What is Smart Grid Mattress? Is it better than a memory foam mattress?

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Many people admit that choosing the correct mattress is crucial for getting quality sleep. With the rapid advancement in the sleep technology sector, the general public is now exposed to the highest quality ones to improve their sleep quality every night. After all, sleep is directly linked to an individual’s success – and hence needs to be maintained.

With the two main competitors – Smart Grid Mattress and the memory foam mattress – it is easy to land in confusion about which product one might want to purchase. Here is a detailed guide that may help seek some clarity.


What is a Smart Grid Mattress?

Smart Grid Mattress is considered one of the best innovations in sleep technology by the people who have used it. The perfect blend of softness and firmness, these mattresses claim to provide the best quality sleep for an extended period. Since the patent is only with The Sleep Company, these mattresses are only manufactured by them in India.

Smart Grid Mattress comes embedded with about 2500 air channels. It allows the airflow within it as possible, resulting in little to no heat trapped inside them. With this powerful airflow, Smart Grid Mattress quickly became one of the people’s favorites who appreciate quality sleep.

Smart Grid Mattress is a perfect ten in both looks and comfort department. Along with providing a luxurious finish to your bed, the grid-like design of these mattresses accustom to your body structure – providing it with all the required comfort and relief for a sound sleep.

While many orthopedic mattresses claim to provide people with the support to relieve back pain; they can rarely deliver the desired amount of comfort.

Hence, even though such mattresses might support your back – the rest of your body would still not be at ease and relieved. Smart Grid Mattress solves this exact problem, often referred to as the best mattress in India. Along with that, the mattress’s temperature is also maintained by the gel present within it.

Warning: Smart Grid Mattress is capable of trapping heat in extreme conditions. Hence, it is advisable to go for the options if the problem of severe perspiration or high room moisture exists.


Features of Smart Grid Mattress

Now that we know what Smart Grid Mattress is let us move on to a few of its many unique features. Here is a list of the same that helps us distinguish Smart Grid Mattress from its competitors in the market:

  • Isolation of motion

If you are a light sleeper, the Smart Grid Mattress might be the best purchase. With its motion isolation feature, your sleep partner’s movements would not disturb your sleep.

  • Non-toxic material

One of the first concerns people have while looking for a mattress is whether the material it is made of is toxic. Unlike many mattresses that utilize petroleum and harmful adhesives, Smart Grid Mattress is made of harmless materials like food-grade polymer.

  • Customizable support

Not everyone suffers from the same kind of pain. Hence, the customizable support and density feature of Smart Grid Mattress enables one to maximize sleep quality as much as possible. This mattress offers both soft and firm support, catering to all needs.

  • Perfect balance

While looking for a mattress, people often get confused when asked to choose between a firm one and a soft one. Smart Grid Mattress becomes an ideal choice in such cases by providing the perfect balance of both. Hence, these mattresses also allow objects to sink in the right amount and buoyancy.


Smart Grid Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Both Smart Grid and Memory Foam Mattress are efficient in their ways. Hence, if one had to choose between the two, the state of the dilemma is almost unavoidable. Let us see how the two differ and which of the two holds the potential to provide the best consumer satisfaction.

  • Support- Smart Grid Win

Smart Grid Mattress takes the lead in providing support. Since the memory foam mattress is exceptionally soft, the objects sink in effortlessly. However, it does not provide our body with the firm support it needs. On the other hand, Smart Grid Mattress provides our body buoyancy and softness.

  • Affordability- Memory Foam Win

The average price of Smart Grid Mattress is about 23000rs, and that of memory foam one is about 13000rs. Hence in terms of affordability, a memory foam mattress is better than a Smart Grid one.

  • Back pain- Smart Grid Win

Since the Smart Grid Mattress comes in an orthopedic variant, it naturally becomes the favorite option for people suffering from back pain. With personalized features targeting the issue, the relief from body pain through smart grid mattresses is much better than the memory foam mattress.

  • Hygiene- Smart Grid Win

Since Smart Grid Mattress comprises open cells, the accumulation of dust and other unwanted components is an everyday possibility. On the other hand, the structure and design do not let these unwanted components settle on the memory foam mattress’ surface.

Since washing the smart grid mattress is not an option, the hygiene of the bed is heavily compromised if not maintained with utmost care.



1. What is the price of a smart grid mattress in India?

Ans. The average price of a Smart Grid Mattress in India is about 23,000rs. The prices are subject to change as you choose different variants for the same.

2. Which is better – memory foam mattress or smart grid mattress?

Ans. Even though the decision comes down to personal preferences – the better of the two in terms of performance is smart grid, and in terms of affordability is memory foam mattress.



To sum up, there is no one definition of an ideal mattress. Its usefulness depends upon how relevant it is to different kinds of requirements. However, one can generally lookout for various criteria like comfort, affordability, support, and durability to find their ideal mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have existed for some time, whereas the Smart Grid Mattress is a relatively newer innovation in India. Both have their list of pros and cons. Upon a general comparison, Smart Grid Mattress is better than memory foam.

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