Why are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable?

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The feeling of sleeping in a five-star is something else, almost like the entire vibe is different, whether it be because of sheets, pillows, or mattresses.

Mattresses in hotel rooms often feel too comfortable when compared to what we regularly use at our house. Which does raises the question of why do hotel mattresses feel so different and comfortable?

If you also wonder why hotel mattresses feel extra comfortable, then you have reached the right place.

In this article, I’m going to discuss why hotel mattresses feel so comfortable and mention ways to get a hotel-like feel at your home.


Why do hotel mattresses feel so comfortable? 

Why do hotel mattresses feel so comfortable

Hoteliers follow specific measures and features, which makes these mattresses feel extra comfortable. Some of those measures are as follows:


Good quality Mattresses

One of the reasons hotel mattresses are so comfortable is that most hotels use top-quality luxury mattresses that range from medium to firm.

The range of luxuries and comfort is what makes hotel mattresses so relaxing and not just how pretty they appear or look.

Hotels often go for such mattresses that can comfortably accommodate their guests for an extended period of time.

Hoteliers tend to use mattresses such as memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid foam varieties due to their high support and comfort levels. These mattresses provide excellent comfort and support to your back by relieving all the crucial pressure points.

These mattresses help isolate your movements, keep your spine in good shape and regulate temperature.

They also replace their mattresses regularly to maintain the freshness and quality of the mattress. They often replace their mattresses in between three to five years.


Hotels use soft sheets

Hotels often use premium soft sheets to make their bed more comfortable and soft. They opt for a bed sheet that is light, breathable, and silly using unique crisp material such as Egyptian cotton or silk along with a thread count of either 300 or more due to their fantastic softness.

Apart from being extremely comfortable and soft, hotel bed sheets also smell great due to detergents, cleaners, fabric softeners, and deodorizing agents utilized in hotels for increasing smell and comfort experience.

A clean, pleasant scent helps in providing a more calm and serenity feeling that might make your sleep better throughout the night.

Another thing that hotels do is regularly iron their flat sheets to provide that stretched and clean bed sheet look, preventing any sort of wrinkles and making them appear tidier, and then tuck it under the mattress.

You might witness they use the hospital corner method in which they use the bottom sheet and tuck a few of it while folding the rest sheet over every corner of the mattress and then tucking it back.

This makes the bed sheet look more clean, tidy, and luxurious.


Halo Effect 

The color of your bed or room can often significantly impact how we usually perceive things. You might witness hotels always use white or light tone bed sheets, pillows, and more to encourage a feeling of calmness and tidiness within us.

This color surrounding your room can positively influence your sleep, and usually, we tend to feel at ease when surrounded by a light tone color such as white.

According to research, using white bedding in hotels can create a halo effect. It is as stated by simply replacing your colored bed sheets with a complete white setup. The guests assumed the hotel had been renovated by just replacing these sheets.

The halo effect helps generate a feeling of serenity and makes everything appear more tidy, clean, and in place. It helps you feel more relaxed and at ease anxious rather than feeling more anxious due to the complete white setup, especially the bed.

This is one of the primary reasons why hotel beds tend to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


They use Mattress Toppers 

Mattress toppers are highly used by hotels to keep their beds comfortable. These toppers can adjust the firmness level of the mattress and improve the quality of your sleep.

A mattress topper can be described as a cushioning layer that is added to the top of your mattress to provide extra relief and support.

The main motive behind using a mattress topper is to cradle your body to ease all the pressure points in a gentle hold. These pressure points include your hips, shoulders, back, and knees.

Another great benefit of mattress toppers is their ability to protect the mattress from dipping or deflating as it works as a protective cover on the top of your mattress.

Since hotel mattresses are covered with these toppers, they tend to last longer than regular mattresses. Due to the additional comfort layer provided by the mattress topper, you might feel more relaxed and comfortable while sleeping in a hotel bed.


Types of Mattress used by hotels 

Types of Mattress used by hotels 

Mattresses provided by hotels are highly known for their body comfort and health benefits. Different types of mattresses used by hotels are as follows:

Memory foam mattresses 

Memory foam mattress helps in providing body-hugging comfort and relieves all the pressure points of your body. Memory foam mattresses used in hotels are different from regular or ordinary memory foam mattresses used in homes.

They might have perforate or gel beads foam that can provide you coolness the entire night without any discomfort.

Memory foam mattresses can easily conform to the guest’s body shape, which can help them sleep peacefully in their desired position without feeling uncomfortable.

One of the reasons why hoteliers invest in memory foam mattresses is due to their ability to relieve pain and pressure from your body.

Also, memory foam decreases motion transfer while you are sleeping, so it absorbs any sort of movement made without waking you up at night. Apart from just hotels, memory foam mattresses are also highly used among people at home.

It is recognized as one of the most comfortable mattress foam among people.


Latex Mattress 

Latex mattresses are built from natural rubber or synthetic material. These mattresses are highly known for their firm support, providing good comfort and relieving and maintaining the good health of the guests.

Latex mattresses can also absorb motion transfer to reduce the disturbance caused by your partner’s body movements.

Latex mattresses are also known for their higher durability as they tend to provide good comfort for around two to seven years.

Their no off-gassing is another beneficial reason why the hotel prefers this mattress, as people who are sensitive to smell are able to use it without any trouble.

These mattresses are especially great for those guests who prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress.


Innerspring Mattresses 

Innerspring mattresses are another prevalent type of mattress used by hotels. These mattresses contain springs that allow the sleeper to get utmost support and comfort because of their series of coils under the foam pad. 

The coil plays a significant role as the larger the number of coils, the firmer the mattress will be. An innerspring mattress is a highly healthy option compared to hard foam mattresses.

The firm-level provided by innerspring mattresses are highly supportive and help maintain a bouncy feeling. Since these mattresses contain a collection of coil, it helps in the ventilation process to make sure you are feeling cool at night and are able to sleep comfortably.

The availability of a wide range of prices and firmness in innerspring makes it a perfect mattress choice for hoteliers. Innerspring is also another very commonly used mattress among people regularly.


How to get hotel bed feel at home 

How to get hotel bed feel at home 

The comfort and support we get through hotel mattresses are terrific. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the same level of support and relaxation in your home. Here are a few ways through which you might get hotel-like bed feels at your home.


Invest in a good quality mattress 

One of the essential things the impacts your sleep is the mattress. A mattress situates the base of a comfortable bed, which makes it essential to invest in a good mattress.

In case you have been utilizing the same mattress for more than seven years, then probably it’s time to purchase a new one.

Buy a mattress that can provide you the comfort level you seek and maintain your alignment, and support your body when you sleep.

It’s vital to purchase a mattress that you are compatible with; an uncomfortable mattress can lead to back pain and might even affect your posture and health.

Apart from just purchasing a good mattress, it is also essential to clean your mattress as well regularly. Once every six months, you should go in with cleaning your mattress to remove any dirt, dust mites, dead skin, and more existing in your mattress.


Use more pillows 

You might have witnessed how hotels often provide you with more than one or two pillows to ensure you are getting the feel of sinking in your head in between comfortably.

A pillow with good firmness can help your spine stay aligned and also enable people from any sort of body pain or aches. Due to which hotels change their pillows regularly, so the guest can get that good support and comfortable feel they desire.

Therefore, if you have a king-size or double bed, use around four to five pillows. Also, make sure you replace your pillows after one or two years. 

An old pillow might not be able to provide you the same comfort and relief, which makes it important to replace them at the correct time to get a luxurious hotel feeling.

Like mattresses, you should also clean your pillows regularly to get rid of any dust mites, dirt, and more living in your pillow.


Invest in good quality bed sheets 

Just like mattresses and pillows, sheets also play an equally important role when it comes to sleep. The hotel usually invests in Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton that contains a thread count of around three hundred.

You don’t require more than three hundred as it’s suitable to accomplish the luxury feel you fancy. Use a flat sheet and tuck them into the mattress using the hospital corners method and then place one more sheet underneath the comforter or duvet.

This helps in keeping the bed extra tidy. You should also take care of your sheets as well by washing your sheets once every week to remove sweat, bodily secretions, and skin cells.


Use white sheets 

Hotels go for white sheets to provide a sense of coolness, peace, and crispness in the rooms. White often resembles a relaxing and calming environment that might help make your sleep quality better.

Therefore, you should also invest in white sheets to get a hotel feeling at your house similar to the hotel. If you don’t want to use white sheets, then you can go forward with light-colored sheets.



How are hotels bed sheets so crisp? 

Ans – Hotels utilize bed sheets that are durable and percale with tighter waves through which they achieve a cool crisp feel.


Is memory foam a good mattress to invest in for regular use? 

Ans – Yes, memory foam is an excellent choice of mattress to invest in as they are very supportive and provide good comfort when you sleep. High-density memory foam also decreases motion transfer which can help you sleep without any disturbance.


What kind of mattress does four-star hotel use? 

Ans – Hotels mattresses used are commonly innerspring mattresses or hybrid mattresses with a firmness scale of around medium, which can be suitable for most people. Most luxurious hotels do turn to special brands such as Beautyrest, Serta-Simmons, and Sealy.


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Hotel mattresses are great for providing support and comfort, which can make your entire stay in the hotel completely worth it. But in order to get this relaxed feeling and comfort, hotels often invest specific measures.

Above, we have mentioned some methods followed by the luxurious hotel due to which hotel mattresses feel so comfortable.

If you have any queries about hotel mattresses, then tell us in the comments.

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