5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Glucometer

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“Investing in your health is never a loss.”

When it comes to your health, there are several aspects in your body where it’s essential to care for and seek help. This includes self-monitoring of your blood sugar level. It is the best method to help you out in measuring it. To have good health with a perfect blood sugar level, you need accurate results from your Glucometer machine.

In this article, we’ll guide you on avoiding the common mistakes while using Glucometer & perceive good results. Although it’s easy to think of performing tests, even a little crucial mistake can turn the tables and give you bad results, which could be affected by your wrong diet & irregular routine.

There are common mistakes only when you haven’t learned certain things on how to self-monitor or test. Through this article, we will first learn the importance and continue the common mistakes you should avoid when using a Glucometer.


Importance of Diabetic Tests at your Home

Importance of Diabetic Tests at your Home

Diabetes is one of the most threatening diseases to humans. A diabetic patient who is going through low or high blood sugar levels. Due to lack of insulin production, one can’t process how to balance their blood sugar level. This is where the importance of Diabetic tests at your home to check your sugar levels comes into action.

  1. Concerns in your diet chart, a proper scheduled routine is essential, and the importance of self-monitoring tests reminds you of how important it sounds.
  2. It rearranges & optimises your lifestyle by eliminating out the fillers from your schedule. This helps you in improving your intake of meals & sleep.
  3. The most significant and crucial importance of Diabetic tests at your home is to check and report any pre-stages of diabetes that can be informed to take measures beforehand.


5 Common Mistakes to avoid when using a Glucometer

As you know, how careful and precise we need to be while measuring our blood sugar using a Glucometer. A single mistake can affect the whole approach/process. All we needCommon Mistakes to avoid when using a Glucometer is a little bit of practice and these common mistakes you need to prevent, so without any further ado, let’s look at these common mistakes to avoid while using a Glucometer.

The primary common mistake is the portion where you prick your finger at the wrong side of your finger.

It is considered the most careless one; while you take the blood sample out on the test strip, you need to be careful where you are trying to prick your finger. Also, it is advised by the experts to proceed with your tests using different fingers for finger pricking.

You must prick while holding your finger with a palm & check at the sides of the tip of your finger. The sides are the only portion that can eliminate the pain, and with a light pinch, it can grant you a suitable amount of blood without further loss.


The common mistake is to not wash your hands before using Glucometer to measure Blood Sugar levels.

This particular common mistake is seen in most cases; touching or not washing your hands can cause your dilution & readings could turn out to be wrong. Or even if you eat before testing, your blood samples could be diluted & this can affect the readings easily.

One must be very careful when they are testing, they need to clean their hands and not eat, but you need to get hydrated before testing.


Another common mistake is to not use alcohol directly after getting pricked. It may result in severe pain.

The use of the alcohol strip on your finger where you pricked, need to cleanse with the clinical spirit that can lessen the pain. This will allow you to ease up with the process and won’t be giving up many difficulties. There should also be a proper procedure in taking out the test strip, and one should not lick to pick the strip.

Its essential to not use the disinfectant before the test, as there are other several steps that could be affected by it, so make sure to be careful.


Another common mistake is not to use any expired test strip that can result in incorrect readings.

Test strips are the most essential part of the blood sugar test, and they need to be carefully observed and analysed before testing. Only manufactured test strips are recommended by us as they can ultimately show inaccurate readings, which will be your loss in the end.

So, don’t forget to use test strips under the expiry date for the betterment of your health.


Another most common mistake is to not test without a proper understanding and learning.

The understanding and learning of the blood sugar tests are essential for you before you test and check your readings. You need a brief look out of your own lifestyle and diet so could be assured of what you are going to fix. Without any knowledge, it can place you in a void & there can be difficulties in your diet.


The Final Verdict

Concluding this on an informative note that, to select the right choice for your Glucometer, one should be aware of the good day, date, time or even storing the data and receive accurate readings. All of this is essential in order to eliminate inaccurate readings. The best way to understand and test your results is to analyse your test results and manage several activities.

Thus, keeping all these common mistakes in mind can definitely assure you of receiving good blood sugar results.

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