Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

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Bed bugs have been around for an extended period. According to research, they were introduced in Germany during the 11th century, and it has been around here to date.

Luckily for us, there has been a decline in bed bugs populations in the 20th century due to pesticides.

However, we aren’t entirely free from insects, and there is still a huge chance you may find a bed bug in your house as well. Which might lead you to wonder where do these bed bugs come from?

If you face this doubt, then no worries because this article will list down potential places where bed bugs can come from.


Places Where Bed Bugs Can Come From

Hotels, Motels And Hospitals 


Places like hotels, motels, hostels, and hospitals are likely to have bed bugs issues since a considerable number of people may carry these bed bugs unknowingly.

Even though we can’t conclude whether a person has bugs, it is better to be extra cautious while staying in a hotel room or hospital.

Try washing and cleaning all your clothes before visiting your home to secure there are no bed bugs. By taking forethought’s, you can dodge bed bugs from hitching with you.


Public Transport 

Public Transport 

Most people use public transportation like taxis, trains, or buses every day for work. These transport places are high in human activity, which can reason bed bugs hitchhike with you. Commuters may carry bed bugs without knowing, which can result in transferring bed bugs with you.


Used Mattresses Or Beds 

Used Mattress

There is a high chance the reason behind sudden bed bugs in your house can be due to the used mattress, bed, or furniture you just acquired. Bed bugs are excellent in hiding, and bed, mattress, or furniture are spaces they majorly use.

You won’t really find bed bugs in a new mattress especially if it is from top mattress brands. Therefore, before receiving a used item in your house, check them properly to avoid any potential bed bugs or eggs in your home.


Schools, Colleges And Workplaces


Public institutions are used by people regularly, which can result in bed bug infestations as people with bed bug-infested may visit these places. Due to the vast amount of people, it can be challenging for you to protect yourself.


Bags And Suitcase 

Bags And Suitcases

Most bed bugs clasp onto bags and suitcases as they are the most familiar household object to cling on.

Bed bugs find a spot in these cases to stick on. So it is better to check your bags thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any bed bugs hiding in before bringing them home to avoid any possible bed bugs in your home.



1. Where does a bed bug hide in your home? 

Usually, bed bugs can be spotted sneaking in almost anyplace in your house, but the significant places are mattresses, furniture, box spring, and more.


2. What is the lifespan of an adult bed bug? 

A lifespan of an adult bed bug can be around two to four months. 


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People can find bed bugs almost everywhere. However, certain places have more chance of having bed bugs than others.

By becoming aware of these places, you avoid bed bugs from appearing in your house. Therefore, we have mentioned various places that can be significant reasons for bed bugs.

Tell us in the comments if you have any uncertainties concerning bed bugs and where they appear from in your house.

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