How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair

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If you are one of those who are worried about your scalp & need some aid in getting a healthy one, then you might not be the only one out there. Tea Tree Oil has been used for years as a natural essential for medicinal reasons which can not only cleanse your scalp but also help in several other issues a human body faces. Through this article, we will let you know how to use this and what benefits they will offer.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural cure just like other alternatives such as onion juice extract. If you look at your shampoos and soaps, this common ingredient is used in most of them. Let’s discuss and take a deep dive into what and how to use Tea Tree Oil for your Hair.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

When we look at the past & all our old generation they were used to get plant extracts and cure diseases. Tea Tree Oil is also known to be a plant extract that exceptionally performs quite well in terms of curing infections like acne, scalp control, dandruff and proper hair growth.

Tea Tree Oil is extracted from alternifolia which is the native plant for Australia, Its usage for cleansing has been a bigger role in minor fungal infestations on your scalp. This essential oil can be used to soothe your head from its itchiness & scratches. Let’s read on to some of the benefits which will amaze you on their own


Top 5 Benefits of using Tea Tree Oil

Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has proven to have microfungal properties to cure the itchy scalp filled with lice and other pollutants which cover the hair follicles responsible for hair growth. This appears to be pale yellow but colourless and has a fresh odour. As it’s said to be very powerful on its own, it’s important to not apply it all by itself.

Prevents Hair & Scalp Dryness:

Due to its antibacterial properties, it can help in removing the blockage of the pollutants that covers your scalp resulting in its dryness. You need to mix the tree oil with coconut oil to get the best results.


Removes Dandruff:

This type of infection where you have irritation, along with bad skin hygiene, is known as dermatitis & Tea Tree Oil usage will cleanse all the flaky scalp. Massaging it for 3-5 minutes can give you the best results & can release all dandruff from your scalp.


Lice Attack Prevention:

Lice are the worst scalp infections that are used to suck the blood from the scalp and cause itchy behaviour and a lot of dandruff. With 8-9 drops of Tea Tree Oil, you can prevent these lice from appearing on your scalp.


Oily Scalp Removal:

Tea Tree Oil is known for their extra oil monitoring, they are used to control the extra oil on your scalp which can make you head moisturized & keep healthy. Massaging your scalp for 10 minutes and leaving them for 30 minutes before washing can give the best results.


How should we use Tea Tree Oil for Hair?

How should we use Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Before you use or apply it on your scalp, you need to check and judge whether you don’t have any allergic reaction or any such irritation while applying it on your skin. If you don’t, then you are good to go. Let’s brief you out with the procedure of applying Tea Tree oil step-by-step:

  1. First off, you need to make sure if Tea Tree Oil has been diluted or not, for that you need any carrier oil which can support the effects of Tea Tree oil such as, Coconut oil, Almond oil or any vegetable oil.
  2. Mixing is an important part & you don’t want to mess things up making it either less diluted or more concentrated, for best measurements you need at least 5-6% which is approximately 5 millilitres (ml) along with the carrier oil.
  3. The Duration of Tea Tree oil staying on your scalp can be according to your choice, for deep penetration of Tea Tree oil you can let it stay on your scalp overnight only when it’s diluted. Continuity is essential when using this oil, regular use can let your hair shine and provide all the nutrients.
  4. When it comes to the usage of Tea Tree oil, originally it is very concentrated & it’s not preferable to use it without shampoo or any carrier oil. There is an alternative way, where you can add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil along with your favourite shampoo. Rinse it very well after massaging it.
  5. Doing this process for a matter of 2-3 weeks can give you a big improvement with all the flaky, itchiness, and even the irritating dry hair. Sooner or later when your scalp is cooled down, you can reduce the usage down to a week.

If we talk about its side effects then there is only one side-effect that can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. So prepare yourself before trying out for yourself on your scalp. Now let’s look at the brief advantages and the disadvantages of Tea Tree oil usage on Hair.


Advantages & Disadvantages of using Tea Tree Oil on Hair


  1. It helps with Hair Growth & prevents scalp infections.
  2. Removes dandruff & resolves the dryness issue on the scalp
  3. It Prevents Hair Loss & helps you to clog out all the pollutants such as lice from your Hair Follicles.
  4. It soothes scalp skin inflammation


  1. The results of using Tea Tree oil are time-consuming and require quite a lot of patience.
  2. Its allergic reactions are important to note, as one should be aware of it & consider performing some patch tests before applying it on your scalp.
  3. Due to its concentrated attribute in nature, it could cause redness on your skin so we prefer you to dilute it before using it.
  4. Tea Tree oil shouldn’t be consumed in any way & it has to only be used with shampoo by massaging on your scalp.



Concluding this article, we see that Tea Tree oil is one of the best remedies out there for hair growth and care. Expecting a few weeks for best results can help you in removing all the dryness, flaky scalp & dryness from your head. It’s worth a try, go and try it out by using one of our methods to get healthy & amazing hair.

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