What is Beauty Sleep? Everything You Need to Know

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Sleep is essential for your body. But did you know sleep is also vital for maintaining your beauty?

While we sleep, our body recharges itself. And see how easy it is to maintain your beauty. You just have to lay down and take a good and satisfying nap.

Do not worry if you are struggling to sleep! We will help you throughout this article to realize the importance of sleep in your life. And provide you tips to keep yourself healthy and get a good night’s sleep.


Beauty Sleep:

Beauty Sleep

When you sleep, your brain purges out the toxic waste, the blood flow of your skin increases, and your body produce melatonin, increasing your hair growth and regulating your sleep cycle.

All these biological functions help to maintain your flawless beauty. And a sufficient sleep that keeps you young and beautiful is what a ‘beauty sleep’ is. Let us look at the benefits of beauty sleep.


Benefits of Beauty Sleep:

Benefits of beauty sleep

What not you do to look beautiful. Why not just take enough rest?

Here are a few benefits that might provoke you to have a ‘beauty sleep.’

Heal body

When you are at rest, the body heals the damage of the daytime. As, when you bed down, your skin gets a chance to repair itself.

Now, how does the skin come into repair mode? It happens so because the stress hormone goes down and the sleep hormone goes up.

The body does not stop working at night. The nighttime is the only opportunity for the skin to recover itself.


Reduced breakouts

The more you sleep, the more you will be free of skin conditions. Sleeping reduces stress, fatigue and keeps the skin clear of acne, blackheads and pimples.

Lack of sleep produces stress hormones and invites skin problems like urticaria, vitiligo, lichen planus, and much more.


Lower health issues

Prominently, sleep reduces the chances of diabetes and heart diseases. Because good sleep reduces stress, and the same way, stress reduces health problems. Also, you will fall sick less.


Clear thinking

When you enjoy a sound sleep at night, you wake up fresh and rosy. This freshness allows you to think clearly at work and school. Why? Because beauty sleep affects your mental and physical health by restoring energy the whole night.


Bright eyes

Beauty sleep is a secret for younger skin features. If you want fewer wrinkles, darker lashes and perfect eyebrows, you need to take a good, deep sleep. Do not let a nap snatch your beauty.


Even skin tone

As you know, blood flow increases while we doze off. On that account, sleep keeps your skin healthier. And when you wake up after enough sleep, you will find an even skin tone on your face.


Better with others

Good sleep and a happy mood can help with your social interactions. At work or school, you may feel easy to complete the tasks given. But, if you do not sleep well, you may feel the same task as an impossible one.


No puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are because of the position you lay down. The thin skin around the eyelids may cause fluid retention resulting in puffy eyes. If you find bags under your eyes when you wake up, it is because of edema. Beauty sleep will help reduce the swelling under your eyes.


What happens to your skin while you take a beauty nap?

What happens to your skin while you take a beauty nap

The body boosts up the biological functions, including increased blood flow of your skin. We will now discuss some of the work done by your body while you sleep.


Temperature changes

When we sleep, our skin gets warmer and dry. Especially in cold weather, you need to apply heavy creams.


Calms mind

Sleep lowers the stress hormone called cortisol.  Also, it prevents acne breakouts reducing inflammation.


Cells renewing

The skin cells renew and repair themselves. It mostly happens at midnight. So, these cells won’t work if you remain awake.



Your skin may lose water because all the functions in your body slow down when you fall asleep.



The skin will absorb the nutrients from the cream you apply. Therefore, anti-ageing creams will be more effective.


What is better for your skin to experience beauty sleep?

Consider these points and add them to your schedule for a perfect ‘beauty sleep.’


Wash your face and body before going to bed

Cleansing your face at night is more important than washing it in the morning. Remove makeup and dirt, and then go to bed. If you do not do so, it may cause infections, acne, rashes, large pores and dry skin.


Avoid intake of caffeine before bed.

Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptor. It is a sleep-promoting chemical present in our brain when we are awake in the daytime. Intake of caffeine will make it hard for you to fall asleep.


Sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours

An adult needs to bed down for 7 to 9 hours. Your skin will naturally glow within if you take a sufficient amount of sleep. The stress hormone will release in your body if you do not give enough rest to your body.


Skip the salt at night

Intake of salt results in fluid retention and high blood pressure. You may feel restless at night and also not fresh in the morning.


Apply moisturizing cream or a healing ointment on hands and feet

It is necessary to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated all night long. You can also apply petroleum jelly or a sleeping face mask. These all ways will help your skin to stay hydrated while you sleep.


Stay away from sunlight in the morning when you sleep

The effect of sun rays while taking a nap may be unhealthy for the skin. Also, sleeping in a lighted room can disturb you. That is why it is always good to sleep at night rather than in daylight.


Elevate your head

It reduces dark circles and puffy eyes and also improves blood flow. You can add one more pillow below your head to elevate.


Skin routine

Whatever you apply to your skin before bed, the skin will absorb its nutrients quickly compared to the daytime. Your skin breathes in all the nutrients of the cream you apply. Make a routine for yourself, including all the steps from washing out makeup to applying moisturizer before bedtime.



Retinoids help the skin to recover. Also, you can apply vitamin C with it. They both heal up the damage done in the daytime.


Face up sleep

Sleeping face up helps to avoid lines and wrinkles on the face. It also does not give strain to the body compared to other positions.


Silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a rough surface may irritate your skin.


Use products with anti-ageing and antioxidants benefit

Instead of moisturizers, you can apply anti-ageing or antioxidants if you have sensitive skin. These creams remove free radicals while you sleep.


How poorly sleeplessness can affect you

How poorly sleeplessness can affect you

  1. Poor sleep may affect your eyes, causing blurry vision, eye problems like glaucoma and may cause a struggle for ocular muscles to move.
  2. Sleep deprivation may affect your cognitive processes.
  3. Production of hunger hormones named ghrelin may increase in your body because of lack of energy. This hunger may result in obesity later.


How to get more sleep 

  1. Make a proper bedtime routine.
  2. Clean your sheets once a week to avoid irritation while sleeping.
  3. Eat hydrating food to keep yourself hydrated all night.
  4. Skip salty food to sleep without disturbance.
  5. Follow a skincare routine regularly.
  6. Create a good sleep environment.
  7. If you are worried about your sleep deprivation, do consult a doctor.
  8. Sleep on your back as it keeps your back aligned. And reduce tension and headaches.
  9. You will experience relaxing sleep if you take a warm bath before bed.


Tips to experience beauty sleep

  • Manage your weight because being overweight leads to uneasiness in sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol an hour before bedtime as it leads to breathing problems.
  • Exercise daily to stay healthy and sleep healthy.
  • Sleep early and also get up early and feel the freshness of morning sunlight.
  • Drink a lot of water as fluid intake keeps your body hydrated.
  • Get a full night sleep without getting up in between.



Beauty sleep is sufficient sleep that keeps you fresh, healthy and beautiful. Sleep is essential for us as our body repairs itself at night.

The biological functions work slower at midnight compared to daylight. So, you need to take extra care of your skin by maintaining a skin routine before bedtime.

We hope this article was helpful to you. We would like to know what all changes you experienced after a satisfying beauty nap. Feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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