Peanut Butter: 5 facts about building muscle and losing weight

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Did you know why peanut butter is really healthy and ideal for athletes? We’ll explain everything you need to know about them! The best in advance – it helps you build muscle and can even help you lose weight.


What is peanut butter?

peanut butter

The bread spread was invented by Dr John Kellog – who is also known as the inventor of cornflakes. However, fats or oils are added so that the mixture remains nicely creamy and the solid components do not separate from the peanut oil. Sugar and salt are used to taste. In principle, the name ‘butter’ is reserved for milk products in the EU. But there are exceptions, for example, for products whose species is well known because of their traditional use. The indication of peanut “butter” is therefore legally permissible but somewhat misleading – because the product has nothing in common with butter.

It is offered in different variants. “Creamy or fine” is what it calls itself when it is a completely smooth puree. The version “crunchy” contains a few bits and has a crisp bite.


High-quality protein source

As a protein-rich food, peanut butter saturates longer than other foods. Also, the protein contained is important for muscle building and muscle recovery. This is especially relevant if you do a lot of sports.


Healthy fats & high in fibre

A common concern when eating peanut butter its high-fat content. However, as mentioned earlier, it contains more unsaturated than saturated fats. This means that it is, in fact, an excellent supplier of “healthy fats”. A healthy body needs healthy fats. Like olive oil or avocado, peanut butter is one of the fatty foods you should prefer to use.

Peanuts also bring a lot of fibre, about 10 per cent, similar to cereals. Fibre is important for the body to work properly, but other foods contain more fibre, but peanuts can help meet the need.


Peanut butter can help you lose weight.

A diet with peanut butter? Ok, that sounds weird, but it’s not. Despite the fats and salts contained, we have already found that peanut butter is actually good for you. The protein and fibre content means that you feel fuller for longer when you eat them. Protein also increases thermogenic seam – which means digestion requires a lot of energy, and fat burning is boosted. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the quantity.

  • Proteins help to build muscle.
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Rich in vitamin E, niacin and magnesium
  • Super suitable for craving attacks: simply snack ingesting a teaspoon of peanut butter


Tip from the US:

I prefer to use a spoonful of pure peanut butter and not as a spread on a toast.

The simple rule is: peanut butter is allowed, but if you want to lose weight, don’t combine it with carbohydrates. Otherwise, the positive, saturating effect can be reversed. If you’re hungry for longer, you’re less tempted to eat junk food or unhealthy snacks. And this, in turn, means that you eat fewer calories overall, and voila: Healthy weight loss is much easier.


Peanut butter for muscle building

Why do experienced athletes use peanut butter to build muscle? In addition to the excellent nutritional values, there is also a powerful effect: studies have shown that it can increase testosterone levels. This means more muscle building and increased fat burning. Your muscles are supplied with high-quality protein overnight. Muscle building is promoted, and muscle loss is prevented. Valuable trace elements support regeneration.


Good for heart and brain

Peanuts have a lot of valuable vegetable protein at 25 per cent, half of which is made of fat. The good thing about it is its high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. These can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to scientific studies, empirical evidence has been made that the intake of unsaturated fatty acids from nuts, olive oil or rapeseed oil is much healthier than unsaturated fatty acids.


Peanut butter – Conclusion:

Muscle building and mass phase, diet and definition phase: Peanut butter is healthy and an ideal snack for athletes and athletes. It is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It helps you build muscle and even boost fat burning. Use them as a substitute for sugar and reduce unnecessary carbohydrates.

The sum of its positive properties makes peanut butter healthy and a portion of wonderful food for athletes and all people who want to eat healthily.

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