Hydration Tips For All Ages (7 Ways To Drink More Water)

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The importance of keeping yourself hydrated cannot be emphasized enough. It is essential for humans, and as a matter of fact, even for plants and other animals, to consume a certain amount of water to ensure their proper functioning.

However, sometimes it might become a challenge to reach your desired water consumption goals. Also, how much water should one drink in a day? This article will discuss these issues and give you an insight into the amount of water you should aspire to consume each day while also giving you some tips as to how to achieve that goal. Read on!


How Much Water To Drink Per Day?

How much water to drink per day

While water recommendations really vary from one individual to another, there is a suggested intake, as put forth by the report.

For adult women, drinking up to 9 cups of fluids (2200 mL) per day is recommended. This includes the overall intake of fluids and even juicy fruits and vegetables. While for men, the recommended regular water intake is set to be 13 cups (3000 mL).

In the case of children from 1 – 3 years of age, 4 cups (900 mL) of fluid consumption a day would be fine. For older children between 4 – 8 years of age, drinking 5 cups or 1200 mL fluids intake would be sufficient.

In the case of adolescents, 8 – 11 cups (1800 – 2600 mL) of water for males would be advisable, while in the case of females, 7 – 8 cups (1600 – 1800 mL) of water is good.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that our water needs depend on various factors such as sex, age, weather, our overall physical activity, body weight, and our health conditions. In the case of pregnant and breastfeeding women, the water intake needs to be a little more than usual.


Tips To Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Tips to keep yourself hydrated

It can get tiresome and sometimes overwhelming to push yourself to meet your body’s regular water intake needs. However, it is crucial to make an effort, which will benefit you only. Here are a few tips to make you hit your daily goal of water consumption.

1. Carrying Your Water Bottle With You Everywhere

If you are mostly out, you must turn keeping a water bottle handy into a habit. Even a smaller one will do the job, as you can refill it to meet your water intake requirements.


2. Adding Healthy Flavour To Your Water

Drinking water can get boring at some point. You can experiment with some fresh fruits like adding lime or lemon to your water. It will make your water taste good while also keeping you refreshed. Plus, it’s healthy.


3. Any Fluids Count

You do not strictly have to stick to drinking plain water to meet the requirement. Other beverages and food items with water content in them also count. So, consuming juices, fresh fruits, and veggies is another way of ensuring that your body is getting enough water content.


4. Begin Your Day By Drinking Water In The Morning

Starting your day in a healthy way by drinking water will set the mood for the rest of the day. It’s an excellent way to begin your day by sipping on water and keeping following throughout.


5. Set A Timetable

Setting a timetable for drinking might sound a little weird, but it surely is going to be an effective way to encourage you to drink enough water. You may even set alarms throughout the day.


6. Make Drinking Water A Habit

Do not drink water when you are just thirsty. It is a good time to drink plenty of water when the weather is hot or if you have been doing a lot of physical activities. Try to turn drinking water into a habit, and you will soon find yourself disciplined in the matter.


7. Replace Unhealthy Drinks With Water

Sounds tough? Cutting out your sodas and unhealthy beverages and replacing them with water can be a good way to make sure you consume more water. These drinks might decrease your appetite for taking more fluids. Hence, it would be best to limit them.

We do not wish to be killjoys for you; a soda drink once in a while would be fine, but embracing water instead would be beneficial for your health.



1. How does lower water intake affect us?

If one is not consuming enough water, it might lead to various health problems. You might experience fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, and constipation if you are not drinking water. Low water intake might also affect your kidneys, and in women, it can lead to Urinary tract infections. In fact, dehydration can affect your overall bodily performance.


2. Is overhydration bad?

While underhydration can be an issue, overhydration is also a problem. It leads to an imbalance of fluids in your body, making it difficult for the kidneys to remove that much water. When your body stores too much water without a way to remove it, the salts in your body end up getting diluted.


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We often tend to ignore the fact that we might be dehydrated, and a lot of our illnesses could be simple symptoms of dehydration. Look out for symptoms of dehydration and try to remain as hydrated as you can, within limits, of course.

Meanwhile, we hope that these hydration tips work for you and your loved ones. If you have any more ideas that can help keep up our hydration game, do let us know in the comments.

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