10 Ways To Maintain Your Mattress

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Mattress plays a vital role in providing us with peaceful sleep, comfort, and keeping our body posture in place. Due to which we often find ourselves spending a significant amount of time while choosing a mattress.

However, choosing the right mattress isn’t enough; it’s essential to know how to maintain it as well.

Providing the right amount of attentiveness and care towards the mattress won’t just help prevent damage but also help make your mattress last longer.

In this article, we will explain all the ways through which you can maintain your mattress easily.

So, Let’s get started! 


10 Ways To Maintain Your Mattress

1. Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress every six months can help you wear it more evenly and get rid of bumps and lumps from the mattress. 

It’s pretty standard for the mattress to develop indentations and weaken the area where we usually lie down, making the particular area more delicate than others.

To avoid having just one area of your bed turned soft, you should rotate your mattress from head to foot.

Rotation will help in distributing your comfort filling equally and ensure you are using both sides. It is a general form of mattress care that might also help increase the lifespan of your mattress. 

Requirements for rotation vary as per the type of mattress. Like latex, foam, and newer innerspring mattress requires this process in between six to twelve months. In contrast, an older innerspring mattress needs to be rotated every two to six months.


2. Use A Good Quality Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

Applying a protector is an excellent way to ensure all ends of your mattress are well protected. We apply a mattress protector under the fitted sheet of the mattress.

It helps prevent dust mites, dirt, moisture, sweat, and contaminants from getting into the mattress. It is very easy for pollutants like allergens, mold, dirt, and oil present in our hair to enter the mattress, due to which everyone needs to apply this protector.

If these contaminants enter the mattress, it can damage the mattress and make it heavy due to the involvement of dust and dirt. By contributing to a top-quality mattress protector, you can reduce any allergens’ build-up and protect the inside bed materials from any potential damage.

Several water-resistant mattress protectors are available that can prevent liquid spills from reaching the mattress and keep the mattress dry.


3. Don’t Bend Or Fold The Mattress

Folded Mattress

You should avoid bending or folding your mattress as it can cause damage to the mattress. By bending or folding, you can harm the foam encasement, coils and bend the border rods of the mattress.

Therefore, if you are moving your mattress from one place to another, you have to be extra careful with the process. Damage caused by bending or folding the mattress to fit in your car might void out the warranty as you caused the damage.

So, Instead, try shifting your mattress by tying it over the top of your vehicle along with a safety hazard and test it properly. Protect it by using an encasing plastic over the mattress to prevent any dust or dirt.

Also, lifting the mattress can be a massive task as some might be a bit more heavy which even causes you injury, so it’s better to ask for an expert delivery in such a case.

Even if you don’t want to use a mattress and want to keep it in-store, make sure you aren’t folding it because this will majorly damage it and reduce its lifespan.

Instead, use a plastic bag, cover the mattress over it, store it in a standing posting, or lay it in a safe place.


4. Change Your Bedding And Sheets Regularly

Bed SheetWashing and changing bedding and sheets regularly can help prevent any premature damage to your mattress, along with keeping the hygiene level checked.

Blankets, sheets, and pillowcases are accumulated with body oils, sweat, dirt, and more, which can eventually drain into the mattress if you don’t change bedding regularly.

Also, if bedding isn’t changed regularly, it can attract mold, dust mites, and various other allergens that may disrupt your sleep.

Usually, you should change your sheets, pillowcase, and more once a week. Unless you have pets that sleep in your bed, you would be required to change more often.

Also, people who have seasonal allergies may need to change bedding more often at a specific time of the year.


5. Avoid Jumping

Jumping On Bed

Jumping can cause damage to the internal support of your mattress as it can cause cracked horizontal rails and may break the spring, which can reduce the support foundation.

Also, kids jumping in your bed can lead to sweat, dust, and shedding their skin, leaving dirt and several particles on the mattress, making it dirty and heavier over time. So, it is better to stop any kid from jumping on your mattress.


6. Use A Solid Foundation

To prevent any uneven weight distribution on your mattress, you need to put together a solid foundation under your mattress.

This can help provide you with a proper spinal alignment and help protect your mattress from any damage caused by weight distribution.

This foundation works great in keeping the bed and mattress incorrect posture while maintaining the weight. You should make sure the support system isn’t just supporting the weight of your mattress but also the weight of the sleepers.

Usually, the manufacturers provide guidelines on the types of bases that you can utilize with the mattress.

A large mattress would require an extra leg bed frame in the center, while a foam mattress may need a slat spaced together.


7. Have A Separate Bed For Your Pet

Separate Bed For Pet

Some of us love to have our pet come over and sleep with us in the same bed, but this can damage your mattress.

Pets can accumulate hair and dander that can be unhygienic for you, and no one would like to sleep in a bed with fur and dander.

Also, any excrement or urine caused by a pet can ruin your mattress permanently. Therefore, you should get your pet a separate bed so you can have the peaceful sleep you require.


8. Follow Cleaning Directions Provided By The Manufacturer

We know how essential it is to clean your mattress regularly in order to keep your sleeping environment and mattress healthy and clean.

However, you must know the different types of mattresses available, and the directions or procedures to clean them are also different.

Due to this, you need to follow the advice given by your manufacturer regarding your mattress. The majority of manufacturers include steps for general cleaning or removing stains.

Usually, you can treat stains by using soap and mild water.  Make sure you let the mattress dry well before you make the bed.

Also, you should ignore using any complex chemicals as they can damage the mattress unless the manufacturer has advised it or approved you in following a specific method.


9. Disseminate Your Weight

The majority of us have a favorite side that we like to sleep on but, only using that side of the bed and keeping the other unused can cause a loss of structural integrity on your mattress over time.

Due to which it is better to keep shifting your sleeping side frequently. This will help in distributing your weight properly and help maintain a balance in your mattress.


10. Provide Occasional Sunlight

Mattress In Sun

Stripping your mattress out on a sunny day for a few hours can be suitable for removing harmful elements of microbial.

You can take your mattress out every month or two to the rooftop and let the sunlight pass through.

This will help prevent any excess moisture caused by humidity. This step might also help in making the core material mesh tighter.



Do children require a mattress protector? 

Everyone requires a mattress protector to prevent allergens, bed bugs, dirt, and more from entering the mattress. This is a great way to protect your mattress and provide you with a night of peaceful and safe sleep. Therefore, not just children, everyone should get a mattress protector.


How long can a mattress last? 

A mattress can last for about seven to ten years. Still, the mattress’s lifespan majorly depends on various features like the quality of the mattress, weight of a person, materials, sleeping style, and more. Based on these functions, a mattress can either last longer or for a shorter period.


How often should the foundation on the mattress be checked? 

The foundation supporting the mattress requires it to be checked and tightened every six months as this foundation helps keep the mattress in place and standing.


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Mattress requires the same amount of care as the bed. Here we mentioned various ways on how you can take care of your mattress.

By regularly following these steps, you will make a mattress more comfortable and clean and might help increase the lifespan of the mattress, making it last longer.

Tell us in the comments if you face any queries regarding maintaining your mattress.

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