How to make your skin glow overnight 

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Who doesn’t love waking up with naturally glowing skin? But that seems like quite a dream for most of us, especially in winter when your skin seems extra dull.

But no more worries now, as in this article, we will mention a few tips and tricks that can help you get that naturally glowing skin every morning.

Here are some of the most natural remedies that can make your skin glow overnight.


7 Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin


1. Apply Milk


Using milk on your face at night is a great way to moisturize your skin. Start by taking a few drops of low-fat milk on your palms and gently massage it on your face in upward motions till the milk is completely absorbed.

This will help you get fresh and hydrated skin in the morning. Since milk is a natural ingredient, it will help prevent your skin from drying and will provide that natural glow on your skin. You can wash your skin the following day with a mild face wash.


2. Aloe Vera gel 

Aloe Vera gel 

Aloe vera is one of the highly used ingredients in the beauty industry. Aloe vera contains nutrients and minerals that can help make your skin smooth and glowing.

Applying aloe vera on your skin at night can help moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from your face. Simply use a thin aloe vera gel coating on your face, gently massage it using your fingertips, and leave it on overnight.

Wash your face the following day using a mild cleanser. If you don’t want to leave it overnight, then you can also leave it on for thirty to forty minutes, then rinse it off and use moisturizer.


3. Use Sesame and Rice Scrub 

This is an excellent home remedy that will help you get that natural glow on your skin instantly. To make this scrub, start by soaking a similar amount of sesame seeds and rice overnight.

Then grind both the ingredients to get a fine consistency. Now apply this scrub all over your body and face and leave it on for two to three minutes. Now wash off this scrub using cold water.

Sesame seeds will help moisturize your skin and prevent signs of aging, while rice will help exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. The antioxidant properties will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.


4. Scrub & Moisturize


Start by exfoliating your skin, so use a mild exfoliator and gently clean your skin and make sure you have removed all traces of makeup, dirt, and oils. Then pat dry your skin using a clean cloth or towel.

Now make a using two tbsp of honey and fullers earth, apply it all over your skin, and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Once the face pack gets dry, use a few drops of water to wet the pack and gently start scrubbing your skin for about two minutes.

Then, using cold water, rinse off the mask, pat dry your face, and use a moisturizer.


5. Use Face Oils 

Your skin tends to get extra dry during winters, making your skin look dull. Due to this, in winter, you should invest in ayurvedic face oil every night to make your skin smooth and glowing.

People with dry skin should apply face oils at night and then use a gentle scrub the next morning for a glowing and nourished complexion.

At the same time, people with normal skin types should leave on the face oil for one hour and then wash off with a gentle scrub. Then use some face spritz on before you go to sleep.

Next morning when you wake up, use a mild cleanser and clean your face with cold water. To get that clear skin, you can spray on some facial mist. Some of the best face oils are coconut oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, etc.


6. Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Rosewater 

Turmeric paste

Prepare a DIY mask using two to three tbsp of rose water, add a small amount of sandalwood powder and turmeric, mix all three ingredients together and form a paste. Now use this mixture to your face and leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes.

Wash this pack off using water and spritz rose water on your face. Next morning you will find your skin more hydrated and glowing as rose water is a great moisturizing ingredient while sandalwood powder is rich in antioxidants that help in preventing wrinkles.

Also, turmeric can help clog your pores and prevent your skin cells from clumping together.


7. Use  Sleeping Masks

Using sleeping masks on your skin is a great way to nourish your skin while you are sleeping. To use sleeping masks, first, you need to wash your face and make sure you have no makeup on, and your face is completely clean, and pat dries your face.

Now take a small section of less than one teaspoon of sleeping mask and gently apply it to your skin in upward strokes. Sleeping masks get absorbed in your skin easily.

Therefore, it won’t leave any greasy or oily feel on your skin; rather, it will keep your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the night.


4 Additional tips for glowing skin


1. Drink Water

To keep your skin hydrated and glowing, you should drink at least two liters of water every day. This will help remove those toxins from your system and keep your skin moisturized and glowing.


2. Eat vitamins

Consuming foods that are rich in vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, will help make your skin more healthy and will keep them trouble-free. You should add foods like tuna and salmon, including omega-3, that will keep your skin moisturized and glowing.


3. Get your beauty sleep

You must get your beauty sleep every day. When you don’t get enough sleep, it begins to show on your skin and would appear extra dull.

When you sleep, your skin repairs, so if you suffer from breakouts or skin troubles, you should let yourself revive at night by sleeping for seven to eight hours.


4. Do a Facial Massage

face massage

Performing facial massage is an excellent way to encourage circulation and relieve your sore and stressed-out skin. Face massage can help reduce your puffiness, congestion, and tension headaches. Therefore, you should invest in facial massages.




Question 1: What foods should I consume to get healthy and glowing skin? 

Answer: Avocados, tomatoes, fatty fish, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and more are some of the best and most healthy foods that can help you get glowing and radiant skin.


Question 2: Can I apply honey to my skin? 

Answer: Yes, honey is one of the best and most natural ingredients for skin. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can benefit people with acne-prone skin. Honey is a humectant that can help moisturize your skin without making it oily.



Having naturally radiant and glowing skin can be difficult, especially if it’s winter or if you have had a long day. But by following the above-mentioned remedies, you can get your natural glow back.

All these remedies are not only affordable but also natural, which will help prevent dullness.

If you have any doubts or queries, then let us know in the comments.

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