Blood Bank in Palghar

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Blood Banks are banks that save lives. Blood banks are the storehouses of blood, without which our bodies would stop functioning. 

However, there are times when there is excessive blood loss, and the body requires blood to survive. In times like these, blood banks are our saviors! Are you in the search for blood banks near you?

If yes, we are here to help you. This article will teach us how to find the blood banks near you!

List of the Blood Bank in Palghar

Name Address Pin Code Phone Number Website
Maharashtra Blood Bank Navli phatak Court Rd, Lokmanya Nagar, Palghar West, Vishnu Nagar, Maharashtra 401404 401404 +91 98231 33779
Aayu Blood Storage Center Dhada Hospital, Tembhode Rd, Juna Palghar, Palghar, Maharashtra 401404 401404 +91 2525 697 666


Blood Bank in Palghar


1. Maharashtra Blood Bank

Address: Navli phatak Court Rd, Lokmanya Nagar, Palghar West, Vishnu Nagar, Maharashtra 401404

Phone Number: +91 98231 33779



2. Aayu Blood Storage Center

Address: Dhada Hospital, Tembhode Rd, Juna Palghar, Palghar, Maharashtra 401404

Phone Number: +91 2525 697 666



How to find the Blood Banks in Palghar Near You?

Every area has a limited number of blood banks. Nonetheless, when finding a blood bank, you need to be quick and get it to your location the fastest way possible. Hence, locating blood banks in the nearby area (Palghar) becomes essential.

 1. Drugresearch

Drugresearch is the largest directory with a list of all the available blood banks in Palghar. The website asks you to enter your state and district, blood group, and blood type required. 

On entering the above details, the website loads the list of available blood banks in the state and district you entered. Nonetheless, the website also provides information on the available blood groups with the number of units available. The website also provides the address, contact number, and email id of the blood bank. 

Thus, choosing and contacting the blood bank becomes easier.

 2. Google

Searching for ‘blood banks near me’ on Google will give you a list of all the available blood banks in your area. Google also provides the address and contact number of the blood banks and the hours for which the blood bank is open. Nonetheless, different people’s reviews and ratings are also available on Google. 

Thus, you can shortlist and contact the blood banks quickly and locate them easily. 

 3. Doctor Referrals

Doctors always have contact with blood banks in the area. Thus, asking a doctor for their referral may make finding a blood bank easier.

Hence, ask the physician in your area or the family doctor for the recommended blood banks. 

 4. Hospital Referrals

If the patient requiring blood has been admitted to the hospital, the hospital will give you the contact details of the nearby blood banks. Hospitals always have had patients requiring blood banks in emergencies. Thus, ensure that you ask the hospital staff or the attending doctors for the available blood banks in the area (Palghar). 

 5. Relatives and Friends Referrals

If your friends or relatives have recently donated blood, they might know about different blood banks. Hence, you can talk and ask them for the available blood banks in the area. 

thus, you can find blood banks using both online and offline searches.


Blood Banks are the actual houses of God. Finding a blood bank is not easy and may get tricky.

In this guide, we have listed the top sources to find reliable blood banks near you. Drugresearch and Google will help you obtain quick results with a few clicks. However, if an online search seems troublesome, you can ask your doctors, friends, or relatives who have previously donated blood. 

Drop a comment below and let us know if you were able to find blood banks near Palghar!

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