Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

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Washing machine is one of the most important and essential items in every household, isn’t it? Buyers are always looking for the satisfaction that they are getting the desired product for which they are paying.

While getting the assurance of finding the right product, it is always a dilemma to choose in between front load washing machine and a top load washing machine. While both the machine types are fantastic in their operation; unfortunately most of us simply cannot have both of them together. Thus, it is important to make the right decision between the two popular types of washing machines.

Now, if you are thinking that choosing in between these two types of machines would be as difficult as rocket science, then it is certainly not. And no, it is not as simple as making pancakes, either.

Well, choosing in between the types of washing machine is certainly a personal choice but you need to be very particular about the parameters to judge the efficiency of these washing machines.

Interested in knowing the parameters to make a better decision between the front load washing machine and top load washing machine? Here are some of the parameters which will clear all the clouds while making a wise decision between front load and top load washing machine.


Front-load washing machines vs top load washing machines:

To choose in between the two best options is always hard, unless and until you are not sure about the factors to concentrate on. Choosing in between top load washing machine vs front load washing machine can also be quite tough for some users.

If you too are stuck in between the dilemma to make a suitable choice, then here are some of the considerable factors which would help you out to make a wise and suitable decision. Have a look:

Ease of using:

Ease of using

The first thing that most of the people look for while buying a washing machine is the ease of using it. After all, you don’t need a machine which will enhance troubles in your lives, isn’t it?

Top loading washing machines are much more convenient than top load washing machines, as you don’t have to bend over again and again while using the machine. This proves to be a positive sign for people who are dealing with health problems.

Along with this, top-loading washing machines provide many other benefits to its users. For a matter of fact, the users can add more clothes in the middle of a wash cycle in a washing machine with top load design. Other than this, top load washing machines can collect lint more efficiently than the other type of washing machine.

Lastly, if you are using a fabric softener while washing your clothes, top load washing machine allows the same to get mixed in the best manner. Your clothes will get the best benefits of fabric softener in the top load washing machine.

Winner Top load washing machine


Speed of washing:

Speed of washing

Along with the ease of using the washing machine, the next thing that catches the attention of the users is the speed of the machine. It is quite obvious; we don’t have the whole day just for laundry. Therefore, a washing machine which is quick in washing all the dirty clothes would make a great choice.

Top loading washing machine again stands out in this department as well. The main reason for this is the fact that the top-loading washing machine comes with an agitator which washes clothes much faster than front load washing machine.

Another reason which helps top-loading washing machine to give a thorough washing to the clothes is the fact that clothes are always immersed in water in this type of machine. Also, washing clothes in a top-loading washing machine will allow users to save a good amount of water and electricity during the wash.

Winner: Top load washing machine


Efficiency in cleaning:

Efficiency in cleaning

Next on the list is the efficiency of washing clothes. How well these washing machine types can wash your clothes?

No doubt, top load washing machine offers some great benefits, but it can get a little harsh on your clothes especially when the machine is overloaded. On the other hand, front load washing machines are gentle on the clothes and thus make a good choice.

Apart from this, front load washing machines are also a great choice when you want to wash large items such as pillows, etc. Such items can get fully immersed in water and thus can give better cleaning without any hassles. This can be a little difficult to achieve in the top-loading washing machines.

Thus, it can be said that front load washing machines are slightly better than the top load washing machines in terms of delivering thoroughly washed clothes.

Winner: Front load washing machine



Without any doubt, the price of the washing machine plays a very important part while deciding between the two options. Along with getting a decent and nice washing for your clothes, you certainly don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket. Isn’t it?

You need to take a closer look at the prices of the washing machine, if you need to enjoy using your machine to the fullest. This would make you feel delighted that both types of washing machines are available at an affordable and near about the same price. Also, both machines justify the price associated with them.

However, the front load washing machines are a little more expensive than top load washing machine but the extra cost balances out in the long-run use of the machine. On the other hand, the top load washing machines are available at a reasonable cost but you would need to spend a little on its maintenance in the long run of time.

Thus, both types of machines balance the cost aspects associated with them and deliver an outstanding performance which justifies their cost.

Winner: Both machines justify their costs


Resource utilization:

Along with focusing on getting clean clothes, you should also be concerned about the resources that your machine is utilizing. A perfect washing machine would be the one which delivers thorough cleaning with a balanced use of available resources.

Front-load washing machine tends to make better and efficient use of available resources than top load washing machines. They need minimal water and electricity for giving a thorough washing to the clothes than the other type of washing machine.

It is believed than front load washing machines tend to reduce the consumption of resources up to 40% and thus preserves the resources as well. This means that with front load washing machines, you can get deeper and cleaner washing with better preservation and conservation of the available resources.

Winner: Front load washing machine



Installation of washing machine

You can easily use the washing machine once it is installed properly at your place. While, both the machines need some or the other installations but it is quite convenient to install and use the front load washing machines.

Front-load washing machines are stacked with the dryers and thus require very minimal space for installation and usage. They can be placed at any place and yet can deliver the desired performance to the users.

Top loading machines, on the other hand, may need a larger space to accommodate the wash tub and the additional dryer. Therefore, many people prefer buying and using front load washing machines as they can be easily accommodated and installed within a limited available space.

Winner: Front load washing machine


Maintenance needed:

While front load washing machines are effective in washing and saving up the available space, they require quite a good amount of maintenance as well. Over time, mold can accumulate around the door of the machine which can create some problems in the normal functioning of the machine. Thus, the users need to take extra care to timely clean the doors’ mold over time for getting the required performance.

Top load washing machines are free from any such problems and thus can be used with the requirement of very minimal maintenance. The water doesn’t get trapped in any of its seals and thus doesn’t cause any problem of mold formation.  This means you can use the top load washing machine without worrying much about its maintenance.

Winner: Top load washing machine



Shopping for a suitable washing machine comes down to the fact of what your personal is and how you want your laundry to be done. Both the mentioned types of machine have their benefits and they both stand out in their ways. You can pick any of the two machines according to your needs and requirements and get a happy laundry experience for yourself.

If you further need any more help and assistance regarding the selection of a suitable washing machine, then please do comment below. We will provide you with the needed help and information so that you end up buying the product that you need and want.

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