Mole Removal : How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Mole in India?

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Moles can appear on various parts of your skin and can cause aesthetic or medical issues. If you are someone who is suffering from this, then you would have considered undergoing a mole removal procedure.

What is the cost of undergoing a mole removal procedure, what are the factors I should look into? And what are the types of procedures? If these are the questions currently running in your head, then worry not because we have answers for them! Just scroll down in the article to understand about mole removal in India, so let’s have a look at it!


What is a Mole?

What is a mole

A mole is a type of skin growth that can occur on the surface of your skin. It is formed when melanocytes, a type of melanin-producing cells, get accumulated on the skin and form the shape of the mole.

Moles can be of different colours and shapes. Some people may have them small and flat while some are round and big and so on; the colour of the mole can also range from dark black to skin colours.

Some people consider the mole that appears above the upper lips as a beauty mark. Moles are typically harmless, but sometimes they may also become cancerous and signal skin cancer. So if you feel your mole seems abnormal, you should get them tested.

Some ways to identify if your mole is cancerous is by looking at the following features-

  • If you can see that one part of the mole does not match the remaining part.
  • If you can see that the borders of the mole are irregular, ragged, notched, or blurred.
  • If the colour of the mole is not uniform and one mole may have two or more different colours
  • If the spot appears to be more than ¼ inch across
  • If you notice that the mole is evolving and you can see that it is changing in size, colour, or shape.

If you can notice any of the above signs in your mole, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Apart from medical reasons, moles can be removed for cosmetic purposes, too; let’s have a look at what is mole removal-


What is mole removal?

What is mole removal

Moles are generally harmless and do not affect your daily life, but if it is discovered that your mole is cancerous or if you are facing problems due to the existence of a mole on any part of your body, then you can choose to get it surgically removed. Some of the reasons to undergo a mole removal procedure are –

  • To avoid the spread of cancer if the mole is cancerous
  • If the mole is causing a lot of discomforts and interfering in regular activities
  • For enhancing beauty.


What is the cost of mole removal?

What is the cost of mole removal


Mole removal is optional when performed for beauty purposes but becomes a necessity when the mole is discovered to be cancerous. The cost of undergoing a mole removal surgery can range between 4,000 to 10,000 rupees; this is an approximate amount that changes based on the type of procedure, the hospital where you perform the surgery, and the doctor, among other factors.

Let’s have a look at all the factors you should consider while deciding to undergo a mole removal surgery –


4 Type of Procedure to Remove Moles

Type of procedure 

There are mainly four types of mole removal procedures that are available in India. Before choosing one consult your doctor to understand which will be the best for you; we have provided basic information about all of the four along with their costs-


1. Using surgical excision

Surgical excision, as the name suggests, is a surgical procedure where the mole is chopped off from the surface of your skin. In this procedure, the area where the mole is present is first cleaned, and then an injection containing anaesthesia is injected near it. Then your doctor will make an incision by making use of a sharp scalpel, and the mole will be chopped off from the crease line of your skin. Recovery after this surgery is fast and fuss-free for most people.

The cost of undergoing a mole removal using surgical excision can cost between 3000 to 10,000 rupees which will increase or decrease based on the other factors.


2. Using shaving 

In this mole removal method, the doctor will simply shave of the mole from the surface of your skin. In the first, the area where you have the mole is cleaned, and anaesthesia is injected . after the area is numbed, the doctor will shave off the mole using a sharp medical instrument. This process usually requires just a few minutes to complete and is mostly painless. What makes this treatment preferable is that it leads to minimal scarring.

Mole removal using shaving can cost you between 1000 to 5,000 rupees based on the various other factors elaborated below.


3. Using laser treatment 

This type of mole removal is usually suggested to people who have shallow moles. In this type of treatment, as the name suggests, high and low-intensity lasers are used to break away the mole and remove it from your skin. This type of process is the most simple and least invasive. Laser treatment can also help correct the pigmentation and remove the mole’s imperfection.

Laser treatment is the most expensive option among the other two; undergoing a mole removal using a laser can cost anywhere between 5000 to 10,000 rupees.


4. Freezing 

Non-cancerous moles that form on the surface of the skin can be removed by freezing them. This cannot be done for all moles, and your doctor will be the best judge to decide if freezing will be the best option to remove your mole.

In this process, the doctor will make use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole and make it fall off. After the process, there might be small blisters that form on the pace where the mole used to be, and your doctor will suggest a treatment to get rid of it.

The cost of undergoing a freezing procedure can cost anywhere between 5000 to 10,000 rupees.


Consultation fee

Before undergoing a mole removal, you will have to consult a doctor, who will explain to you the procedure of mole removal and suggest the best procedure for you. Usually, a consultation with the doctor can cost between 500- 1000 rupees but can go higher based on the experience of the doctor.

If you are undergoing mole removal for cosmetic purposes, it is essential that you look into the experience of the doctor. A doctor with at least 2- 3 years of experience will be preferable. Do make sure to check the before and after photos of the patients that he has treated to get an idea of his surgical craft, and only then choose the one that you think will be the best.

Cosmetic procedures are not covered under medical insurance; hence as the money is going from your pocket, you should make sure that you get the best out of it.



The hospital that you choose to undergo the procedure will also play a part in deciding your total expenses. A hospital located in rural regions might cost less than ones located in the metropolitan regions. If you choose to undergo the procedure at a big hospital with an established brand name, then the cost will be naturally higher than when you undergo it in a clinic on a smaller scale.

The amount of time for which the hospital has been in the market will also play a part in deciding the cost; older hospitals with a well-built reputation will charge you more than newer ones. But while deciding on a hospital, you should always choose one after carefully considering all the options available and go for the best alternative.



If your doctor suspects that the mole on your body might be cancerous, then he will ask you to undergo certain tests. He may inspect the mole himself or perform a biopsy. All of this will cost money. But remember, this cost will be incurred only if the doctor thinks the mole is cancerous; if you are undergoing mole removal for beauty reasons, then you may skip this cost factor.



Q. Do cancerous moles hurt?

No, cancerous moles that form on the surface of your skin usually do not cause any pain. The only way to identify if the mole is cancerous is by looking at it.


Q. What will happen if I scratch my mole off?

Scratching off a mole will usually cause some bleeding which will probably heal in some days, but if the bleeding persists, then you should consult a doctor.



Moles should usually not interrupt with your daily life, but if they start affecting it, then you can always choose to remove them. After reading this article, you now know the types of procedures you can have to remove a mole and the cost of each one, moreover you also know the various other factors you need to consider so that you can now arrive at a concise amount that you might have to spend on your mole removal procedure.

Let us know in the comments which point you found to be the most useful!

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