Do I Need A Protein Supplement To Build Muscle

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Protein Supplements, A Matter of Convenience or Necessity?

We all know that protein is one of the essential nutrients for our bodies. According to FDA (Food & Drug Association), these nutrients are necessary for hormones growth & for a better immune response to build and repair our tissues and cells. We all know how amazing it sounds & during this Golden age of protein powders and supplements, everyone prefers it. But is it a matter of convenience or necessity?

In this article, we will cover how much protein we need & what goals you have planned. That’s what we will discuss and analyse, whether it’s vital or just a preference or even both. In the end, it’s all up to you. Let’s Begin.


Protein Supplement: An Overview

Protein Supplement

These Protein supplements, which are out there in the market for consumers like you, are initially fast digestive proteins. The most known one is Whey protein which consists of around 80% in milk protein. The main goal of these protein supplements is that they function to gather all the other nutrients from your body through your daily diet. & allow them to build muscles.

Yes, they do have advantages of building your muscles, but there are several other necessary steps one should consider more than these effective protein supplements.


Scoop or Skip?

If you think about these supplements, you will notice that they are nothing but ‘Food’. Our food is one of the best choices to help you improve your muscle power and strength. Now that you must be wondering how is it much beneficial as compared to protein supplements.

The food you eat now that you must wonder how it is much beneficial compared to protein supplements. It consists of several other nutritious elements which concentrate and benefit your body. In contrast, protein supplements are a choice when you can’t eat proteins all day from your food or if you have less appetite. Then protein supplements can be a helping hand for you.

Taking the Scoop of protein, especially animal protein, is not always essential for you because the animal protein doesn’t contain Collagen or plant protein. They play a crucial role in building muscles. So, you can skip the Scoop unless you are planning to scoop it up. It’s all up to your choices.

Next up, let’s see how much protein we need day-to-day & how the difference between your nutritious food & protein supplements remains the same.


Is the Protein Supplement be necessary?

Is the Protein Supplement be necessary

When you think of how much Protein content you need for your body, it depends on reviewing your daily protein intake. It’s effortless to ask yourself, that how much protein do you need? To consume a certain amount of protein, you need to know that your diet meets all those needs to rebuild.

The answer to the necessity of protein supplements is, No. For an average & healthy human, total consumption of adequate protein from actual nutritious food is sufficient. These Protein supplements come into action when you are giving your all for the excessive workout & you need the extra amount of protein other than your daily diet.

There are several pros. of real food over the protein supplements, that can be easy for you to give importance on dietary proteins:

In some instances, where people can’t cope with these high standard protein supplements, especially vegans, they are recommended to do fine with their daily meals. That can be sufficient to build muscles.


Differences between Protein Supplement & Protein Foods

Differences Protein SupplementProtein Foods
ConvenienceIf you are in a hurry or due to job/interns, you feel like having a hectic schedule. Then Protein powders are time-saving.Although these protein foods are the best source of nutrition, there is a lack of convenience in making these foods.
Time-ConsumptionImmediately after a workout, protein shakes can be beneficial as they are fast digestive proteins.On the other hand, Protein foods take time to digest in the body, thus require more time for digestion.
Quantity & QualityHere in both terms, the powder lack. In their 30 gms of powder, they only have 25 gms of proteins. It also lacks several other nutrients.Either you are consuming, 150gms of meat or 100gms of yogurt. They all have an exact amount of protein with high-quality nutrients.
Fat ContentDue to the zero amount of fat content in these protein supplements, they have the upper hand.Regardless, how much exact protein content you may found in these protein foods, there will be some fat content.
TasteEven if protein powders have no fat content, they still have several artificial sweeteners that make these supplements unhealthy. It is a major disadvantage for them.This is the most important point or an advantage over protein powder that, they don’t have any artificial sweeteners or any other agent. It’s all but fresh and delicious real food.


The Final Verdict

No matter what goals you are pursuing to get a healthy lifestyle, the necessity of protein supplements is nothing but a choice for you. It depends on how you seek your goals, on the basis of your own diet & body. Although your food in your diet plan is a necessary thing. Without your basic pulses and other nutrients, the protein supplement or protein foods alone by themselves can’t help you out in gaining muscles.

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