How to use Flaxseed Gel for Hair?

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Small but big benefit! This is what flaxseeds are. The small, tiny seeds have abundant nutrition and benefits in them. Our hair loves flaxseed truly it is wonderful on our hair.

Are you fed up with all the serums, Organic shampoos, and conditioners?

Done with all the chemically concentrated products. Looking for something natural? That was there in history and now gaining popularity again. Well, I have a solution and a wonderful tiny suggestion.

Flaxseeds. Yes, you heard me right. These small tiny shape seeds are well known in history. They make your hair not only shiny but strong and long.


Benefits of Flaxseeds

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

  1. It is a natural conditioning product
  2. Rich in omega 3 fatty acid. However, it is a different kind of omega. Yes, fish is not the only source of omega. This kind of omega that is found in flaxseed is also beneficial for health purposes.
  3. Infilled with Vitamin E it acts as an antioxidant. This helps in reducing the free radicals of your hair roots. Making roots breathable again. It will make your hair follicles strong.
  4. Presence of Magnesium in abundance

These major qualities of these seeds work wonderfully on your hair


Having grey hair in your 20’s I have a solution

The nutrients like Vitamin E, Magnesium, etc., helps in fighting radical damage. Stress and pollution make your hair age early. Some other side effects of this are hair thinning, hair loss, and greying of hair.

Twice in a week application of Flaxseed will make your hair healthy, shiny, and thick. The improving hair growth will surprise you but with patience results are wonderful.


Need shiny silky-smooth hair (for this read more)

The above-described advantages of flaxseed gels are not enough. There is more to it than you can make your hair shine. With flaxseed, it is easy to make hair more nourished. Resulting in silky smooth shiny hair.

The fatty acid in flaxseed gel works as a lotion for your hair. Giving it moisture and adding more life to it. This makes the hair look shiny and smooth.


No natural product for curly hair?

Well, let me tell you flaxseed gel is natural and works as a hair serum for curly hairs. It gives them a wave, smoothness, shine, and life. Give it a try once and see your natural curls will make you stand out and on top.

The definition of wavy and curly will be added to your hair. Along with this, it is natural you will love its feel.


Not able to see growth in hair?

Flaxseed gel is the solution. We all want our hair to grow back as fast as we chop them. For longer and denser hair you need nourished scalp and hair cells. So, for this, you can apply the flaxseed gel to your roots.

Vitamin E presence in flaxseed will provide good nutrition to your hair. It will fight against impurities or any foreign particles. Giving you longer, shiner, and thicker hair.


Your hair needs moisturizer too!

Yes, you read it right our hair needs the same care and attention as our skin. We usually give all our efforts to the skin and our hair suffers. When we start losing it the life as bald scare us. So what to do?/ Well give your hair what it needs.

Your hair needs care and support i.e, a good moisturizer. Flaxseed acts as a natural moisturizer for your hair and hair follicles. Not only gel you can go for flaxseed oil. Which makes your hair healthy.


How to use Flaxseeds

Flax Seeds

You can eat, drink or apply flaxseeds. Applying flaxseeds gel is one of the major ways to use it. You can get these gel online or nearby market. But if you want to make its gel at home it is no tough work.


How to make Flaxseed Gel at Home

  1. Start with Soaking
  2. Take 6-8 tablespoons of flaxseed in a cup
  3. Put them in 3 cups of water overnight
  4. In the morning start boiling this mixture
  5. Boil it until white foam starts forming
  6. If it is getting dense lessen the heat
  7. Seethe for 3-4 minutes
  8. It will get thicker if you will cook it over and over
  9. Make it thick for applying to hair
  10. When it gets in the form of a thick gel take it off the heat
  11. Now straining it while it is hot is preferable
  12. Here is your own self-made natural hair gel


How to use flaxseed gel overnight?

  1. With above give steps after making flaxseed gel
  2. Take the gel in your fingertips
  3. Apply on the roots of your hair
  4. Give yourself a good massage
  5. Slowly cover your hair roots and go down
  6. Apply flaxseed gel on all hair
  7. Cover it up
  8. Sleep
  9. Rinse it off with regular shampoo
  10. Use cold water



Is it safe to drink Flaxseed?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to drink flaxseed. Try grinding it and drinking it.


Flaxseeds works on the skin too?

Yes, flaxseed is good for your skin too.



Flaxseeds are a wonderful source of hair treatment. Whether it is conditioner, gel, moisturizer it provides you all these qualities Along with nutrients that make your skin shinier and smooth over time.

With the use of Flaxseed over time you will see the difference in your hair. Try doing before and after tests with flaxseeds. The results will surprise you and will make you happy. Because when your hairs are strong and long you stand alone.

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