Do i Need BCAA if i Take Protein?

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When you go out to a market to buy the best protein powders, either they are animal protein or plant protein, you look for the ones which have a high content of protein. But, you don’t know one thing that these protein powders are made by BCAA; yes, they do!

This BCAA stands for Branched Chained Amino Acids and has a process to deliver amino acids to your bloodstream & create a perfect setup to build muscle, decrease fatigue in muscles or soreness. Whenever you consume protein, especially those with all the essential amino acids like Whey or Soy protein, you consume BCAA.


BCAA & Protein | A Brief Explanation

Bcaa Vs Creatine

If ever you need to build and structuralise your body and muscles, there is a crucial need for BCAA & proteins. BCAA are essential for your muscle tissue formation, Whereas protein in the form of protein powders also plays a vital role in promoting muscular strength and structure.

They both play a complementary role & can be used simultaneously if needed. So in order to explain further how and when it might be the right choice for you to consume these supplements or not, we will differentiate them. It will make you understand much systematically.


Timing of BCAA Consumption Vs Protein

Timing of BCAA Consumption Vs Protein

There is always a scientific study that determines and explains the timing of your BCAA Consumption vs protein consumption. It is vital for one to reconsider before one start consuming them.

We have two sections where a BCAA & Protein consumption occurs, either before exercise or after exercise. There is no issue or problem if you consume BCAA after taking protein, but you need to be careful of the drawbacks & timings, which can provide you with the best out of it.

Pre or Post-Workout

The timing of BCAA Consumption before the workout even after taking protein in the form of whey protein. BCAA intake could be a gateway for you to decrease the level of soreness and muscle fatigue while you do your rigorous workout sessions.

On the other hand, Protein powders also provide the same benefit like BCAA, but here they are more focused on maintaining a lean muscle structure and body. If your  BCAA intake is before exercise, then you are directly consuming essential amino acids, which can be much better than a whey protein supplement.

If you are looking forward to doing the same post-workout, there is a possibility of you having less benefit than protein. If you need a combination of them both, you indeed can work it out. Around 4-9 gms of BCAA supplement before exercise is effective & can be taken along with protein powder.


Essential Timings for Consumption

The complete effect of BCAA is to be performed after you have consumed the Branched chained amino acids. According to the study, it’s been reported that there isn’t any optimal time for the effects to begin. There is a time gap during which the results takes place.

In around 25-40 minutes, the BCAA levels peak into your blood cells, but this time limit can be extended in a span of 4 hours. It means that during your workout, these supplements in the form of tablets or powder will break down these essential amino acids & process them further.

Now that we have a general idea of how BCAA & Protein powders can be effective together, working for each other simultaneously. We’ll move on to the advantages and disadvantages of BCCA intake after protein consumption.


Advantages & Disadvantages of BCAA Intake after Protein

Advantages & Disadvantages of BCAA Intake after Protein

There are specific key points where you might have to reconsider choosing BCAA after protein, even if they are totally adequate for your body and diet. Let’s take a deep look into what are the pros. & cons. of BCAA consumption after Protein intake.

Advantages of BCAA Intake after Protein

  • This is a time-taking process and consuming protein gives you all the six other essential amino acids, while the rest three of them is provided by BCAA. You need to take approximately 0.3 gms per body weight to get effective results.
  • There should be a long term plan or goal of BCAA consumption which should be at least more than 15 days.
  • As we discussed earlier, BCAA intake should be divided into pre and post-dose during your workout sessions. This will help protein to give the ultimate effect to your body.


Disadvantages of BCAA Intake after Protein

  • If we talk about the disadvantages, then the most common one would be its market price. It is costly if we compare it with whey protein powders.
  • There is a possibility that BCAA may interfere with your glucose blood levels.
  • It is not essential for protein synthesis. That’s why you need to take protein simultaneously.
  • Sleeping Problems could be an issue if you consume BCAA on a long terms basis.


The Bottom Line

BCCA is essential to provide muscle supporting nutrients for your body, this will help protein powders supplements along with your protein sources through your diet. Although you may not need them for muscle building they can be very effective for weight loss. The consumption can be taken during the non-working days too.

So, in the end, the BCAA consumption even if you take protein is not essential but effective. You can make it a part of your habit to benefit from them. This doesn’t mean its necessary but helps your body with vital nutrients for your body.

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