How to Choose Foundation Shade Online – According to Skin Tone

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Are you confused about buying foundation shade online? Are you struggling to know the foundation shade right fit for you? Relax! We have your back!

We know foundation can be the most difficult beauty product to shop for, especially online when various products are available online.

In this article, you will learn about the step-by-step process to choose the best suitable foundation online.


12 Steps To Find The Perfect Foundation Match Online

1. Recognize Your Skin Type & Concerns

Recognize Your Skin Type & Concerns

Opt for long wear and matt foundation if you find your T-zone oily by noon. T-zone is a part of your face that includes the forehead, nose, and chin. Avoid buying an oil-based foundation, as your skin’s T-zone is already oily. Go for ‘aqua’ ingredients in the foundation shades.

If your skin is prone to dry patches, go for a hydrating and radiant formula-based foundation containing added antioxidants and nutrients. Ingredients present in these foundations help enhance moisture and keep skin hydrated.

Select light, mineral-based foundation if you have pimple-prone skin. Mineral-based foundations are prepared without alcohol, preservatives, talc, and fragrances—the reason why these foundations would be great for blemish-prone skin.

The second step is to know about your skin tone.


2. Identify Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is related to the colour of your skin. There are a variety of foundation shades available as per your skin colour.

If your skin tone is light, you are in the category of Caucasians. Persons from this category can select shades like porcelain, ivory, sand, etc.

If your skin tone is medium, you are in the category of general (primarily Indians) irrespective of the region you reside in. You can select shades like beige, natural tan, honey & golden, etc.

If your skin tone is dark, as in the category of dark Africans, you can go for cool golden, warm almond, walnut, chestnut, espresso, etc.

The next step is to know about your skin undertone. Skin undertone is the underline colour that comes through the skin from underneath its surface.


3. Know Your Skin Undertone

You need to check whether you have a cool, neutral, or warm undertone. You can perform two tests to know about your skin undertone.


4. Wrist Test

The wrist test depends on the colour of the veins.

  • You are in the cool skin undertone category if you have purple, or blue veins with rosy-pink tint. The pink colour foundation will suit you better.
  • If you have yellow or golden veins with a greenish tint, you fall in the warm skin undertone category. The yellow colour foundation will suit you better.
  • And, if you are in between both these scenarios, then you fall in the neutral category. You have to take in between foundation shade.


5. Sun Test

Sun Test

The sun test is based on the colour of your skin when out in the sun.

  • If your skin turns red & burns quickly when you are out in the sun, it means you have a cool skin undertone.
  • If your skin tans easily when you are out in the sun, it shows that you have a warm skin undertone.

Now, the next step is to choose a foundation shade as per your coverage preferences.


6. Select as per Your Coverage

  • If you want to let your natural skin show through, go for lightweight and barely-there coverage.
  • If your skin suffers from redness, scars, blemishes, or pigmentation, you can select a full-coverage foundation, which will help mask imperfections and create even skin.
  • You can opt for medium coverage if you want to go for a variety of makeup finishes.
  • If you have oily skin, you can select a powder / pressed powder foundation. Powder helps to absorb the oil from the skin & gives a natural glow.
  • Dry skin calls for a cream/ liquid foundation. Cream or liquid texture helps in the hydration of dry skin.
  • If you have combination skin, go for the cream foundation. Cream-build coverage with light moisturizer will be best suited for combination skin.

The next step is to consider customization of foundation shades.


7. Customize Your Shade

Customize Your Shade

Do consider the mixing of foundation shades. One foundation shade won’t be suitable all year if you tan. You can mix two shades and dilute it with moisturizer and amp with concealer to add to the glow.

Customize as per season. In summers, your skin tends to get slightly darker, so go for darker shades. In winters, skin tends to be pale tone. So, in winter, you can go for an oil or cream-based foundation. 

The selection of foundation depends on your reliability of the brand too. So, the next step is to find a reliable brand.


8. Find Your Reliable Brand

You can narrow down the options of brands as per your choice. You may prefer beautiful packaging, cruelty-free vegan products, organic raw materials, or preservative-free brands.

In the next step, you will learn about buying the smaller version of the original foundation shade for the trial first.


9. Buy a Travel or Sample Kit First

Buy a Travel or Sample Kit First

If you are doubtful about your selected foundation shade, buy a travel or sample kit first before purchasing the foundation cream.

The next step is to research thoroughly about your selected shade of foundation.


10. Search Using Online Methods

A special thanks to the beauty community for providing a lot of valuable videos, customer images, and even online tools that helps in searching for the best-fit foundation shade online.


11. Online Tools Available

Findation and Temptalia are two commonly used online tools available for selecting the proper foundation. While using these tools, your existing foundation shade will be your starting point.

Findation lists all the possible matches in the brands available with the help of the foundation matrix. Temptalia works the same way as the findation tool, but it also provides colour comparisons for other eye shadows, blushes, and lip products.


12. Check Out Reviews, Photos and Videos Available

You can check out the online customer reviews or images shared by the customers as feedback. Even you can browse through review videos on YouTube. Make sure to buy from the sites with a return policy.


Bottom Line

Now, you have learned about the factors to be considered while buying the foundation online. By applying these step by step processes, you can find the best-fit shade for you.

We hope you find the article helpful.


What other problems do you face while buying the foundation online? We would love to resolve your concerns.

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