Bed Bugs: What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

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You might have at least once heard your friends or neighbors talk about bed bugs and issues they are facing due to it. Around 33% of people feel discouraged in entering their homes due to bed bugs.

Even though many people encounter bed bugs every year, most of us might still struggle to understand what a bed bug look or appear like? If you are facing the same concern, then no worries.

In this article, I’ll discuss all about the look of bed bugs and how they can enter a household, where they can hide, and how you can know if you have a bed bug.


How does a bed bug look like?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are oval in form, short and brownish. The adult or grown bed bugs have a flat body, almost like a seed of an apple, and their length is around 5 to 7mm. 

These insects live on the blood of humans and animals, and once they have fed, their bodies kind of swell and become red. It isn’t easy to spot bed bugs as they are excellent in hiding and extremely small.

Bed bugs might not come out during the daytime and mostly come out from their hiding to feed during the night. Bed bugs can’t fly but are quick in moving from one place to another, including walls and ceilings.


How do a Bed Bug’s Eggs look like?

Bed bugs are fast spreading. Female bed bugs can produce about a hundred eggs in her lifetime. These eggs can be laid in clusters or even singly and might usually get placed within the crevices or the cracks.

The size of these eggs is like a speck of dust; many people cannot even see these eggs through naked eyes. A female bed bug might lay around one to five eggs daily. They are that tiny.

The immature bed bugs are known as nymphs. Before reaching the maturity level, they shed their skins around five times.

Before they shed, they require a meal of blood. If the bed bugs have been in beneficial circumstances, they can mature in a month and might even go on to produce eggs.


Where do these bed bugs live?

Bed bugs can exist almost anyplace in the apartment because they are so small in size they hide easily in the home.

Generally, you can find bed bugs near cracks in the textile or even the furniture, and they can also be found behind the frame.

Even though we might find bed bugs anywhere, the most common places for infestation are in beds such as the box springs, mattresses, and bed frames.

They might be in your mattress or near bed areas as well. Even if you buy mattress online or through a store, bed bugs can still appear.

Bed bugs might leave a bit of skin once they have bitten you during your sleep. Usually, insects like bed bugs bite in areas like hands, face, arms, and neck, leaving you with red or dark spots, swelling, and itchiness.

Sometimes people even mistake a bed bug bite into rashes or other concerns. After a certain period, they might shift into other protected areas or crevices, and some might even spread into different rooms or even apartments in some cases.


How to know if bed bugs exist in your house?

Bed bugs shed skin a lot. Also, you might find rust-colored spots or fecal stainsegg cases in your furniture’s cracks or your mattress, which might help you know if you have bed bugs in your house.

You might also find various bloodstains in your pillows. All these are signs of bed bugs.

Usually, bed bugs enter through luggage as traveling is considered one of the major reasons behind discovering bed bugs.

Other reasons for having bed bugs can be having a used couch, beds or mattresses, and several other used stuff. Unlike ants and bees, these bed bugs don’t have a nest for living, and they form groups while hiding to live.




Do bed bugs exist in a tidy house? 

Bed bugs can exist in any house because it spreads from traveling and luggage, or it might enter when you buy used stuff like mattress, bed, or something else. A tidy house doesn’t play any role in terms of bed bugs.


Do bed bugs live in hair? 

No, bed bugs cannot live or survive in your hair or any other body part. A human body temperature isn’t suitable for bed bugs. Though just bite humans to feed blood and survive by living near-bed areas.



Bed bugs are a common yet annoying issue. Many people don’t even know they have bed bugs in their households or what they look like.

Therefore, we mentioned all about how these bed bugs look, along with primary stuff like where they can potentially hide and how you can know if you are facing this issue.

We hope all your concerns related to bed bugs are solved through this article.

Tell us in the comments if you have any further doubts about bed bugs.

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