How To Become A Certified Fitness Trainer In India (Certifications And Skills Required)

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Over few years, the field of fitness training has been experiencing a massive rise in India. Growing importance towards fitness and maintaining a balanced diet is considered one of the primary reasons behind this rise.

The passion for fitness has made a large number of people become fitness trainers in India. The main question that arises for many aspirants is the procedure to become a fitness trainer in India? In this article, I will list down steps to pursue your dream in the fitness field.


How To Become A Fitness Trainer?

Obtain A Certification Course

Certification Course

Owning a certification from an acknowledged association is a significant criterion for applying in the fitness industry. Several organizations provide both written and practical assessments in various fitness courses.

No matter what field or profession you acquire, certification is essential. The first thing recruiters look forward to is potential employee education. Usually, there are diplomas available in the fitness category. It provides you with a basic understanding of becoming an instructor. The minimum age to apply for any fitness course is 18 years old.


Some Certification Courses In Fitness Training Are As Follows:

Physical Fitness Program

This course involves practical instruction and classroom-based concepts behind physical fitness and exercise plans. This program helps in gaining client assessment, developing fitness plans, and various exercise methodologies.


Certification in Fitness Instructor

This course is the introductory level course for people aspiring to be fitness trainers in the fitness industry. This course contains topics like basics of physiology, anatomy, the role of macro-nutrients, understanding the concept of the design program, and special practical training knowledge. The minimum age to apply for this course should be 18.


Certification in Personal Training

This certification program includes theory and practical knowledge of fitness. It helps students in learning about diet management, anatomy, performance nutrition, and physiology. The eligibility criteria to enrol in this program are that you must have passed the 12th examination and be physically and mentally fit.


Exercise Program Design

This course provides a complete introduction to a fitness program, focusing on strength, aerobics, flexibility training for groups and individuals. Various skills gained through this course are weight management techniques, fitness training techniques, and motivational communication.


Gain Work Experience

For becoming a professional fitness trainer work, experience is essential. Companies recruit employees based on expertise, so you should try to get as much experience as possible. You can’t get a course in a fitness program and expect just to become a trainer the next day.

No one will trust you with your knowledge and skills if you don’t have experience. You have started working under professionals to learn how the industry works.

Individuals who are freshers can face the difficulty of getting a job or internship they desire, but the beginning process is all about learning.

Freshers can gain experience in the fitness industry by volunteering in several campaigns set by gyms trainers or health and wellness departments. You can try creating workout plans for people, helping out with the routines and exercise formats in the campaign.

You can also attend various live sessions, apply for internships, and you should try serving as an assistant for fitness professionals for practical experience and more.

All this will help create a good experience and profile for you.


Have Certification In A Specialized Program

This specialized program is only for individuals who work only in one department, such as nutritionists, bodybuilding, yoga, etc.

Obtaining a particular course in the desired field will help you expand your expertise in fitness training. It is a great way to grow your knowledge of practical and written aspects and assist future recruitment.

You can enrol in numerous courses, such as functional training, weight lifting, and more.


Essential Skills For Becoming A Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer analyzes and evaluates an individual’s level of fitness. They also plan and operate various exercise programs to reach an individual’s fitness goals. The job of a fitness trainer is to help individuals motivate and encourage them to follow the fitness program.

Therefore, you need to be highly committed to being fit and helping others the same. If you are not dedicated towards the fit, you won’t be able to assist others, due to which solid and motivated interpersonal skills are essential for a fitness trainer. Some of the necessary skills to become a fitness trainer are as follows:

Knowledge Of Nutrition And Fitness

Nutrition And Fitness

A fitness trainer must have a complete understanding of nutrition and fitness. Preparing diet and nutrition plans is a part of your job. A client trusts you with their health to reach their desired fitness goal.

Therefore, it is crucial you know all the aspects of fitness to solve clients’ doubts with any issue or concern. You don’t just have to guide them in having a good fitness journey but also make sure they are healthy with the right amount of energy.

Recruiters want to see your demonstration of skills related to program development. This requires your ability to create workout plans in the gym. You should be able to create a workout plan for people with different profiles. So, it would be best if you made yourself familiar with workout regimes.

This knowledge of fitness and nutrition will help you create a workout and diet routine for the clients.


 Communication and Sales Skills


A job as a fitness trainer involves a lot of interaction with the client. Beginners to advanced people in fitness have to deal with people at various levels. As a trainer, you have to put your point of view firmly and understand the client. Communication skills will help in interacting with people in a better way.

Apart from just training people or clients, you are also representing the gym. You have to sell your services to the clients. There isn’t a point in becoming a trainer if there are no clients to market services to.

The companies expect you to use good speaking ability to help gain new clients as people tend to rely on and talk to some that are easy to communicate and understand. Due to this, it is essential to have good communication and sales skills.


Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

You are in a fitness field, so this goes even without saying you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether the trainer leads a healthy lifestyle or not is the first thing a client or a potential client notices.

Therefore, if you are not fit and healthy, there is no way they will approach you with their desired fitness goals. So no doubt you have to maintain a good balanced healthy lifestyle first to make the clients trust you with their fitness.


 Positive Attitude

 Positive Attitude

Fitness requires consistency and a drive to continue the routine every day. People often tend to lose motivation when they don’t see improvement or change in a short duration, due to which as a trainer, you have to keep motivating them to follow the routine and keep ongoing.

As you are responsible for their fitness journey, you have kept on inspiring them.



Who can become a fitness trainer in India?

Anyone who has a good knowledge of fitness and nutrition and certification in fitness courses can become a fitness trainer in India. This field majorly asks for knowledge and experience, due to which any passionate fitness enthusiast can enter this occupation.


What is the main purpose of a Fitness trainer?

The primary purpose of a fitness trainer is to instruct, lead and motivate you into getting a good physique. They prepare everything for you, from your exercise plan to your diet to what should be consumed and what shouldn’t. Your fitness trainer looks after all these things.


Is it worth it to become a fitness trainer in India?

The job of a fitness trainer isn’t just to sit in front of the computer and work. It requires you to motivate and instruct clients in achieving their dream physique. You should enter this field only if you are incredibly passionate about fitness.


How much does a fitness trainer make?

There isn’t a fixed amount that can be mentioned because some people become personal trainers, coaches, sports team trainers and start their businesses. Due to which it is hard to name a specific amount in this field. Though usually, a personal trainer does earn better than a group fitness trainer.



If you are passionate about fitness, this is an excellent profession for you. Through this profession, you can follow your passion along with inspiring and helping a lot of various individuals towards a healthy body.

In this article, I added all the essential aspects to be considered to enter the fitness field and become a fitness trainer. I hope it has helped you regarding all the confusion and questions you might have in this occupation.

Tell us about your fitness journey in the comment section. Also, let us know about your favourite exercise and diet routine you followed in your fitness journey.

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