How to Use Men’s Face Wash

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You’ve probably ever heard that men have to wash their faces with soap and water and… Voila! They’re ready to start the day. While the above statement remains true, the male face also needs several cares to stay healthy and look perfect. Among them, one of the most important is the cleaning of the face. If you want to know how to do a face wash for men, do not stop reading this article of Como, where we give you some tricks of male beauty that will make your face look better than ever.


Tip To Clean Your Face Properly 

1.Before starting with facial cleansing for men, it is essential that you wash your hands well with soap and water. Please think of the myriad of times we bring our dirty hands to our faces throughout the day. Dry them well with the help of a clean towel, and we’re ready to go!


2.The first thing to do is to buy a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type (dry, oily, or normal). Exfoliation is essential in facial cleansing as it allows to remove all impurities, black spots, and dead cells from the face. It is also recommended that the cleanser contain natural ingredients because this damages the skin less than if it were chemicals. For example, in the case of acne, it is advisable to use a specific facial cleanser for people with acne since this product is rich in salicylic acid that fights the grains.

When to use the scrub? It is not advisable to use a facial cleanser every day as it can cause skin irritation. Its use should be reduced to once or twice a week; for example, if you have a beard, use it just before shaving because it will soften the beard’s hairs, and it will be much easier to trim it.


3.To do a facial cleansing for men, you will have to wash your face with warm or cold water as the hot water over-drys the skin. Dry your skin by gently pressing the towel over your face, thus avoiding rubbing the skin when rubbing with the towel. It is recommended that men wash their faces once a day, either in the morning or at night, as doing so more than once can mean that the skin begins to dry out.


4.Facial Tonic is a leftover product known in women’s cosmetics, but not so much in the male environment. How can it be used to do a facial cleansing for men? This is applied after washing and drying the face well, with a small message so that the tonic is well extended throughout the skin of the face, and you notice a feeling of freshness that runs through all the pores of your face.

The main function of facial tonic is to restore the skin’s PH, which has been previously damaged when washing the face, so it needs hydration to recover. Just like the facial cleanser, you should get the tonic that best suits your skin type.


5.If you can’t afford the above male cleansing products, here’s a homemade method to do a facial cleansing for men to keep their skin free of impurities. How to do it? Mix one tablespoon of yogurt with another lemon juice and one of olive oil. Lemon contains astringent and antibacterial properties that will help remove any impurities; yogurt and oil are moisturizing agents that will help you repair the skin in depth.

Stir the mixture well, then apply it to your face and let it work for at least fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water. It is recommended that, after removing the homemade pasta, you will give a special moisturizer for masculine faces.

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