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Towards encouraging and initiating the City of Mumbai into starting such programme, late Dr. Samuel Kounz from USA had specially flown in with 2 cadaver kidneys which were then transplanted into two patients in the city of Mumbai. Since then it has been a long drawn out struggle for the NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION (INDIA) in trying its aim and dream of having a cadaver transplant programme started first at Mumbai followed by in other states.

With the persistence and perseverance of NKFI with the Government of Maharashtra, it was able to get initially the “Maharashtra Transplant Act, 1981” passed and thereafter a more comprehensive “The Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994” was passed by the Government of India, which became operative from “February, 1995 in the City of Mumbai and the State of Maharashtra.

Following the enactment of law the state “Appropriate Authority” and “State Authorisation Committee” have been formed. The “Appropriate Authority” of the state have given registration to and approval of Brain Death Certification Committees at the recognised hospitals for cadaver transplant programmes.

The Foundation has now also been recognised by the Government of Maharashtra as an N.G.O. to be actively associated with this programme. The cadaver transplant programme has been started in the State from 27th March, 1997. This will help patients who have no life donors to get the gift of life. The availability of usable cadaver organs will help patients waiting for transplant for a long time.

NKFI is now trying to make a detailed plan for organisation of cadaver organ transplant by forming Central Co-ordinating Body – like Maharashtra Confederation of Organ Transplantation; Zonal Co-ordinating Transplant Centres (ZCTC) and other committees with a simplified procedures by sorting various issues/problems with the help of State Appropriate Authority, State Coroner (Judiciary) and State Police Authority, so that medico-legal cases are taken care of quickly and the cadaver transplant programme succeeds in saving the lives of those waiting for transplantation for a long time.

Once successful in Maharashtra NKFI will reach out to other States all over India through its Network of Affiliates/Chapters.