5 Best Tummy Twister in India 2024 (To Work on Your Abs)

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Yes, it is possible to shed those extra kilos without adjusting the hectic gym sessions in your busy lifestyle. The tiny-looking tummy twisters are the perfect companions to keep you fit without any hassles.

If you also want to buy a tummy twister, we have tested various products to make the list of the top 5 options and what makes them so amazing. We have also included the necessary details about the tummy twisters to help you make the right decision.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of every product.


Best Tummy Twister in India 2024

Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board

Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

Trust no other brand than the Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board for a slimmer body, abs, hips, and thighs. This twister board is made according to the body needs of the users to ensure maximum satisfaction and protection during their use.

One of the best benefits of this tummy twister is that it stimulates blood circulation and massages the tired feet simultaneously with the available 8 magnets. This not just works to slim down the body but also helps in improving overall health. Doing regular exercise on this twister also helps improve the metabolism of the body.

It delivers the desired results using reflexology technology which segregates the body into 10 zones, keeping 5 areas on each side. This helps maintain the required balance while using the twister to avoid any mishappenings.

We tested and used the twister and found it really effective in enhancing core strength and stability. This further helps in improving the overall health of the users. Its continuous use also encourages efficient weight loss and management to get a great personality.

The machine is beneficial for improving physical health, but it also ensures delivering mental stability. The improved physical health reduces mental fatigue and stress to facilitate calmness and relaxation.

We suggest using the twisted maximum for 10-minutes in the beginning and then gradually increasing the usage time. It is one of the easiest and most fun twisters, which offers many amazing health benefits.

Last but not least, the machine needs no electricity or battery for its use. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact and thus, can be stored without any hassles.


  • Uses reflexology technology for body part segregation for smooth body balance
  • Stimulates blood circulation with smooth feet massage
  • Encourages weight loss and management
  • Easy, fun, and simple to use; 10-minutes recommended initial time
  • Lightweight, compact, and doesn’t need any electricity or battery


Aerofit Plastic Acupuncture Figure Twister

Aerofit Plastic Acupuncture Figure Twister

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Overall Score: 4.2/5

Aerofit is a known name in the healthcare industry. The brand has been developing and delivering high-quality healthcare equipment according to the users’ needs and requirements. Like many other high-quality products, this tummy twister from the brand can rely on its guaranteed results.

This tummy twister can help develop the fitness of the particular body parts and ensure overall health. It is well-known to strengthen the core and metabolism with its regular use. Also, use this twister to ensure the flexible body and muscle movements.

The twister works using reflexology technology, reducing the risks of muscle pain and aches. Also, the magnetic waves stimulate the meridian points on the feet to contribute to good health.

Trust this twister to tone your muscles and improve muscle strength. In our test, we loved the machine as it stimulates blood circulation in the body. This helps maintain an active routine and facilitates the weight loss and management journey.

According to us, the best feature of the tummy twister is the foot massager. It is designed with perfect foot placement to deliver the best and most gentle massages to the users. Thanks to this, the users also get maximum stability and safety to avoid any unwanted mishappenings.

It is a lightweight and compact twister that can be used and stored without hassles. It can be used by men, women, and children of all age groups. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price to easily available for purchase for everyone.


  • Develops fitness of the body muscles and flexible body movements
  • Improves the core and metabolism of the body
  • Offers gentle yet effective massages along with desired stability
  • Stimulates blood circulation to facilitate weight management


Maizic 5-in-1 Magnetic Body Tummy Twister

Maizic 5-in-1 Magnetic Body Tummy Twister

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Overall Score: 4.1/5

The next name on our list of the best tummy twister in India is Maizic 5-in-1 Magnetic Body Tummy Twister. This twister is a complete package that offers 5 incredible benefits for improving the overall health of the users.

We used and tested the machine for quite some time to find that it uses reflexology technology to segregate the body into 10 different zones with 5 areas on each side. Moreover, it uses 8 magnets to improve blood circulation for an active routine and healthier lifestyle. Its regular use also helps in reducing muscular pain and aches for flexible body movements.

Along with this, the machine can be trusted to reduce the extra inches from the waist and extra fat from thighs, hips, abs area, etc. It also ensures improving the body’s metabolism while offering gentle foot massages simultaneously.

It is a trusted name for millions of women who want to tone their figure and get spinal fitness. The twister has all the qualities to be your true companion for healthy living.

We suggest using this tummy twister if you look for a machine to lose extra kilos in the most fun way possible. The maximum weight that the twister can handle is 180 kgs. Just use this machine for 5-minutes daily and get the personality you have always dreamt of.

This twister is also lightweight and compact; thus, it can be stored and carried along without any hassles. The machine is suitable for men, women, and children of all age groups and makes an attractive gift item.


  • Uses reflexology technology and 8 magnets
  • Improves blood circulation and reduces muscle pain for flexible body movements
  • Improves metabolism and offers gentle foot massage with ensures stability
  • Recommended to use for 5-10 minutes daily for weight management


SKYFUN Plastic Tummy Waist Twister

SKYFUN Plastic Tummy Waist Twister

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Overall Score: 4/5

The brand is known for developing some of the best body twisters and other exercise types of equipment to ensure body flexibility without much effort. The continuous use of this machine ensures getting a twist in the body and flexibility in the muscles.

One of the best benefits of this twister is its stabilized twisting which helps in increasing the strength of the body muscles. Moreover, in our test, we also found the twister effective in strengthening the body’s core for improved body health.

This tummy twister targets internal and external body issues with its effective and gentle rotational movements. It is quite convenient to use this twister in the most fun way. It is recommended to use the twister for about 10-15 minutes daily to get all its benefits.

Women of all age groups can use this twister to get the desired waist curve and weight management. It also helps develop and manage abs for a sleek and beautiful personality. Thanks to the embedded magnets, this twister sends magnetic waves to the user’s body to ensure therapeutic benefits.

Talking about its construction, it is designed with 2 layer construction, making it strong and durable. Thanks to this, it can be used by any overweight person to shed the extra kilos without worrying about the machine’s breakage or damage. Moreover, it also ensures maximum stability to prevent any mishappenings and accidents during use.

We also liked the fact that the machine is compact and lightweight for its easy storage and compatible traveling. Moreover, it doesn’t need any electricity or power connection for use.


  • Focuses on improving body strength and muscle movements
  • Relies on the therapeutic benefits of using the embedded magnets
  • Helps in weight management and core strengthening
  • Recommended usage time is 10-15 minutes
  • Compact and lightweight for easy and convenient storage


N&M Tummy Twister Acupressure Twister

N&M Tummy Twister Acupressure Twister

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Overall Score: 4/5

This tummy twister from N&M is one of its kind as it is specially designed to offer immense benefits to users. We tested the product and won’t regret saying that the twister impressed us with everything we have been looking for.

One of the best benefits of this tummy twister is its ability to develop fitness and tone the various body muscles. Using it regularly helps in reducing muscles aches and pain while improving the muscle strength of the abs, hips, thighs, stomach area, etc.

Just by regularly using this tummy twister for 10-15 minutes can do wonders for weight management. It also helps improve blood circulation, which improves the overall health of the users. As it helps stimulate blood circulation, it also helps control blood pressure.

We fell in absolute love with the acupressure facility available in this tummy twister in our test. The acupressure benefit from the rotating disc ensures the right pressure points, which help in a calm and stress-free state of mind.

The twister is designed to be the perfect health companion for men, women, and children of all age groups. It is extremely lightweight and compact, making it super-convenient to store and travel with. Its affordable price also attracted our eyes.

We also liked the high-quality plastic body, which can handle a maximum weight of up to 180 kgs. Also, thanks to the steady base, the users can enjoy maximum safety during the use along with preventing any unwanted mishappenings and accidents.


  • It helps in developing fitness and toning the body muscles
  • Strengthens the core body muscles and reduces the muscle pain
  • Lightweight, compact, and suitable for men, women, and children
  • Made with high-quality plastic for lasting use with a steady base for desired safety


Benefits of using the Best Tummy Twister in India

If you are unsure of the possible benefits of using a tummy twister, you are at the right place. Here are some of the possible benefits that you can expect –

  • It helps increase physical strength and body balance
  • Its regular use also strengthens the body’s core
  • It also helps in burning calories and thus, aids weight management
  • It improves muscle strength to avoid possible injuries
  • It helps to work on the belly fat, abs, and abdominal strength


Common tips while using the Tummy Twister

Tummy twisters are a great and easy way to lose fat. However, you should be careful with its use by following these tips –

  • Start slow and then eventually increase the speed with balance
  • If you are a beginner, do not experiment with the exercise forms
  • Start slowly from side-to-side to facilitate the body’s response with twister’s movements
  • Keep your knees slightly bent to avoid any injuries
  • After gaining desired balance, start experimenting with your arms and foot placement to gain better benefits



1. What are the possible risks of using a tummy twister?

Yes, over-using tummy twister has its own share of health risks, which are as follow –

  • Overusing the twister can cause lower back problems and injuries
  • Continuous bending of the knees can cause strain
  • If you are struggling with dizziness, twisters are not the right choice for you
  • Also, if you have any symptoms of low blood circulation, you should avoid using a tummy twister
  • Avoid twisting rigorously as it increases the possibility of falls and getting hurt
  • Use the twister in a fun and relaxing way with continuous increase in the challenges for benefits


2. Are tummy twisters really beneficial?

Yes, tummy twisters help build the core muscles and maintain body balance. Also, the regular use of twisters can help in extending muscle mass and supporting different movement abilities. Moreover, using the twister for simple exercises can help in shedding the extra kilos from the sides, abs, and stomach.


3. Can you only use tummy twister for belly fat?

No, tummy twisters can be trusted to improve the movement and muscle strength of the entire body. Initially, start with the basic exercises that target belly fat. Once you gain balance and confidence in using the machine, you can enhance your workout sessions by adding different types of equipment like exercise ropes, dumbbells, etc.

Our Recommendation: Be gradual and slow while experimenting with the different exercises on the twister to avoid possible injuries or health issues.



Tummy twisters are fun, easy, trusted, and effective way of improving health and weight management. Amidst the various available options, we strongly suggest using Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board.

This tummy twister thoroughly impressed us with its design, benefits, features, functionalities, and effectiveness. It has all the qualities to help you with your dream personality transformation without any hassles.

If you are still not convinced and want some more information, feel free to connect us in the comment section. We assure providing you with the most relevant and earliest response possible.

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