Tooth Reshaping: Teeth Trimming Cost in India

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Having disproportionately big teeth can be a cause of constant embarrassment for some people. If you are also someone who is suffering from too big teeth or any procedure that requires you to shorten or restructure your teeth, then you should consider teeth trimming.

What is the cost of teeth trimming? What are the various methods? What are the other expenses that you will incur? Allow us to walk you through all of them so you can forecast the approximate amount you have to spend on this procedure. So let’s have a look at it-


What is teeth trimming?

What is teeth trimming

Teeth trimming is a cosmetic procedure in which a dentist removes some part of your tooth’s enamel to shorten or restructure the tooth. The dentist will make use of diamond burs or diamond strips to help trim out your tooth. He or she may also need to narrow down the teeth by filling them down on the sides and shortening them by trimming the edges used for biting.


What are the steps involved in Tooth trimming?

What are the steps involved in Tooth trimming

When you decide to undergo a tooth trimming procedure, these are the steps that your dentist will most likely follow-

  • The first step will be to have a consultation with you, understand what is required, and suggest the best possible alternative. He or she will look at your teeth and decide if tooth trimming is necessary or your teeth can be reshaped by using other methods.
  • Next, after your dentist thinks teeth trimming is the only possible option, he or she will ask you to get a teeth x-ray to look at the positioning of the teeth, size, and location of the pulp, and decide how much of the enamel(the top part of the tooth) can be trimmed.
  • The dentist will suggest a date for performing the procedure, and you will be asked to abstain from specific products to help perform the cosmetic procedure correctly.
  • On the day of the procedure, the dentist will make use of sandpaper or diamond burs to trim the misshapen teeth and to reduce the size of teeth.
  • After the teeth are trimmed, they will be smoothed and polished.
  • After smoothening and polishing the teeth, according to what stands the need, the dentist will recommend getting veneers, braces, or aligners to help shape your teeth better.


Who can undergo teeth trimming?

Who can undergo teeth trimming

While if you think you need teeth trimming, you can always approach your dentists and get it done, teeth trimming can be a requirement for many. Some of them are- 

  • For people who may have damaged their teeth or have a small chip that keeps interrupting their daily life.
  • For people who have a crowded jaw, restructuring will help reduce the crowding.
  • For people who need to have a cap put on their tooth 
  • Teeth trimming might be required while going for braces
  • Teeth trimming can be required for people who do not have an aligned bite. It will help adjust their bite.
  • People who have a big front tooth and want to restructure their smile.
  • People with teeth sensitivity


How much does it cost to trim teeth in India?

The cost of teeth trimming depends mainly upon the hospital that you choose for undergoing this procedure and the region where the hospital is situated. The cost will range between Rs. 8000-10000 per tooth that needs to be trimmed. This cost will decrease if you go into the rural regions of India, while it will increase in the major metropolitan regions.

While choosing a hospital to perform the procedure from, always do your research, look at the reviews online, and talk to people who have undergone this surgery from the clinic in the past. This will help you get an idea of how well the dentist will trim your teeth. 

You should always research hospitals before undergoing any cosmetic process because cosmetic procedures are not covered by your medical insurance so if you are spending money on them, look for something that is worth the money spent. Looking at the before and after images on their websites is also an excellent way to get an idea about the dentist’s skills.

While zeroing down on dentists, go for one that is an expert in cosmetic dentistry over your family dentists as he will be the one who will have the most knowledge about procedures like teeth trimming and will be able to guide you better on your smile correction.

While the teeth trimming will be the primary procedure, other processes will accompany it and will require to be paid for; they are- 


Doctors consultation fees

Before undergoing teeth trimming, you will have to consult your dentist and tell them about your requirements, based on which they will recommend the best procedure and schedule a date for performing it. Consulting with a dentist will have to be paid for. Usually, a consultation can cost between 300 – 1000 rupees, but it will depend on the region where the dentist is located or the hospital where he or she operates from.



Before performing the procedure of tooth trimming, your dentist will ask you to take an X-ray of your teeth; this is done so that your dentist can have a look at the location of the pulp that will have all your arteries and nerves and also measure the size of your tooth. If, while examining the dentists finds out that the enamel is too thin or the pulp is too close to the teeth, then he or she will not go ahead with the restructuring. 



After the rimming is done, your doctor may recommend you to undergo aligning to help align your newly trimmed teeth with the surrounding teeth. While for tooth aligning, you can either use braces or aligners, your doctor will most likely suggest you go for an aligner as they won’t require too many fittings and will also help protect your newly trimmed teeth.


Tooth bonding 

Your dentist might suggest that you undergo a tooth bonding after teeth trimming. Tooth bonding is the process when the gaps and the chips between teeth are filled; this will help improve the shape of your teeth and give them more color. In this procedure, the dentist will apply resin to the small gaps and chip, which will harden up and fill the gaps effectively. The resin will be colored in a way that matches the color of your natural teeth, so it does not stand out. The whole procedure can take around 30 – 60 minutes to complete. The cost of tooth bonding depends on the complexity of your case and costs between 1000- 10000 rupees. 


Porcelain veneers 

Porcelain veneers are, also known as dental veneers, are wafer-thin shells made of materials that are close to the color of teeth and are used to cover the front of your teeth. 

If you have a very big front tooth and the doctor has to trim away a lot of it, then he may recommend you use a dental veneer to protect the exposed dentin. The dental veneers can cost between 5000 – 20 000 based on the number of them, which will have to be custom-made for your teeth.


What are the tips you should follow after a tooth trimming procedure?

After a tooth trimming procedure, your doctor will recommend you some aftercare tips to help keep the trimming intact and not harm your teeth; they can be-

  • Avoid chewing on your fingernails, biting the ends of a pen, opening things using your teeth, like cans of soda or tin cans, do not eat anything like sugarcane or apples.
  • Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice every day to keep them away from the risk of developing an infection.
  • Avoid things that can stain the resin. These include substances like – tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking. 
  • Visit you, dentist, regularly at least once in every six months to get them cleaned and looked at 
  • Floss your teeth daily



Q. What are the side effects of undergoing a tooth trimming procedure?

Tooth trimming is done by trimming the enamel, the substance responsible for protecting your teeth; hence when teeth are trimmed, it might lead to sensitivity. After you have undergone a trimming procedure, you should take care of the trimmed teeth and be gentle with them to not cause more damage.


Q. Is taking dental x- rays safe?

Yes, dental x- rays make use of low-frequency radiation and hence will not cause any harm, but if you are pregnant, then you must consult your doctor before undergoing one.


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Teeth trimming is a great way to enhance your smile and align your teeth perfectly. If you have been wanting to undergo this procedure, you now know the amount you will have to set aside to undergo this. You now also know the various other procedures that will accompany the teeth process and how much they cost; hence you can now forecast your approximate total expense successfully.

Let us know in the comments which point you found to be the most helpful.

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