Cotton Mattress VS Foam Mattress : Which is Better Foam or Cotton Mattress?

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After a long day at work, all you want to do is snuggle up in your big soft mattress and just sleep. Isn’t sleeping the best part of the entire day? Do you want to know how to make this part of your day even better? If you are looking for the answer, it is, ‘a good mattress’!


However, will a cotton mattress be good or a foam mattress? We understand that choosing one among them is a daunting task. Hence, we are here to guide you on the differences between the two and determine which mattress will match you.

Cotton Mattress

Cotton Mattress

Cotton mattresses seem like a mattress you have known all your life. Not a single home in India wouldn’t have a cotton mattress. They have been in use for ages. Clearly, cotton mattresses are the most used mattress in the market.


Cotton mattresses provide comfort like no other. Nonetheless, their cheaper costs make them affordable. India being the biggest manufacturer of cotton globally, serves as a reason for the higher production of cotton mattresses. The high popularity of cotton mattresses in India has been a reason for the production of cotton mattresses in all sizes, including the king, queen sizes, twin, or single sizes.


Even though cotton mattresses are famous, they have their pros and cons. Hence, now we will learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of cotton mattresses.


Advantages of Cotton Mattresses

1. Affordable

Cotton mattresses are the cheapest mattresses available in the market. Nonetheless, India is the largest cotton manufacturer, making cotton mattresses readily available anywhere and everywhere. Hence, if you are low on budget and want to buy a comfortable mattress, a cotton mattress would be the right choice!


2. Natural and Organic Material

Natural and Organic Material

Cotton is a natural product. Cotton mattresses are eco-friendly as cotton is biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable. Hence, if you are environmentally conscious, buying a cotton mattress would be the right choice for you.


Author’s note: All cotton mattresses are made entirely of good quality cotton. However, in some cases, synthetic fibers might be used. Hence, when buying a cotton mattress, ensure that it is a trusted seller and uses only cotton for making the mattress.


3. Anti-allergic

Cotton mattresses are made of 100% natural and organic cotton. Since the cotton used is natural, they do not have any allergenic properties. However, cotton being natural has a con too. It can attract various allergens from the environment. Hence, regularly dust off your cotton mattresses to ensure that you do not catch any kind of allergy.


4. Breathable

In a hot and humid country like India, a cotton mattress suits the best. When a person profusely sweats, the cotton mattress can absorb the heat and not dissipate it. Thus, cotton mattresses are highly breathable. Between the tightly knotted cotton in the cotton mattress, there is room for air circulation, keeping it fresh and ventilated at all times. Nonetheless, cotton mattresses work the best for hot summer seasons as the cotton keeps the mattress cool.


5. Low Motion Transfer

If you have a partner who constantly tosses and turns on the bed, cotton mattresses might be the best fit for you. Cotton mattresses provide low motion transfer, meaning when your partner turns, the energy and waves transmitted do not transfer to your side. Hence, you are not disturbed by your partner’s movements and enjoy an excellent sleep.


6. Moisture Absorption

As we previously learned, cotton mattresses are highly breathable; they work great for hot and humid places. However, cotton mattresses also work the best at such places because of their moisture absorption quality. A cotton mattress may absorb your sweat, keeping you sweat-free during your bedtime. Hence, if you are a person who sweats a lot, cotton mattresses are your mattresses. However, make sure to dry out your cotton mattress in the sun to ensure that your mattress doesn’t smell.


7. Comfortable

Comfortable Cotton Mattress

Cotton mattresses are the most comfortable mattresses in the market. They provide a soft and cushioning effect on the body. Cotton mattresses are known for providing the best and uninterrupted sleep. After a long day of work or during winters, snuggling up in cotton mattresses is the most authentic pleasure. It might feel a little stiff if you have newly bought a cotton mattress. However, do not worry! In a week, your cotton mattress would adjust to become comfortable for you.


Having learned the advantages of cotton mattresses, buying a cotton mattress seems like our next to-do thing. However, before you get all ready to buy a cotton mattress, realize that they have certain disadvantages too. Let’s look at these disadvantages and determine if they affect you.

Disadvantages of Cotton Mattresses

1. Dust and dust mites

Cotton mattresses are made of cotton, which is natural. Nonetheless, cotton in these mattresses is tied together in fibers. These two reasons make cotton mattresses highly prone to collecting dust. Moreover, dust accumulated in these cotton mattresses may attract dust mites too. Most cotton mattresses are covered with an outer cover. However, even a slight little cut may become an entry point for dust and dust mites. Once bed bugs and mites enter, it is difficult to exterminate them from the mattress. Hence, take constant and good care of your cotton mattresses to ensure no insects attack them.


2. Fire hazard

Cotton quickly catches fire. Cotton mattresses are not always the best option in places prone to fire. Even a little spark of fire can burn the whole mattress. Hence, cotton mattresses can be dangerous in homes with the slightest fire threats.


3. Lack of body support

Cotton mattresses are soft. Hence, they do not respond to how your body moves at night, thus lacking to provide desired back and body support. The cotton layers in cotton mattresses become hard due to aging. Hence, a cotton mattress may cause pressure point pains, especially on the hip and shoulders, when in use for many years.


4. Longevity Issues

The cotton in cotton mattresses may accumulate and clump in areas after being used for years. Moreover, the cotton in these mattresses may also lose its elasticity and shape, making it stiff to use. Hence, cotton mattresses aren’t the best fit for long-term use. However, cotton in these mattresses can be refilled, and you can reuse the mattresses. The cost of refilling these mattresses is not high and hence can be an option.

5. Chemical toxicity

Cotton mattresses have durability issues. Hence, some sellers might add chemicals to increase the longevity of the mattresses, making them chemically toxic. Hence, always buy your cotton mattress from trusted sellers that only use cotton to produce their mattresses.


Now that we have learned all about cotton mattresses, it’s time to learn about foam mattresses.

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses have been gaining popularity in recent years. Their use in Indian households has been increasing year by year. Interestingly, NASA was the first to produce a memory foam, a type of foam mattress. These foam mattresses were built for astronauts. Before we dig into the advantages and disadvantages of using a foam mattress, it is essential to learn the various types of foam available in the market.

Types of Foam Mattresses

1. Polyurethane Foam (PolyFoam)

Polyurethane Foams or polyfoams are the most widely used type of foams available in the market. Polyurethane foams are supportive and durable. They provide uniform support throughout the body, relieving various pressure points. Polyurethane foams are used as a single layer or as a layer on top of a gel-infused material.


2. Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Memory Foams are one of the most popular foams in the industry. It has a polyurethane foam base and is covered on top with gel-infused layers. Memory Foam has low motion transfer properties and works with adjustable beds. They are also believed to trap heat from your body.


Memory Foams are commonly available in three variants: traditional memory foam, open-cell memory foam, and gel memory foam.

  • Traditional Memory Foam
    Traditional Memory Foam was designed for cradling support. They enhance circulation and decrease the stress on your joints. However, traditional memory foams cause excessive heat retention causing discomfort.
  • Open-Cell Memory Foam
    Open Cell Memory Foam was created for consumers that complained of excessive heat retention in traditional memory foams. Open Cell Memory Foam responds to body temperatures. Hence, you won’t get too hot when using open-cell memory foam.
  • Gel Memory Foam
    Gel Memory Foams are made by fusing gel into the foam. They promote the body’s heat transfer keeping our bodies cool.

3. HR Foam (High-Resiliency Foam)

As the name suggests, HR Foam or High Resiliency Foam is highly resilient. On exerting pressure on an HR Foam, the foam quickly rises and retains its original position. Nonetheless, HR Foam also provides excellent support to the body. HR Foam is also known as reflex foam and is best suited for orthopedic patients.

4. Latex Foam 

Latex Foam is an alternative to cotton mattresses. These mattresses are natural and made from latex obtained from rubber tree sap. Latex Foams give a bouncy feeling in the bed, unlike other foam types that give a sinking experience. Additionally, latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and are also preferred for orthopedic patients. The structure of latex foam makes it unsusceptible to dust accumulation and moisture retention.

5. Bonded Foam

Bonded Foam mattresses are made by combining different types of foams. Nonetheless, bonded foams do not lose their shape or compress under pressure. While purchasing bonded foam mattresses, ensure that the seller hasn’t used any old or used foam, as it may cause health issues.


Knowing the different types of foam available in the market, let’s now learn the advantages and disadvantages of foam mattresses.

Advantages of Foam Mattresses

1. Pressure Relief

Foam mattresses offer comfort to the paining muscles and joints by neutralizing the body’s weight and reacting to the body’s pressure. Most foam mattresses are designed to relieve pressure from joints. They are used explicitly for orthopedic patients as well. Foam mattresses offer high-quality sleep and relief.


2. Temperature Regulation

Foam mattresses make our sleep comfortable and relaxing. Foam mattresses are good at temperature regulation. Memory foams retain temperature, whereas open-cell memory foams, latex foams, and polyurethane foams are good at temperature regulation. Hence, you can choose a foam mattress depending on your choice.

3. Body Contouring

Sleeping in foam mattresses feels like they are hugging us. Foam mattresses comfort and uplift the uneven parts of our body, thus, contouring our body. Hence, when sleeping on a foam mattress, you can sleep in any position; it will still be comforting.

4. Sleeping position freedom

As we previously learned, the sleeping position does not affect the comfort a foam mattress provides. Foam mattresses work at maintaining good sleep postures throughout the night.

5. Support

Foam Mattresses provide significant support to our bodies. They have been in use for orthopedic patients as well. Most foam mattresses are medium-firm that do not quickly lose their shape under pressure.

6. High durability

Foam mattresses are highly durable. A good quality foam mattress may last for over a decade. Latex Foam Mattresses are the most durable mattresses. 

7. Lightweight

Lightweight Mattress

Foam mattresses are light in weight. They can be easily moved around. Nonetheless, handling a foam mattress is more accessible than a cotton mattress.

8. Zero motion disturbance

If your partner constantly keeps tossing and turning on the bed, you can be assured of it not disturbing your sleep with a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are zero motion disturbance mattresses that provide you with quality sleep throughout the night.

9. Suitable for cooler areas

Foam mattresses may not be good with ventilation. However, foam mattresses work best in cooler areas as they retain our body heat.


Having learned the advantages of foam mattresses, let’s now learn about some disadvantages that can make foam mattresses unsuitable for use.

Disadvantages of Foam Mattresses

1. Sagging

Sagging is one of the most significant disadvantages of having a foam mattress. The feeling of sagging may make an uncomfortable sleep. When in bed with a heavy sleeper, you might feel the bed sagging.

2. Experience sinking feeling

Most people have reported feeling like sinking when sleeping on a foam mattress. The mattress may also sink due to their partner’s weight, making it difficult for them to have a good sleep.

3. No ventilation

Foam mattresses do not have any ventilation. Hence, you might sweat all night, and the foam will be wet. Hence, foam mattresses are not the best choice if you sweat a lot.

4. Expensive

Foam mattresses are significantly more expensive than other mattresses. However, foam mattresses are also more durable than most other mattresses.


Now that we have learned about both types of mattresses let’s look at some critical differences. These differentiating points will help you determine which mattress is the best fit for you.

Cotton Mattress vs. Foam Mattress

1. Cost

Foam mattresses are more expensive than cotton mattresses.

2. Durability

Foam mattresses are believed to last longer than cotton mattresses. However, regular refilling of cotton in cotton mattresses may increase the life of cotton mattresses. Nonetheless, refilling with cotton is relatively cheap.

3. Breathability

Cotton mattresses offer better breathability than foam mattresses. Cotton mattresses are made of natural material and hence offer additional benefits. However, the advent of latex foam mattresses, also made from naturally available latex, offers good breathability.

4. Maintenance

Foam mattresses are low-maintenance mattresses as they are more air-filled. On the contrary, cotton mattresses are made of natural materials and are prone to dust and mites. Hence, cotton mattresses require higher maintenance.

5. Material Used

Cotton Mattresses use entirely organic and natural materials, whereas foam mattresses are made of synthetic materials. However, latex foam is an exception. Latex foam mattresses are made from natural latex.

6. Comfort Level

The comfort levels of both cotton and firm mattresses may vary from person to person. Foam mattresses often give you a feeling of hugging, whereas cotton mattresses feel softer to sleep on. However, cotton mattresses are comfortable only for a few years unless the cotton accumulates. Foam mattresses are more durable and may provide comfort for a longer time.

7. Coolness

Cotton mattresses are cooler than foam mattresses. Hence, if you live in hot or humid areas, cotton mattresses might be the best choice for you. Foam mattresses are relatively hotter. They cause heat retention, and hence, foam mattresses are best suited for colder climates and places. Nonetheless, latex foam mattresses are cooler than other types of foam mattresses and hence are a great option during summer.

8. Usefulness

Cotton mattresses are functional unless the cotton in them accumulates. Foam mattresses are suitable until they sag. However, cotton mattresses may accumulate cotton faster than a foam mattress will sag.


Cotton Mattresses and Foam Mattresses differ a lot in their qualities. If you are still confused about which mattress could be the best for you, our next section is made for you.

Which is the Best Mattress For Me?

Everyone deserves the right and the best mattress for themselves. With our little questionnaire, you will be able to choose between a cotton mattress and a foam mattress. This questionnaire helps you determine the mattress of your choice depending on your sleeping position, body type, pain levels, and price.

1. Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position on Mattress

Sleeping Position greatly affects the choice of a mattress. The mattress you choose should benefit you with the maximum comfort level.


  1. If you are a stomach sleeper, opt for cotton mattresses.
  2. If you are the one who sleeps on his side or back, foam mattresses might be the best choice for you.

2. Body Type

Your body type determines the support you might need from your mattress.

  1. If you are a light sleeper, cotton mattresses might benefit you. Nonetheless, a medium-firm foam mattress can also be a great choice.
  2. If you are a heavy sleeper, you might need firmer foam mattresses, and cotton mattresses might not be the ideal choice for you.

3. Pain

What is the benefit of your mattress if it leaves you in pain when you wake up? Hence, always choose mattresses that support your body and do not cause you pain.


Orthopedic patients are usually recommended to use foam mattresses. According to a 2015 study published in Sleep Science Journal, medium-firm foam mattresses helped adults relieve musculoskeletal pain. However, another study published in the Journal of the Association of Physicians of India showed that medical residents sleeping on thick foam mattresses experienced more pain than when sleeping in cotton mattresses. These medical residents also reported that the pain caused due to sleeping on foam mattresses was relieved using cotton mattresses.


4. Price

Price plays a huge role in determining the right mattress. If you are low on budget, a cotton mattress might be the best fit for you. Nonetheless, cotton mattresses offer high comfortability levels but lesser durability. On the contrary, foam mattresses are more expensive but also highly durable.


We hope that you have understood the differences between Foam Mattresses and Cotton Mattresses and, with our little questionnaire, were able to determine which mattress would suit you. Now, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions to understand them better.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Which mattress is best for back pain?

Memory foam and latex foam mattresses are considered the best options to relieve back pain. They relieve the various pressure points in your body while supporting your spine and keeping your body aligned.


2. Does the cotton mattress expand?

Cotton mattresses may expand with usage. Hence, cotton mattresses are usually delivered 3 to 4 inches shorter than the required size.


3. What type of mattress is used in 5-star hotels?

5-star hotels usually use innerspring mattresses or foam mattresses. 5-star hotels promise their customers comfortable sleep and invest highly in their beds.

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Sleeping is essential. It is one of the best parts of the day when your body finally rests and relaxes. However, only the best mattress can provide you with the comfort you desire.


Cotton mattresses and foam mattresses are the most widely used mattresses in the Indian market. Both of them are extremely popular and comfortable. However, choosing one among them is difficult. They have some distinguishing features ranging from their price, material, durability, and much more. Nonetheless, the two mattresses also differ in the person’s sleeping position and body type.


Drop-in a comment below and tell us if you are a cotton mattress user or a foam mattress user.

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