What are the Mattresses used in Five-Star Hotels?

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We look forward to our stay in a hotel room because, besides top-notch hospitality and room service, the mattresses on the bed are so soft and comfortable.

While there is no place like home, the luxury of sleeping on high-end mattresses in a hotel is unmatched. They are perfectly snug to your body, irrespective of your build.

If you wonder what makes these mattresses so unique – look no further.

This article contains all the information you need to know about the different mattresses used in five-star hotels. Keep scrolling and reading to know more!


Which Mattresses are used in 5-star Hotels?

The different types of mattresses used in five-star hotels are as follows –

  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Pillow top mattresses

Let us know and understand more about these mattresses in detail!

1. Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattress in hotel



Memory foam mattresses are usually more dense and supportive than other mattresses. Hence they also provide more relief from all the pressure points and joints in your body.

Memory mattresses contain “viscoelastic” properties due to the polyurethane foam, which provides two main features – viscosity and elasticity.

A “viscous” memory foam does not break easily, meaning that the particles are not displaced. Hence, the structural integrity of the mattress remains intact for years, ensuring that you do not end up with body aches all over the next morning.

On the other hand, an “elastic” memory foam is one that easily molds and shifts according to your body pattern and structure while resting or sleeping without losing its fundamental arrangement.

Memory foam mattresses work by using your body’s heat to mold and provide the comfort you need to get sound sleep. 

Therefore, no matter what position you sleep or wake up in, you will always feel relaxed and comfortable because the heat generated from your body is distributed equally along with the mattresses fully.

These qualities make it all the more compelling for five-star hotels to invest in these mattresses. 


2. Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

As the name suggests, latex mattresses are mainly made of latex – a form of rubber that provides a “spring” or “reflex” feel to it. 

Did you know that latex is found in the sap of rubber trees and was discovered in the 1900s?

Unlike memory foam mattresses, these mattresses do not provide as much of a body-hugging or molding experience based on body heat. Instead, they help relieve pressure by gauging your body weight and movement. However, they are more durable concerning structural integrity and overall longevity.

There are three types of latex mattresses – 

  • Natural latex mattress
  • Synthetic latex mattress
  • Blended latex mattress

As briefly mentioned above, natural latex mattresses are made only using latex.

Synthetic latex mattresses have some chemicals that mimic the same comfort levels as that of a natural one but are slightly less durable.

As the name suggests, blended latex mattresses are a cross-over between natural and synthetic latex mattresses. With regards to durability, it most certainly outdoes a synthetic mattress.

However, blended mattresses serve as a suitable alternative to natural latex mattresses if you want to reduce your costs.

Another primary reason why some five-star hotels opt for latex mattresses is because of the eco-friendly composition that helps in sustainable practice.


3. Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are one of the older and conventional mattresses to exist. However, just like foam and latex mattresses, these too have changed to keep up with the times.

These mattresses have a core spring layer, followed by a “buffer” usually made of memory foam. Therefore, these mattresses are as comfortable as a normal memory foam mattress. However, the core spring layer provides the mattress with a more “bouncy” or “resilient” feel.

The coils used in the springs of innerspring mattresses are made of wire springs. Wire springs are one of the safest to rely on, especially when you share the bed with your partner. They support your body perfectly and provide longevity to the product.

Some innerspring mattresses also have micro coils that help avoid impressions. Impressions occur due to changes in an individual’s body, such as an increase or decrease in weight, which results in the mattress not being able to provide comfort.

Almost all innerspring mattresses have quilted tops that are quite breathable. Hence, if you usually feel suffocated while sleeping, these mattresses will be the perfect fit for you.


4. Pillow top mattresses

Pillow top mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are usually found in either innerspring beds or air beds. While these mattresses are easily one of the most expensive products to purchase, it is value for money.

These mattresses provide more initial comfort than most mattresses because of the extra padding. The padding consists of various products, depending on brand to brand.

While most of the padding material is memory foam, other options include latex, cotton, wool, or even regular foam.

They also have cooling properties that provide your body to obtain an optimum temperature to help you fall asleep faster and for prolonged periods.

Like almost every memory foam mattress, most pillow-top mattresses with memory foam padding help relieve pain from various pressure points. Moreover, these mattresses also adjust according to your body heat and weight. Therefore, this mattress will adjust irrespective of being a front, back, or side sleeper.

The comfort and support provided by pillow-top mattresses are slightly more than other mattresses due to their extra padding, making it a convincing purchase for some five-star hotels.


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The final takeaway!

Any hotel’s topmost priority is the comfort of the guest. Therefore they try to find high-quality mattresses to ensure that their guests get a good night’s sleep.

However, it is not possible to stay in hotel rooms forever. Therefore, this article has come to your rescue so you can find the most suitable, hotel-like mattress for your bedroom.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or advice, you may mention them in the comment section below. We update our page with insightful and helpful articles all the time, so make sure you check back for newer updates.

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