BCAA for Women | What are BCAAs & Should You Take Them?

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Muscle building and strength training have long since ceased to be the domain of men. On Instagram, you meet a lot of physically very fit ladies. As you can safely guess, strength training forms the basis of their attractive physique. More and more women dare to go to the gyms and the equipment – without fear of muscle mountains. At the end of the day, we all crave a taut body, crisp buttocks and a slender waist. Such a body is the result of regular training. Muscles must be built up, with the pleasant side effect that the female forms are accentuated. With a coordinated training and nutrition plan – including the right supplementation – you will achieve your goals! BCAAs play an essential role in this context, as we will briefly explain.


What are BCAA’s & how do they work?

The abbreviation stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. The amino acids known as BCAA are L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine; they are processed and used very quickly by muscle fibres. The body cannot produce BCAA’s itself and must absorb it in sufficient quantities via the diet. Appropriate supplements are a recommended option to supplement and/or enrich the daily diet plan.


Facts about the use of BCAAs

BCAAs can be used flexibly in time, before and after the workout or during the workout. Since BCAAs are not broken down so quickly in the stomach and liver, they are available to the complete form muscles. In this way, they develop their beneficial effect optimally. A measuring spoon of BCAA mixed in 200-250ml water (1-3 daily) results in a quick shake .B. before starting training or can be used as a sports drink during training. They can also be used as a low-calorie supplement between meals but should not be used as a food substitute but should only be one of the sporty lifestyle components.


Benefits of BCAAs for Women?

BCAAs for Women

Benefits of BCAAs for Women?

Basically, the advantages are already mentioned by name – again soon:

— BCAAs are quickly absorbed and processed by the body (without “loss of quality” in stomach/liver)

— there are numerous applications: in powder form as a shake in capsule form as a ready-made mixed drink as a supplement in liquid form

— there are special products for women that effectively support the training


Product recommendations?

Both female and male athletes can use BCAA. The BCAA supplements also provide low-calorie and readily available support for muscle maintenance during a calorie-reduced diet.

In our offer, you will find numerous supplements from various manufacturers, and we also offer capsules, powders and delicious BCAA drink from our own brand.

Finally, a small tip: If your daily diet plan already contains enough protein ingredients, you can refrain from taking additional BCAAs. It is advisable to use them if you train on an empty stomach. B after work or before breakfast.

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