Debunking the Myths of the Hard Mattress : All you need to know

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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. And so, investing in an excellent mattress that provides comfort is vital for dozing off effectively. However, when it comes to choosing one, many myths cloud our minds and confuse us.

Mattresses were made to help an individual’s back and neck to get good support after a long day of work. This, in the meantime, became a myth that only hard beds can support. Well, not really, and that is why today we will debunk some myths before you make your purchase.


But isn’t a Hard Mattress Actually Firmer than a Soft one?

But isn’t a hard mattress actually firmer than a soft one

True, but the real question why is firmness required? People believe that firm mattresses benefit sleep and spine health. But when we ask how so, they usually state that orthopaedics patients benefit from them. Though a hard bed has indeed helped many people with joint pain, we should closely look at why that has anything to do with being firm. In fact, some people have also been benefitted from soft beds by giving support to their backaches. This enhances the proven fact that no study has confirmed hard mattresses help orthopaedic patients. All people require are only “supportive” beds and not just hard beds because they’re firm.

Author note: While a hard mattress isn’t [proved to be helpful for back pain (for everyone), it also applies for beds with very soft mattresses. Every person needs to research which mattress best fits them.


9 Hard Mattresses Myths Debunked

Hard mattresses myths debunked

While hard mattresses are mostly preferred by many, we believe it could also be an act due to the myths. Here are some common myths that we’ll bust and debunk today!


Myth No.1: You needn’t have to try hard mattresses before you buy

This ultimately shows that hard mattresses can be blindly trusted as they’re popularly known to help back and neck health. Truth be told, it isn’t always that case. If you’ve so far been doing this, then buddy, you’ve been playing it dangerous for a wrong bed can cause a lot of health issues. Even if the reviews of a particular mattress are posted, you should personally try it to see whether you receive the comfort. So do not! Hard mattresses should also be checked before buying, than believing they’ll be worth it. As there are many varieties of mattresses, buying before checking is quite dangerous.


Myth No.2: Hard mattresses last for a long time

A big no! Research has proven that mattresses must be changed every 8 to 10 years! And when the usage of a mattress goes beyond that time frame, then each day on it will build up some health problems. For a mattress to last even 8 years, certain factors need to be focused on. A mattress protector must be invested in if the bed will be used often (obviously). Also, if you feel the bed has been giving trouble even before it is 8 years old, it means that the mattress has gone old.


Myth No.3: Hard mattresses don’t gather too much body fluids

Whether the hard mattress is made of big or small pores, body fluids will be collected. Do you know that after a few years or months, your mattress starts to feel heavier? This is because every night when you sleep, you shed around 285ml of body fluid and almost half a kilo of dead skin cells, which get accumulated in the mattress. It is because of this reason that the mattress starts to get heavy. So, buying an already heavy mattress doesn’t mean it won’t get heavier at all. But you can keep it from not happening by regularly vacuuming the bed and buying a mattress protector.


Myth No.4: Hard mattresses work for everyone

We all know nothing in this world can fit everyone. Just like that, hard mattresses will not be beneficial for everyone. Whether you like it or not, this is the truth. We know that online sales of beds have started to make people around the globe believe that they can trust online customer reviews and buy a mattress. In reality, it can worsen your health, and that is why you should always try and buy it (as said earlier). Apart from that, hard mattresses don’t work for all because many foam types can be a significant discomfort for some. And so, this so-called “Fact” is a myth now debunked.


Myth No.5: Hard mattresses must be flipped now and then

Why so? Is it to enjoy the hardness of the surface below as the top is used often? We know that the surface also gets affected while lying on top. So believing that the bottom of a hard mattress will be firm is false. The current mattresses are built so that they don’t require a flip. They also include single-sided cushioning, so flipping isn’t necessary for most mattresses. However, rotating your hard mattress can benefit you to even out the compression given by the person.


Myth No.6: Latex-filled hard mattresses are eco-friendly

While latex foams are eco-friendly, we should know that hard mattresses are not entirely made up of them. Many sellers claim their hard mattresses are eco0friendly, but it needs to be well-researched. Many latexes these days are made of synthetic, which is a mix of natural latex and a filler. Those fillers are advertised as natural but indeed are not. If you purposely buy a hard mattress that believes it is friendly to the environment, you’re probably buying one with various components that are not good for the eco. Myth debunked!


Myth No.7: Hard mattresses provide heat

Umm, not really. Yes, mattresses made of foam collect heat, but that isn’t always the case. Do you know that only 8% of foam sleepers claim to experience the heat? It is true. On the other hand, many sleepers love that warmth they get from the bed. This could also be why people buy hard mattresses believing they will be hot. These days many hard mattresses come with cooling gel layers to comfort the sleeper. Additionally, the heat can be due to the bedsheets, fan, weather, or your body temperature and not the hard mattress. It is a piece of wrong information, and hence it is now busted.


Myth No.8: Hard mattresses of a trusted and global brand work best

If your favorite or a well-known celebrity promotes a hard mattress on the TV or an ad from a famous mattress brand is shown, it doesn’t mean the hard mattress is top-class. Often, the mattresses they show on TV can only be specially made for the ad, whereas, in reality, the bed models might be cheap. As a result, it is essential to research and try the bed out before buying from a retailer. Regardless of what the commercial says, hard mattresses are not suitable for everyone. What matters most is how your body adjusts to a bed.


Myth No.9: Hard beds are too hard

No! They are firm. It is a misconception to believe hard beds will be super rigid and thick. In reality, they’ll only be strong, sturdy, and firm to help people lie down flat. At the same time, the firmness does not confirm that it will support all people.



Q. How quickly can we adapt to a new mattress?

The truth is that it takes thirty days to acclimate to a new mattress since it will change over time to conform to your body. Consumers have reported that a mattress becomes more comfortable after a week or two of use.


Q. If mattresses look similar, are they all the same?

Mattresses are made of various materials and fillings. Hence no two mattresses can be the same. Although mattresses may appear to be similar, each of them will provide a different level of comfort.


Q. Do hard mattresses reduce stress levels?

Sleeping on a hard mattress reduces stress levels in a study. This is true with some people because when their joint pain is aided, their stress about that also calms down.


Are there any health benefits linked to hard mattresses?

Apart from people claiming it aids their back pain and calms their stress, hard mattresses relieve strain on your circulatory system and improve blood flow throughout your body!


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We have finally reached the end of the article that has debunked the famous myths of hard mattresses. If you were actually a person who never knew of these, we are glad now you know them. So, if you’re planning to buy a new mattress, make sure to buy it only after trying it. If you have any medical conditions, ask your doctor and then proceed to buy a bed that will aid you.

Hopefully, you’ll buy a mattress that will support you and give you a good night’s sleep. Have a nice day, mate!

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