What is Ammonia Free Hair Colour and Why Do You Need It?

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Hair colour or hair dye is one of the easiest ways to add more dimension to your existing hairstyle. Be it getting highlights, lowlights, root touchup, or global hair colour.

Many people are under the impression that getting your hair coloured will damage your locks and make them brittle and dull over time. This usually happens because ammonia is mainly present in hair dyes.

However, things have changed with time, and so have hair dyes. Companies have realized the growing need for safe hair colours to protect their customers’ tresses. Hence, you can now find ammonia-free hair colours in the market!

As you continue to read this article, you will learn more about ammonia-free hair colours and why you need to use them!


What is ammonia-based hair colour?

What is ammonia-based hair color

To understand ammonia-free hair colour, let us first understand what ammonia does to your hair.

Ammonia is an alkaline chemical made using nitrogen and hydrogen, which elevates the pH level of the hair during the hair colouring process. This chemical inflames the hair cuticle and lightens your hair’s natural colour by reacting with the melanin present, thus allowing the dye to seep in and change the colour of your hair.

The results of ammonia are long-lasting and provide artificial-looking gloss and sheen to your hair. However, with every rinse, the ammonia evaporates, gradually fades the colour off your hair.

For the longest time, ammonia served as an essential component in hair colours and dyes until ammonia-free hair colours made their mark.


What Are Ammonia-Free Hair colours And How Do They Work?

What Are Ammonia-Free Hair Colors And How Do They Work

Ammonia-free hair colours are obviously devoid of the leading chemical. Instead, other chemicals are present in hair colours that provide the same kind of rich pigmentation and shine to your hair. Some of these chemicals are still almost as alkaline as ammonia.

However, that varies from one brand to another. Since the concept of “no-ammonia” differs significantly, not every ammonia-free hair dye will provide the same results.

One of the noteworthy differences between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair colours lies in the odor.

It is common knowledge that ammonia-based hair colours have a strong, pungent, and borderline foul smell that may make the entire process unbearable. However, with ammonia-free hair colours, this is not the case.

Another point you must keep in mind is that the pigment pay-off in ammonia-free hair colours is not as rich as ammonia-based hair dyes. This is because the milder ingredients present do not enlarge the molecules.


Why do you need to use ammonia-free hair colour?

You have understood the differences between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair colours. So let us move on to the benefits and advantages of using ammonia-free hair dye for hair colouring processes.

1. You Do Not Have To Deal With An Itchy Scalp

You Do Not Have To Deal With An Itchy Scalp

Ammonia-based hair colours have severe adverse reactions.

One of them is dealing with a constantly itchy and irritated scalp. In some cases, this feeling of constant irritation may even burn your scalp.

This occurs because of the high alkaline properties that strip your scalp of essential oils and moisture. In turn, this disrupts the natural pH balance of your hair and skin.

Hence, using an ammonia-free hair colour will protect your scalp from such adverse side effects. While some ammonia-free hair dyes still have properties and chemicals almost as alkaline as ammonia, not all work the same way.

Therefore, it is essential to research and understand which ammonia-free hair colour will suit you best.


2. It Provides More Health And Life To Your Hair

Suppose you look at the after-effects of ammonia-based hair colours or hair dyes. In that case, you will notice an artificial-looking gloss, sheen, or shine in the lengths of your hair.

However, this look can not be sustained for long as these hair dyes slowly start to wear off with every rinse.

On the other hand, ammonia-free hair dyes do not have as many harmful and high alkaline chemicals. These hair colours contain various essential oils that restore luster and smoothness.

Moreover, some ammonia-free hair dyes even deep nourish your hair, roots, and scalp that strengthen your tresses from within.


3. It Provides A More Natural Look

Provides A More Natural Look To Hair

This is an additional benefit concerning the second point. As mentioned above, hair colours containing ammonia increase the size of hair molecules. It also lightens your hair before the dye seeps in and changes the hair colour.

Even though ammonia-based hair colours provide high amounts of pigmentation, gloss, and shine, it is only a matter of time before it all starts to wear off.

Every time you wash your hair, the colour will start to fade, and your hair will also look more dry, dull, and lifeless.

On the other hand, ammonia-free hair colours do not have enough pigmentation to start with. Unlike ammonia-based hair colour, these hair dyes do not enlarge hair molecules too much. The essential oils present in the hair colour help bring the change.

Moreover, ammonia-free hair dyes do not entirely cover grey hair, specifically when applied to coarse hair. It simply adds a different dimension to your existing hair colour, making them look more natural and healthier.


4. There Is No Pungent Smell

No Pungent Smell In Hair

Another reason you should switch to ammonia-free hair colours is they do not have a pungent smell, unlike hair colours that contain ammonia.

If you had your hair dyed using ammonia-based hair dyes, you know how awful the whole experience can be.

For those who do not know, ammonia-based hair dyes usually leave a strong, foul smell that lasts up to 72 hours. This is because ammonia evaporates quickly. 


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The Final Takeaway

Getting your hair dyed can be an exhilarating experience. However, all the talks surrounding compromising hair health after applying colour may hold you back.

In such cases, using ammonia-free hair colours will provide you with more safety and assurance.

Moreover, people who are habitual to getting their hair dyed slowly switch over to these hair dyes as a healthier alternative.

Before choosing your hair dye, you need to know that not every hair dye that claims to be “ammonia-free” will benefit your hair.

Therefore, it is necessary to research the hair colour you want in-depth.

If you use ammonia-free hair colour to dye your hair, please share some tips and advice in the comment section below.

We will continually add more informative and insightful articles to our blog. Meanwhile, be sure to check out other posts on our page and stay connected!

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