All You Need To Know About Skin Fasting And Its Benefits

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The four-step routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing for skincare has become the standard beauty norm. You may also add masking and applying sunscreen as two additional yet crucial steps.

However, some cultures have taken it a notch higher and introduced a ten or twenty-step routine.

While nature-based products seem to make a comeback, the fact remains that the prevalent notion of pampering the skin is to add something or the other to it continually.

Recently, a new skincare trend has taken the internet by storm, known as skin fasting.

As you continue reading this article, you will learn more about skin fasting and its benefits!


What is skin fasting?

What is skin fasting?

Well, you have probably heard of fasting. You have even heard of the benefits of fasting. So, you may think of skin fasting as a fasting process for the skin. Confused? Read on to know more!

Skin Fasting is a new-age skincare technique where you do not apply any product on your face to allow your skin to breathe. 

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky says that it essentially lets your skin naturally function the way it used to when it did not have any products.

However, just as all bodies function differently, so does your skin. 

The degree of how many products you can eliminate from your skincare routine depends on your skin type, problems, and certain genetic factors. The duration of this process also plays an integral role.

Skin fasting is a new trend quickly catching up with celebrities, beauty enthusiasts, and skincare influencers. 

While some people gradually start eliminating products they longer need, others can remove every product off their shelf in one go and live with it.

Dr. Natalie Aguilar suggests sticking to the basics such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. She further adds – “If you’re going to eliminate sunscreen, then you should eliminate sun exposure as well. If we’ve learned one golden (skincare) life rule, it’s to always wear SPF.

For instance, if your skin is too oily, it will produce excess sebum. If not controlled, your skin will have an unnecessary build-up of dead skin cells that clog your pores. In turn, this can cause acne, inflammation, etc.

Similarly, suppose your skin is too dry and you do not apply the essential skincare products such as moisturizer or oils. In that case, your skin becomes flaky and irritable. If not tended to, you may develop skin conditions such as eczema.

Thus, getting caught up with every ounce of information available through multiple sources is almost inevitable, especially without doing any personal research.

Therefore, consulting a dermatologist and understanding if you need skin fasting or not is essential.


What are the benefits of skin fasting?

What are the benefits of skin fasting

You have now read and understood the basics of skin fasting. So, let us move on to the benefits of this new skincare trend.

1. It allows your skin to breathe and function naturally.

When you stop using chemical-based products on your skin, you allow it to produce natural oils that keep it safe and hydrated. These oils also protect the skin from further damage, such as aging, acne, etc.

Your skin also gets a break from a chemical overdose due to your products to maintain its health.

While there is not enough scientific data to support skin fasting, not using chemicals is definitely an advantage for your skin and body.


2. It settles your skin if it reacts adversely to products.

Suppose you found a new product in the market that claims to tackle your deepest, most bothersome skin problem. However, on continuous usage, you realize that it is causing an adverse reaction to your skin. You could either break out, or your skin is suddenly red and itchy.

In such cases, instead of using another product to counteract the damages of the previous one, you can try skin fasting.

Many dermatologists believe that skin fasting can heal your skin better and more effectively than some pricey products and expensive skin treatment options.


3. It restores and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Using multiple skincare products on your face may damage the skin’s protective barrier. Especially when these products contain various chemicals that may work against each other.

Whenever you apply a product not suitable for your skin, your skin’s protective barrier starts to degenerate. As a result, your skin is stripped of natural oils, which is essential for retaining water content – meaning that your skin loses hydration.

Moreover, you gradually begin to lose elasticity and smoothness. So, as you get older, your skin’s ability to regenerate new cells slows down more than usual.

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, skin fasting is the way to go!


4. It may provide a fresh start to try other products.

Sometimes you may not know how many products you apply to your skin and how they react. As a result, you will not know which product works for you compared to those that do not.

Moreover, if you continue to use one product after another, it may cause more harm than good.

As mentioned in the second benefit, skin fasting may heal your skin from the many adverse reactions of various skincare products.

In turn, this provides a fresh start to try other skin-friendly products that may be more suitable for your skin type.


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The Final Takeaway

Unfortunately, skin fasting is not a one-size-fits-all process. It varies from one skin type to another, just like any fasting or detox process.

Since skin-fasting is a relatively new trend, there may not be sufficient scientific data to verify how effective skin fasting is.

However, it is also not harmful as you essentially avoid your skin from absorbing chemicals.

If you have tried skin fasting, you may share your experience along with some tips in the comments section below.

Irrespective of what you read on the internet, it is strictly advised to consult a medical expert or a dermatologist’s advice before making the final decision.

While we add more articles, feel free to explore our website, read other posts, and make sure you come back for updates!

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