family that provides safe and healthy drinking water. Right? And you are confused about which one to purchase? Kent or Aquaguard, which one would be a better option?

Do not worry! This article will differentiate between Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers to help you out a little to choose one among these two popular filters in the market.

You must buy a water purifier that filtrates all the impurities, lessens the water’s TDS level, and longs last, providing new features. Read on to buy the best one!


Difference Between Kent And Aquaguard Water Purifier

Water coming out of your taps may seem pure and clean, but it contains tiny microorganisms, harmful organic and inorganic solubles, and even dissolvable solutes. And the contaminated water may lead to serious health issues. Some of the water-caused diseases are also life-threatening.

Therefore, you need to buy the best water purifier to keep you healthy and away from viruses, bacterias, chlorine, lead, and many more harmful contaminants present in the water you use. And you must think once to buy Kent or Aquaguard being the two of the most reliable and popular brands in the market.

While buying a water purifier, people mostly keep in mind the quality of water you will get from the filter, the technologies and features of purification, and its storage capacity. Therefore, we will differentiate Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers in all the terms and aspects you are looking for.

Kent Water Purifier Aquaguard Water Purifier
Working Process The water passes through a semipermeable membrane and purifies the contaminated water by filtering the dissolved solutes. The membrane blocks the harmful solubles and gives out purified water. An Aquaguard water purifier works in stages. First, it filters dust and muds; then, it removes all the organic impurities, odors, pesticides, and more. In the end, it deactivates viruses, bacterias, and other harmful organisms.
Features Kent water purifier comes with many new technologies and features like, Mineral RO technology has a TDS controller which retains essential minerals in purified water, providing a sweet taste to the water you drink. Save water technology purifies 50% of water rather than saving only 20% of it like a regular RO filter. And also, the rejected water is automatically stored in a rejected water tank that can be used for purposes other than drinking. The water level indicator is visible on the purifier showing the quantity of water remaining inside the filter and when you need to switch on the plug to fill the water purifier. Also, Kent has an alarm to indicate the failure of the UV filter and the time to change the filters. Kent water purifier purifies water from all sources. Whether the source of water at your home is governmental or groundwater, the filter will be able to remove the impurities out of it. Aquaguard also has many new features like Kent, which may confuse you to choose one among these water purifiers. Let’s see what they are? A long-life cartridge in Aquaguard allows you to use the cartridge purifier for up to four months without replacement. The cartridge removes all the suspended impurities and organic chemicals from the water, giving out 100% pure water.MTDS regulator means manually total dissolved salts controller. This regulator lets you adjust the TDS level of the water and ensure safe and pure drinking water. The sleek and compact design of Aquaguard water purifiers is convenient. If you lack enough space to place the filter at home, this design of Aquaguard will fit easily even in houses with space constraints. The energy-saving mode switches off the water supply on its own when the water tank inside the filter gets full. The E-boiling feature of the Aquaguard automatically boils the water for 20+ minutes which purifies the water and makes it safe to drink. You may need not boil the water again, taken from the Aquaguard water purifier.
Build Up Modern Kent water purifiers have transparent covering, and their filters are visible. Below the filters lies a water tank and then LED indicators. At the bottom, there is a dispensing water tap. Aquaguard water purifiers can also come with transparent covering. It possesses RO mode, water-level, service, and mineral-modular indicators. Under these notification panels, you will find a dispensing water tap.
Material Used Kent is made up of non-toxic food-safe ABS plastic. This material has resistance and excellent electrical properties and has strength and stiffness. Also, it is recyclable and has a low melting point. Aquaguard is made up of food-grade plastic. This material is durable and microwavable. It is an eco-product that is reusable and recyclable. It ensures water is purified and has no harmful chemicals.
Purification Capacity The highest purification capacity of Kent water purifiers is 20 liters/ hour. And the purification capacity of Aquaguard water purifiers is divided into RO and UV paths. The RO path purification capacity is 250 milliliters/ minute, and the UV path is 600 milliliters/ minute.
Storage Capacity Kent water purifiers have a maximum of 8 liters of storage capacity, which will supply water even in the absence of electricity. An Aquaguard water purifier has 5 to 10 liters storage capacity. It will also provide you with water even if there is no electricity.
TDS Level Kent can purify impure water with 500 ppm to 2500 ppm of TDS levels. Aquaguard can purify the impure water with a TDS level of upto 2000 ppm.
Power Consumption Kent water purifier consumes around 60 watts of energy a day. And Aquaguard water purifiers consume the power of 40 watts. That is less than Kent, which is an advantage to save money and electricity.
Cons The filters in the Kent water purifier have to be changed within at least two months, increasing the maintenance cost. The maintenance cost of the Aquaguard is higher than the Kent water purifier. Also, it is best for small families as many of its models come with less storage capacity. And many models of Aqua guard run on a 24/7 electricity supply.
Cost The price of Kent water purifiers ranges from around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 18000. And the price of the Aquaguard water purifier ranges around Rs. 500 to Rs. 29000.

Both Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers come with a one-year warranty from the installation date. They also have similar technologies like RO, UV, UF purification, activated carbon filter, and sediment filter. Both of them are trustworthy based on their quality and performance. As you can see the differences between them, the choice is yours. You can purchase anyone out of them considering your suitability preferences.


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Bottom Line

The Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers are popular brand products with unique technologies and features. And none of them could be compared and considered best. The choice to purchase is entirely yours.

Kent gives a storage capacity of 8 liters with 20 l/hr purification capacity. It can purify water of TDS level of upto 2500 ppm and consume 60Watt power. On the other hand, an Aquaguard has a maximum of 7 liters of storage capacity with a 250 ml/min purification capacity in the RO path and 600ml/min in the UV path. It can purify water with a TDS level of 2000 ppm using 40 Watts of power. Both need high maintenance, but Aquaguard’s price ranges slightly higher than Kent’s.

Both have their unique features, and also they are common in a few of their features. Therefore, please read the whole article, know them in detail, and choose one to purchase. And do not forget to tell us in the comment section about which one you finally chose.

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