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We all live once, but we need to do it right if we want to live healthily. One of the significant health concerns that are faced by people is high blood pressure. It shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can lead to several heart diseases.

Besides taking the required medicine and controlling your diet, you must check your blood pressure frequently. The best accuracy can be obtained by investing in a qualitative blood pressure machine.

If you feel lost when it comes to making its purchase, we have covered the best BP machines in the following article. We hope that our recommendations and reviews can help you keep your health in check.


Best BP Machine in India 2024

Blood Pressure Machines can differ based on the brand, durability, mechanism, and accuracy. To make an informed decision, we have enunciated comprehensive product reviews for the 10 best BP machines.

The following reviews are unbiased and impartial. The products have been chosen after proper research and market analysis.

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Overall Score: 4.3/5

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According to our team of experts, the best sphygmomanometer or blood pressure machine is the Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

If you need a compact blood pressure monitor that can be carried while traveling, you cannot go wrong with this alternative. The manufacturing and functioning are based on the oscillometric principle. It means that the readings are based on the oscillations of blood flow. Such a feature helps in touching accuracy for a better understanding.

The one-touch operation makes it an even more convenient option. Along with blood pressure and pulse rate, it also detects irregular heartbeat.

The “IntelliSense” technology used in this blood pressure monitor makes it our top recommendation. You can get personalized cuff inflation for more comfortable usage along with accurate results. Such a type of automation aids in controlling the inflations without the pressure pre-setting or re-inflation.

When it comes to blood pressure machines, the correct cuff wrapping is crucial, without which you might not get accurate results. But you need not worry about that factor with the cuff wrapping guide technology. It indicates when the wrapping is ideal for perfect measurement.

Precision is maintained as it detects errors due to body movements. All in all, with this blood pressure monitor, you can stay on top of your blood pressure whenever and wherever required.

Note: As the Oscillometric method is used for measurement, no comparisons should be drawn to a doctor’s readings.


  • Recommended by brand doctors
  • IntelliSense technology provides accuracy
  • Indicates when the cuff wrapping is not correct
  • Detects disruptions due to body movements
  • It comes with three years warranty and lifetime support
  • Compact and durable


  • Battery-consuming


  • Medium Cuff, i.e., 22 to 32 cm arm circumference
  • IntelliSense technology
  • Cuff wrapping guide technology
  • Uses Oscillometric method
  • Three years warranty


Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine:

Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine:

Overall Score: 4/5

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A BP machine should be for everybody, without any language barriers. While most of the machine readings are displayed or spoken in English, this one is different. The Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine is well-equipped to convey the readings in Hindi. This increases its usability.

The machine is full automatic with dual talking guidance in English as well as Hindi. If you do not want either, you also have the liberty of muting it.

Along with measuring blood pressure, it also helps in detecting pulse irregularities and heart rate. The measurements are accurate with minimal discrepancies.

It uses pumping technology that prevents over-pumping, elevating the performance of the machine and the comfort of the user.

Visibility is maintained with a black display complemented with zebra lights.

As this monitor uses MDI technology, you can get faster results without any delay. If you are unaware of MDI technology, it helps in checking the blood pressure during inflation. The main benefit of this technology is that it does not have to deflate to measure blood pressure.

Another benefit of this technology is that when the arm is cuffed, no pressure is applied to it. Hence, there is no pain. Such a feature makes this blood pressure monitor ideal for older people or for somebody who does not want to deal with cuff pressure.

There is no point in monitoring your BP every day if you can’t record the readings. But that issue is covered with this machine as it saves data for two users, 120 usages each. You can use this data to monitor your health, standing a higher chance of avoiding any future fatalities.


  • Fully automatic
  • Available in English and Hindi
  • Uses MDI technology for accurate measurements
  • No pressure while cuffing
  • Can save the measured data


  • With more usage, the readings will be more time-consuming.


  • Extra-wide cuff, i.e., 22-42 cm.
  • Uses MDI technology
  • Voice available in English and Hindi
  • LCD with hypertension indicator
  • It can be used with an adaptor as well as with batteries.


Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Apparatus:

Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Apparatus:

Overall Score: 4.2/5

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If you need the best blood pressure monitor within a budget, the Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor will not disappoint. This fully automatic machine is for everybody who wants to get accurate blood pressure readings with comfort.

It is made with comfort inflation technology. This means that when the arms are cuffed for blood pressure measurement, you get a comfortable hold. It will most certainly not lead to any pain or markings on the skin.

The machine is easy to use. At the same time, it is well-equipped with modern technology, making it a priority alternative for old users.

This machine carries the capability of measuring systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. Along with that, it also helps in monitoring and detecting irregular heartbeats.

The indicator is bright and readable. The display is big enough to be read by anybody.

The overall design of the machine is compact enough to fit in a purse. As it is lightweight, you can carry it easily, without any hassle.

As mentioned earlier, the device is easy to use. Even when it comes to cuffing, a warning will be indicated on the display if it is done improperly. Through this, you can get accurate measurements.

You can share this blood pressure monitor with another person as it can store the data up to 120 readings. So, instead of buying two machines, your goal will be achieved with one device. Moreover, its price will not rob you.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Can store data
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Not heavy on the arms


  • It might show wrong reading when the batteries are on the verge of being exhausted.


  • Uses oscillometric method for measuring
  • Comfort inflation technology
  • Stores up to 120 readings
  • Easy to use
  • Large display


Diamond BPMR112 Conventional Mercurial BP Machine:

Diamond BPMR112 Conventional Mercurial BP Machine:

Overall Score: 4/5

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If you are a medical student who needs a traditional blood pressure machine, you must go for the Diamond BPMR112 Regular Velcro Cuff Conventional Mercurial BP Machine.

But why should you go for a mercury sphygmomanometer? Well, they are easy to use. In addition to that, they provide accurate results without any readjustments. Moreover, if you use and maintain it properly, you can use it for years.

When it comes to this model, it has several benefits. Firstly, this has a velcro-type fastening cuff. It holds it in position while your blood pressure gets measured. This type of structure allows you to get accurate results without straining the arm.

The mercury has 99.99% purity as it is obtained through the triple distillation process. This ensures accurate measurements with clear visibility.

The numbering on the machine is bright and big enough to be read by anybody. This makes it a good choice for elders.

As this machine has been in use throughout the years, people are generally familiar with its functionality. Hence, if you are buying it for home, you and your family members will not require more time to get used to it.


  • Best for medical students
  • Gives accurate measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Traditional machine; not equipped with modern technology
  • Expensive


  • Mercury sphygmomanometer
  • Velcro cuff
  • 99% pure mercy
  • Visible numbering
  • Cuff can easily fit an adult


Omron HEM 7156A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Omron HEM 7156A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Overall Score: 4.3/5

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The reason why we prefer the Omron HEM 7156A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is its 360-degree InteliWrap Cuff system. It is a distinguishing factor because, as compared to a normal cuff, this one covers the entire arm. Not only is it more comfortable, but it can also help in getting better accuracy.

The machine has a wide display and bright indicators that are highly visible. This feature is a must for older adults as it can help them in reading the measurements without any issues.

Coming back to the cuff, it comes in a pre-formed cylindrical pattern that makes it easier to wear and use. You can wear it by yourself without any additional help. It is structured in such a way that it fits all types and sizes of arms, ranging between 22-42 cms.

It can even detect any irregular body movement. It gives out a warning, giving you another chance at staying still and measuring the blood pressure accurately. Along with that, it can also detect irregular heartbeat rhythm. This can be helpful in avoiding any future heart diseases or severe conditions. Lastly, it also has a hypertension indicator. In this way, you are not only paying for a simple blood pressure monitor, but you also get other benefits from it.

This machine is created with Intellisense technology that leaves no room for errors.

The machine can even store data up to 60 readings. Hence, you need not jot your blood pressure down as the device can take care of that factor.

You will get the product with a 6V adaptor and 4 AA 1.5V batteries in a bag. This bag is durable, making it more convenient to carry the machine wherever you go.


  • 360-degree cuff system provides accurate results
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Stores up to 60 readings
  • Indicates hypertension and irregular heartbeats
  • It comes with an adaptor


  • It is heavy on the pocket
  • The color of the machine is dull.


  • Intellisense Technology
  • Cuff wrapping guide
  • 360-degree Intelliwrap cuff
  • Pre-formed cylindrical cuff
  • It fits all arm sizes


BPL Medical Technologies BPL 120/80 B18 Digital BP Machine:

BPL Medical Technologies BPL 120/80 B18 Digital BP Machine:

Overall Score: 4.1/5

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The  BPL Medical Technologies BPL 120/80 B18 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is made on the basis of the oscillometric principle. In other words, you will not have to question its measurements at any time.

This digital blood pressure monitor comes with a one-touch operation. Even if you are alone, you can get your blood pressure as well as pulse checked without any hassle.

Even if your heartbeats are irregular, this machine can measure as much as a 25% deviation from the normal or average rhythm. This can help you keep a better track of your health.

It comes with a WHO classification indicator. How is that beneficial to you? You can use this chart to know the category of blood pressure that they fall into. It can help in getting a clearer idea about their blood pressure.

Coming to the cuff, it is made of latex-free material. Such a manufacturing material keeps your arm sturdy as well as comfortable. The circumference of the cuff is suitable for all arm sizes.

Even if the batteries drain out with no replacement, you can use the adaptor to check your blood pressure and vice versa. In other words, this machine gives you the liberty to measure your blood pressure whenever required, with no restrictions. Moreover, it has a low battery indicator for more convenience.

You can store the measurements in the device’s internal memory. It can store up to 100 readings of two users.


  • Dual power source
  • Chart for better indication
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • USB compatibility
  • Cuff is comfortable and does not smell.


  • Dim light in the display
  • Does not come with a USB cable


  • Latex-free cuff
  • One-touch operation
  • Runs on an adaptor and batteries
  • Comes with a WHO classification chart
  • Easy to use


AccuSure AS Series Automatic BP Machine Blood Pressure Apparatus:

AccuSure AS Series Automatic BP Machine Blood Pressure Apparatus:

Overall Score: 4.2/5

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Do you want a blood pressure monitor that everybody can use, even somebody who has no experience in dealing with electronics or technology? If yes, then we recommend the AccuSure AS Series Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System.

This blood pressure monitor has an easy application. With its one-touch usage, one can use it with one hand, even without external help.

The device is not only uncomplicated and practical, but its structure is also compact and lightweight. Moreover, it comes with a pouch, making it a travel-friendly machine.

The monitor comes with a large LCD display with a bright light, making it more readable, even in dim lights. Even if it is used by somebody with weak eyesight, they can easily read the blood pressure readings.

On the left side of the display, a WHO classification indicator is drawn. Even if the person has little to no knowledge about the severity of blood pressure, they can take the chart as a reference.

It has a motion detector. In case your body moves while using the device, it will give an indication on display.  In addition to that, it has a high precision strain gauge sensor system. This will help you in getting more accuracy.

You also get the liberty of storing up to 60 readings. In this way, you can easily compare your past records to monitor the changes for better health diagnosis.

Furthermore, it also checks irregular heartbeats.

Even though it comes with batteries, you can also use a USB for charging it. With dual sources of power, you can use this device anytime you want or require.

During our research, we saw several volunteers’ skin getting irritated due to the cuff’s material. But this machine has a latex-free cuff material, making it ideal for sensitive skin.


  • One-touch operation
  • Large display for better reading
  • Latex-free cuff
  • It comes with a pouch.
  • USB compatibility


  • Battery drains fast
  • Different readings when checked back to back


  • Detects body movements
  • Large LCD display
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • One year warranty



Beurer BM 27 Blood Pressure Monitor:

Beurer BM 27 Blood Pressure Monitor:

Overall Score: 4/5

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Buying different blood pressure monitors for more than one family member can be heavy on the pocket. But what if you could get one blood pressure machine that would have four user profiles? The Beurer BM 27 blood pressure monitor is for all those who have more users in the family. It can even store the date of four users, 30 readings each. Convenience is paramount with this machine.

This fully automatic blood pressure machine is made with German technology. This means that durability, as well as quality, is guaranteed.

The readings are displayed on a large LCD display for convenience. You also get a reading indicator on the left side of the display for a better understanding.

This machine can be highly beneficial for those individuals with a history of heart issues. While measuring blood pressure, it will also detect any severe fluctuations in the heartbeats.

The cuff is big enough to accommodate arm sizes ranging from 22 cm to 36 cms. You can adjust them as per your comfort. You will also get an indicator in case the cuff is not positioned correctly.

It comes with an automatic switch off and on application. Due to this, there is no wastage of battery. Lastly, there is a bright low battery indicator. This can help you charge the machine for continuous usage.


  • Large and bright display
  • Helps in detecting pulse and heart rate fluctuations
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Can irritate the skin
  • It might show inaccurate readings when checked back to back.


  • Made with German technology
  • It comes with five years of warranty
  • Four users with 30 readings storage each
  • Risk indicator


Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP Machine Blood Pressure Monitor:

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP Machine Blood Pressure Monitor:

Overall Score: 4.1/5

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The last one on this list is the Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor. This is a rather traditional aneroid sphygmomanometer.

The main benefit of using such a device is the affordability that comes with it. Secondly, it is a compact machine with easy usability.

Moreover, you also get a stethoscope with it. However, it is optional to use. But if you are somebody related to the medical field, this additional feature will come in handy.

It will make a clear sound for heartbeats as well as for the blood pressure. This makes up for easy and more favorable usage.

Let us talk about the materials of the device. It has four layers of insulation on both sides. This ensures comfort and safety. The air release valve has chrome-plated brass.

The cuff is made with latex-free material, making it a comfortable choice for sensitive skin. It is big and stretchable enough to fit the arms ranging in sizes 24-32 cms.

The artery mark will assist you in maintaining the position of the cuff. This will help you in getting accurate measurements.

The entire device comes with a black and soft bag. This makes it travel-friendly.

Overall, this is a durable blood pressure monitor at a highly affordable price.


  • Latex-free cuff
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • It comes with a stethoscope.
  • Large display for more readability


  • No modern technology
  • Manual working


  • Accuracy is maintained
  • It comes in a bag.
  • Four layers of insulation
  • Washable cotton cover



What is the Best BP Machine?

A Blood Pressure Machine, also known as a sphygmomanometer in medical terminology, is a device that can check blood pressure.

It comes with a small gauge that is attached to an inflatable cuff. This cuff needs to be placed and worn around the arm at a vertical height, preferable at the heart’s level.

It restricts blood flow, making it easier to measure blood pressure.


Types of Blood Pressure Machines

Gone are the days where we used to get just one type of blood pressure machine. With the advent of technology, we have a variety of options in blood pressure monitors.

The following are the different types of blood pressure machines that can help you get your blood pressure tested for better analysis:


Mercury Sphygmomanometer

The most preferred and appreciated type of blood pressure machine was the Mercury Sphygmomanometer.

As the pressure was indicated with mercury, recalibration was not required with this type of device.

Owing to their accuracy, they were used in clinical trials of drugs and for the health evaluation of high-risk patients.

However, mercury has toxic repercussions on the environment.

Eventually, an alternative of mercury blood pressure monitor was developed, and mercury BP monitors are soon to be banned.


Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

An Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is a blood pressure machine that is made up of a spring device and metal membrane.

The structure of the device is such that the membrane forwards the signals from the cuff and moves the needle in the gauge.

As it requires no liquid, it can be moved around with no repercussions.

This type of blood pressure machine is highly affordable as well as compact. Generally, you might see these machines at a doctor’s clinic or a hospital.

But they require proper maintenance. You will have to calibrate them more frequently to avoid any inaccurate readings.


Digital Sphygmomanometer

If you want to measure your blood pressure regularly, you would like to invest your money in getting a digital sphygmomanometer.

As the entire operation is automatic, such blood pressure devices are easy to use. Moreover, they are more compact and lightweight as compared to other types; you can carry them everywhere.

However, some devices are more prone to inaccuracies as we tend to move. Before you make a purchase, check if it covers all the necessary aspects.


How Does a BP Machine Work?

When somebody refers to BP, it means the pressure in the large arteries.

It is the pressure of the blood circulating against the walls of blood vessels. This pressure comes from the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system.

When it comes to the working of a BP machine, most of them function on the oscillation principle. They detect the blood flowing through an artery and cause vibrations in the arterial wall. Furthermore, this is translated into electrical signals.

The cuff is inflated on the upper arm to a pressure above 20 mm Hg over the systolic pressure. When it reaches there, blood stops flowing through the artery. Then the cuff is deflated below the systolic pressure. After this, the blood flow resumes and causes a vibration in the arterial wall.

These vibrations are translated through the air inside the cuff from the arterial wall and reach the transducer in the monitor.

When the cuff pressure goes below the diastolic pressure, blood flow resumes in the usual pulses.


How to Choose the Best Blood Pressure Machine?

Selecting the best blood pressure machine can be confusing, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Even though the majority of the blood pressure machines have similar functionality, other factors can make a whole lot of a difference.


You could be flushing your money down the drain if you invest in a BP machine that does not provide accurate readings.

The best way to check the accuracy is by measuring the systolic blood pressure. If it is within 10 points of the monitor, the machine is accurate.

You can even check the accuracy by scrutinizing its authorization institution. If the brand or product is approved by WHO or any other medical organization, its accuracy can be relied on.


Cuff Fitting

It is okay if you have to spend an elaborate amount of time in getting a BP machine with the right cuff size. If the cuff size ends up being too small or too large, you will get inaccurate measurements.

Average small arm size ranges between 22-26 cm. Average middle arm size ranges between 27-34 cms. Lastly, the average large arm size ranges between 35-44 cms.

You can either measure your arm size at home. Measure your bare arm halfway between your elbow and shoulders with a measuring tape.

But it is better to be on the safer side and get it measured by a doctor or any medical professional.

Nowadays, you get blood pressure machines with adjustable cuff sizes. Some even come in pre-formed cylinders with adjustable sizes.

Ensure that it is evenly tight around your arm for utmost accuracy.



Even though blood pressure machines are used by people of all ages, older people hold a larger demographic. So, before you make a purchase, ensure that it is easy to use.

Opt for the machines with one-hand operations. Such a feature will make it more user-friendly.

The ones with a larger screen display and bright lights can make the measurements easier to read.



Newer blood pressure machines are compact and travel-friendly. It is futile to buy a machine that will take up a lot of space on your shelf or in your bag.

Therefore, you must purchase a blood pressure monitor that is small in size for more convenience.


Brand and Clinical Validation

Not all brands would have a clinical validation for their blood pressure machine. This is necessary to check their authenticity.

We suggest you go for reliable brands like Omron or AccuSure. These brands have been in this field for years, making them highly reputable and reliable.


Data Memory

Convenience could be elevated if your blood pressure machine features data memory. In other words, go for the blood pressure monitor that could store your data readings.

This feature is important as it will help you in staying on top of your health progress. You can maintain a record of it to detect any extreme changes. It goes without saying that such an early diagnosis can possibly prevent any severe illness.


Irregular Heartbeat Detector

It is best to go for a machine that could even detect any irregular heartbeats along with measuring your blood pressure.

This can be immensely helpful for heart patients as it would help them in getting an early detection of changes in the pulse.


Crucial Indicators

If you are using a blood pressure machine for the first time, mistakes are bound to happen.

To avoid getting inaccurate readings through such mistakes, look for the machines with body movement or wrong cuff pressure indicators.

Once you are made known of your mistake through the machine, you can alter it to get accurate readings.



A good blood pressure machine can cost between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000. Spending anything more than that feels far-fetched.

But more than money, pay attention to the brand and the warranty it provides.


What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood force is too high against the artery walls.

Generally, it is when the blood pressure is above 140/90. It reaches the level of severity when it touches 180/120.

You can avoid this by eating a healthier diet with less salt. Medications and regular exercises can help.

Some of its symptoms are nosebleed, headaches, fatigue, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, etc.


What is Hypotension?

Hypotension, or low blood pressure, is when the blood pressure drops below the normal level. Generally, it reaches 90/60.

Even though it is non-threatening in most cases, it can reduce the blood supply to your organs. It could also lead to kidney failure and heart attack.

Some of its common symptoms are dizziness, dehydration, blurred vision, nausea, etc.



What is the right time to check BP?

According to health experts and doctors, blood pressure has a daily pattern. It may rise before you wake up and continue rising till midday. After that, it will drop in the evening. It can even increase while doing activities.

So, it is best to check your blood pressure twice a day. Once in the morning before eating, and the second one in the evening.

In this way, you can get a better idea of your blood pressure. Taking two to three readings is recommended by doctors, especially in high-risk patients.


What is the normal range of BP?

120/80 mmHg is considered to be a normal blood pressure level. 130-139/ 80-89 mmHg is considered to be the first stage of hypertension. 140/90 mmHg is the second stage of hypertension.

You must seek urgent medical help if it goes over 180/120.

This may vary according to your gender and age.


Does the oximeter show BP?

A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive machine that monitors and checks the individual’s oxygen saturation. It is placed on a finger like a clip. The machine helps in detecting the heart rate, oxygen in the blood, etc.

In addition to that, it can also check blood pressure with 95% accuracy.

But if you want completely accurate readings, it is best to use BP monitors.


Which is a better wrist or arm BP monitor?

Arm BP monitors are said to have more accuracy as the cuff rests on the same level as the heart. This leads to more convenience and accuracy, irrespective of the place or time.

Wrist monitors are preferable when you want something compact and travel-friendly. Moreover, they are preferred by people with hand/arm mobility limitations.

As you can see, both have their pros and cons. Hence, choose the one that fits your criteria.


Is manual BP more accurate than a machine?

If you want the utmost accuracy, a manual blood pressure machine takes the higher prize. However, manual blood pressure measurement must only be done by a trained professional.

It is not recommended to do it at home as the following problems might lead to inaccuracy in the BP readings:

  • Cuff size is too small or too large
  • Difficulty in measuring BP in infants and children
  • Loses accuracy over time

A mechanical BP machine is easy to use in adults as well as children. The cuff measurements can be altered. Lastly, it can be used by an inexperienced person by following the instructions.

Hence, we recommend going for a machine rather than a manual BP machine.


What is average blood pressure by age 70?

The normal blood pressure for a 70-year-old is 120/80 mmHg. The blood pressure is considered to be elevated when it touched 129/80 mmHg. You must check with a health professional when it touches 139/89 mmHg.


Does coffee raise blood pressure?

According to research, drinking 300 milligrams of caffeine can lead to a rise by 8 mmHg in systolic blood pressure. At the same time, it can increase the diastolic blood pressure by 6 mmHg.

Experts believe that caffeine blocks a hormone that keeps the arteries widened. Another theory states that it could be due to the adrenal glands releasing more adrenaline, leading to heightened blood pressure.



After intense deliberation, research of over 50 products, and an in-depth review of 9 blood pressure machines, our top recommendation is the Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

This blood pressure machine checks all the boxes for us. Not only is it highly durable, but it is also made with Intellisense technology. It also uses the Oscillometric method. Lastly, it comes with a three years warranty.

So, if you want our recommendation, we would suggest you go for the Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. But you are free to explore other options from the list mentioned above.

We hope you make an informed decision and select the machine that will help you keep your blood pressure in check.

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