13 Proven Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil is quite a popular oil and is known for its many benefits. If you want to learn more about the uses of olive oil, you are in the right place.

Olive oil is undoubtedly loaded with benefits that you must not even have imagined. We have researched the various benefits that this versatile oil offers, backed by multiple studies. Read on to find out!


What are the Health Benefits of Olive Oil?

What are the uses and benefits of olive oil

Like we have mentioned, olive oil is quite versatile and has different kinds of benefits to offer. It can prove to be good for your skin, for your hair, as well as for health. Let’s see one by one.


1. Olive oil moisturizes the skin 

Moisturize the Skin

Olive oil can prove to be a good skin moisturizer. It has also got a light texture which makes it a non-sticky moisturizer. Apart from that, olive oil consists of vitamin E, which is known to help protect the skin from the damage caused by the sun.

You can use virgin olive oil on your face after cleansing it while it is still damp. Wash it using water after 15 minutes.


2. It improves skin health

Olive oil is loaded with vitamin E, which is responsible for improving skin health. It can reduce acne and also protect your skin from skin conditions like psoriasis and skin cancer. It can also help with scarring and stretch marks, as suggested by the report.


3. It improves hair health

Olive oil can also improve your hair health. The vitamin E present in olive oil boosts hair growth. You can use it in combination with a few other ingredients to nourish your hair. Egg yolk and honey is great option. Using it with honey can also moisturize the hair.


4. Olive oil has anti-ageing properties.

anti ageing properties

Since olive oil is rich in antioxidants, it can slow down the natural ageing process of your skin and rejuvenate it. Olive oil is also used in many cosmetic and skincare products and is used in herbal therapy as well.


5. Olive oil can be used as a makeup remover

Coconut Oil as Makeup Removal

Olive oil is also used as a makeup remover. It is both an easy and cheaper method that won’t cause any harm to your skin. You just need to dip some cotton in virgin olive oil and use it to remove the makeup from your face.


6. It helps prevent breast cancer

Cancer Prevention

While it might not sound very believable, the consumption of olive oil may reduce the risk of cancer. As per the report, the increased consumption of olive oil might be responsible for reduced cancer risk.

Components such as oleic acid, oleocanthal, phytosterols give olive oil its anti-carcinogenic properties.


7. Olive oil is good for heart health 

improved heart health

Studies have shown less prevalence of heart diseases in Mediterranean countries. One of the reasons for it is linked to the Mediterranean diet, which primarily includes olive oil as well. Diet supplemented with natural olive oil reduced the incidence of major cardiovascular problems, thus protecting the heart.


8. It is good for digestion


Olive oil is also good for the gastrointestinal tract. Since it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), olive oil aids better mobility of food through the colon. It can clean the digestive tract and also help with bowel movements.


9. It can strengthen bones

Olive oil may also help you strengthen your bones. Higher consumption of olive oil is linked with higher levels of osteocalcin in the body. Osteocalcin is a protein secreted by the cells forming bones. A higher concentration of osteocalcin makes the bones stronger. Hence, the consumption of olive oil may result in stronger bones.


10. Olive oil has bactericidal effects

You read that right! Extra virgin olive oil also has antibacterial properties. It is especially effective against the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers or stomach cancer- H. Pylori.

The study has shown that olive oil shows strong bactericidal activity against the bacteria, thereby preventing stomach ulcers.


11. You can cook in olive oil

cook in olive oil

You can cook your food using olive oil. It is evident to us by now that olive oil is very healthy and beneficial. It would be best to use extra virgin olive oil for cooking. There have been few studies wherein the quality of olive oil was compromised a little after heating.

However, those studies apply extreme conditions. The virgin olive oil will retain its qualities even while heating and can prove to be beneficial. It is the most stable oil for cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil consists of heat-stable MUFAs and polyphenols, which help in counteracting the oxidative stress caused by heat. This prevents the formation of unhealthy compounds in the oil during heating.

In fact, cooking in olive oil boosts the antioxidant capacity of the vegetables, as suggested by the study.


12. Olive oil may help prevent diabetes

As per the study, people consuming more olive oil had a lower risk of developing diabetes. The Monounsaturated fat present in olive oil might be specifically protective against insulin resistance. The consumption of olive oil could prove to be beneficial for the prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes.


13. It can help elevate your mood

Olive oil consumption can help improve your mood, as well. As per the study, our diet is linked with depression. A poor diet can increase the chances of depression while eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of depression.

As per the report, a traditional dietary plan, as opposed to a westernized diet, reduces the chances of major depression. The study has shown that olive oil has significant antidepressant properties that can result in mood elevation.

Tip: It is important to buy the right kind of olive oil. There are many kinds present in the market that claim to be an extra virgin, but the case might not be so. Look at the ingredients properly and do your research before buying olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the best with the most benefits.



What is the right way to store olive oil?

In order to store olive oil properly, store it in a dark and cool place. You will have to make sure that it is not exposed to heat or air for longer shelf life and better quality. Also, try using it within a few months after opening the can/bottle.


Does frying make olive oil unhealthy?

Olive oil is a stable oil and hence perfect for cooking. Olive oil might be the most suitable oil for deep frying. It does not lose its health benefits when heated. Olive oil consists of monounsaturated fats, and heating does not change its composition.



If you were wondering what all you could do with your olive oil, now you know the answer. Use it for skincare, for hair care, or simply for cooking. Olive oil just won’t disappoint with the plethora of benefits it offers.

In case you haven’t used olive oil yet, you must definitely try it. We’re sure you will start loving it. And for those of you who have been using it, let us know in the comments how has your journey with olive oil been so far.

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