5 Herbs For A Healthy Digestive System

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We now know that a healthy outside reflects a healthy inside. Standing in the 21st century worried and confused about overeating or eating too little, most of us forget about our digestive health.

Apart from having a balanced diet, we need to improve your gut health. The unhealthy facets of today’s life like improper sleep, eating junk foods, hectic work routine that increases stress have a terrible impact on your digestive health. 

So taking proper care of your digestive health can free you from the consequences like bloating, indigestion, and flatulence.

This article will enlighten you about five miracle herbs that will bestow you with healthy digestion.


Herbs that improve digestion:

1. Turmeric:


Curcumalonga common name turmeric, tops the list of herbs improving digestive health. Apart from its usage in making a variety of cuisine, the age-old Haldi is a miracle herb with innumerable health benefits. Curcumin is the key to making turmeric the best herb for digestive health care. 

The anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin help keep a balance of the free radicals in your body. It prevents oxidation and cell damage due to stress. Consumption of turmeric increases the count of good bacterias in your gut.


2. Cinnamon:


Cinnamomum Verum, also known as cinnamon, is yet another herb beneficial for improving digestion. Its anti-oxidizing property helps in preventing cell oxidization. It prevents chronic illness caused due to oxidative stress. A small intake of cinnamon can lower the Carbon dioxide level in your blood, thus decreasing body temperature.

 It slows down the rate of breaking down carbohydrates in your body, thus lowering the blood sugar level. It is also said to reduce inflammation that helps digestion by improving the ability to process food.


3. Ginger:




Zingiber Officinale, commonly known as ginger, is among the most common spices used globally. Ginger, apart from being a taste magnifier in your tea it also helps treat indigestion. 

It stimulates the release of digestive enzymes like trypsin and pancreatic lipase used in indigestion.

 It prevents constipation by increasing movement through the digestive tract.

It is beneficial in expelling gas from your digestive system due to different enzymes. Ginger possesses a carminative effect that prevents dyspepsia, flatulence, and bloating.


4. Rosemary:


Salvia Rosmarinus, the polar plant commonly known as rosemary, is named after “dew of the sea.”

It is a flavoring ingredient used globally to add flavor to your food. Its digestive benefits make it a miracle herb. The anti-inflammatory property of rosemary helps in preventing intestinal inflammation. It also prevents bloating by maintaining the composition of gut bacteria that improves digestion.

It boasts the metabolism of your body and, in turn, helps in maintaining body weight. It helps regulate the flow of bile and enhances the functioning of the gallbladder, thus ensuring better digestive health.


5. Mint:



Mentha, known to us as mint, belongs to the family Lamiaceae. Apart from being a flavoring ingredient, this herb made its place in modern medicine and is beneficial in treating acidity issues.

Peppermint oil is believed to help relieve indigestion. Compared to dried mint leaves, peppermint oil is more effective. 

Mint is believed to reduce inflammation and relax intestinal muscles that allow the smooth movement of food through the digestive tract. It enhances your health by taking care of your digestion and providing more nutrients to your body.

It also prevents bacterial invasions and thus is also used in dental care.


Why include herbs in your daily diet?

Why include herbs in your daily diet

There are innumerable benefits of herbs that will surely bestow you with a healthy gut. Given below are a few reasons that will convince you to intake herbs :

  • The buildup of free radicals in your body is harmful to your gut. To maintain the balance of free radicals in the body, the consumption of herbs can be adequate.
  • Bowel syndromes, bloating constipation, and flatulence can be treated with herbs.
  • Improper sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle that destroys your digestive health, can be neutralized by including these herbs in your daily diet.
  • These miracle herbs also cure the production of valuable enzymes and prevention of bacterial invasion.


Precautions related to the consumption of herbs:

  • The first thing to remember is to consult a doctor if you are under any medication before consuming herbs.
  • Health supplements like soy, dairy can interfere with these herbs leading to reactions because plant products are pretty powerful.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should preferably keep away from the consumption of herbs.
  • Many herbs can produce adverse effects when consumed for the long term, so overconsumption is prohibited.
  • People with food allergies must be cautious while consuming this herb, as plant products can highly affect metabolism.

Note: If you observe any other symptoms, you must consult your health physician immediately.



1. What are the home remedies you can try for better digestion?

Everyone wants a healthy gut, so given below are some home routines that can help:

  • Physical workout, daily exercise is a must.
  • Fibre-rich diet.
  • Don’t swallow and chew. Swallow and chew your food correctly.
  • Hydration is essential, so don’t forget to stay hydrated.


2. How are bitter herbs helpful in digestive care?

Bitter herbs like chirata and valerian help increase bile production and other digestive enzymes. In this way, the consumption of bitter herbs can improve your digestion.


3. Is there any ayurvedic remedy for treating indigestion?

Herbal digestive tea can be a solution to your problem. Its constituents like ginger, cardamom, and fennel seeds are known to improve your digestive health.


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Several herbs have made their way to digestive care, starting from the kitchen. They act as the Saviour’s in our unscheduled busy life. Apart from the above-stated herbs, there are many more like black pepper, Triphala, and fenugreek and fenugreek seeds that are also effective in improving your digestion. Overconsumption is strictly prohibited. 

I hope you find this helpful article and now you are convinced about the use of herbs for better digestion. Want to know more about these miracle herbs? Please comment below. Any more suggestions or precautions are also welcomed.

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