How Thick Should A Memory Foam Mattress Be?

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When it comes to sleep quality, mattresses play an important role. They have a considerable impact on the comfort levels that one receives while sleeping and hence should be purchased only after keeping the relevant specifications in mind.

While choosing a memory foam mattress, one often comes across the dilemma – how thick is too thick? Even though personal preferences heavily influence the answer to this question, it is best to keep some essential key points in mind before deciding.


Why is choosing the right thickness necessary? 

Why is choosing the right thickness necessary? 

Choosing the right thickness of a memory foam mattress is essential to ensure that one can get adequate comfort and rest while sleeping. Since memory foam is already soft, choosing a thinner mattress would not impact the quality of sleep heavily compared to a thicker one.

However, people tend to face certain situations where the thickness of the mattress may impact their health for good. Hence, choosing the right thickness of your memory foam mattress might not be mandatory – but it can make your sleep cycles more comfortable.


Thickness measurement chart

The memory foam mattress comes in a variety of thickness levels. Here are two of the most relevant measurements of thickness:

1. 6-8 inches thick

Memory foam mattresses of this thickness level are the most commonly found ones on the market. The 6 to 8-inch thickness range is ideal for choosing a mattress for kids.

2. 10-12 inches thick

Memory foam mattresses of this thickness level are best suited for adults. Since they come with a two-inch comfort layer and a six-inch support foundation, they are most often opted for by grown-ups.


Things to keep in mind while choosing a memory foam mattress thickness

Now that we know about the popular thickness levels that a memory foam mattress comes in, it is time to move on to another important aspect – what factors should determine the thickness of your mattress?

While the age factor of the person who is supposed to use the mattress is already discussed above, let us explore the other criteria to keep in mind.


1. Bodyweight

Man Sleeping on bed

Your body weight should influence the choice of thickness for your memory foam mattress. To provide the body with the rest it needs, comfort levels should be increased by choosing a mattress with its thickness customized to your needs.

Here is a chart that you can refer to while choosing the perfect thickness of your mattress according to your body weight:

– Less than 60 kg

People weighing less than 60 kg should ideally go for 12 inch thick mattresses. Sticking to this chart would help relieve pain from the essential parts of the body, hence freeing the body from physical stress.

– 60 kg to 130 kg

People weighing within this scale should prefer a 10 to 12-inch thick mattress. The sleeping position of the people falling in this weight category should also affect the thickness of the memory foam mattress, which we will explore further in the article.

– More than 130 kg

Plus-size people who weigh more than 130 kg should consider going for memory foam mattresses about 12 to 14 inches thick. Going for a 6-inch support foundation is ideal for such people.


2. Sleep partner

Sleep partner

Another critical criterion to keep in mind while selecting the ideal thickness for your memory foam mattress is whether or not you have a sleep partner. Going for a thinner mattress might seem more intelligent if you sleep alone.

However, if you have a sleeping partner – thin memory foam mattresses might not be able to support the weight efficiently. Hence, choosing the thickness of 10 to 12 inches for memory foam mattresses is a good decision if the bed is being shared.


3. Physical issues

Physical issues

If your body is suffering from some physical medical condition, you should choose your memory foam mattress thickness accordingly. Hence, it is best to go for an 8 to 12 inches thick memory foam mattress to battle back conditions.

Likewise, people suffering from conditions such as arthritis should choose 12 to 14-inch thick memory foam mattresses. Doing so would ensure that their body receives the required amount of softness to provide relief.

Warning: neglecting the body weight criterion while selecting the thickness of memory foam might lead to premature sagging of the same.


4. Sleep position and thickness of memory foam mattress

Sleep position

As bizarre as it may sound, people’s sleeping position is quite relevant when determining the most suitable thickness of the memory foam mattress for them. Here is a list of various sleeping positions and the ideal thickness of your mattress according to the same:

– Sleeping on the back

People who prefer sleeping on their back should purchase a 10 to 12-inch thick memory foam mattress. It is firm enough to provide the adequate support that the curvature of the spine needs when we sleep on our back.

– Sleeping on the stomach

People who prefer this sleeping position should consider going for a thinner comfort layer of the memory foam mattress to avoid compression. About 10-inch thickness for the same should be ideal in this case.

– Sleeping on the side

since people who like sleeping on their side burden their whole body weight on the particular side that they are on, they require a thick mattress to avoid any discomfort. Hence, going for a 12 to 14-inch mattress is perfect in this case.

Now that we have talked about the different kinds of sleeping positions, we can move on to the people who love to sleep in a combination of the sleeping styles mentioned above. It would be best to go for a thickness of 10 to 12 inches of memory foam to provide balanced support and softness to the body.



1. Which one lasts longer – a thick memory foam mattress or a thin one?

Ans. Since the thicker memory foam mattresses provide people with adequate support foundation, their durability is more than the thinner alternatives.


2. What is the best thickness for memory foam mattresses?

Ans. A 10 to 14-inch thick memory foam mattress is considered ideal.


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To sum up, the thickness of the mattress that you choose to go for should depend upon your needs and requirements. With the significant factors that should be affecting this decision mentioned above, you would hopefully now be able to make a better choice for the same.

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