What is Orthopedic Mattress? (Facts, Pros & Cons)

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Do you suffer from chronic back pain while sleeping on your existing mattress? In such a case, it is time to say goodbye to your old mattress! Switch your current bed with an orthopedic mattress

Well, I am sure those in-between searching for comfortable and adequately designed mattresses have heard orthopedic mattresses. However, it seems like every bed gets advertised as orthopedic, even your existing one.

It becomes quite challenging for customers who don’t have basic knowledge of what is an orthopedic mattress. Don’t worry; we have come to rescue such consumers from mattress fraud!

This article will provide you the need-to-know info on Orthopedic mattresses. So, let’s make mattress buying a bit less complicated process!


Orthopedic Mattress:

An orthopedic mattress is an adequately designed mattress that extends supports to the overall body. It is specially designed to support the spines and back muscles. It also helps provides pressure relief to hips and shoulders.

Orthopedic mattresses are usually recommended for seniors, athletes, people with chronic back pain, injury, surgery, etc.

Most orthopedic mattresses use special foam and unique construction techniques that lead the bed to form the shape of your body and make sure that you have a good night’s sleep.


History of Orthopedic Mattress

The first orthopedic mattress was manufactured in 1950 after studies showed that specially-designed beds could relieve back pain. Initially, the orthopedic mattresses were designed by following orthopedic principles to cure back pain.

Afterward, when they started selling well, every manufacturer called their mattress orthopedic to increase the sale. It is still prevalent as there are no government regulations or standards regarding orthopedic mattresses.

Anyways, until now, we know that orthopedic mattress has many benefits. But is there any product without cons? I suppose, no! Let’s find out.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress is an outstanding invention but not perfect. Every coin has two sides, so have an Orthopedic mattress! Here are the pros and cons of orthopedic mattresses.

S. No.AdvantagesDisadvantages
1.     Orthopedic Mattress provides excellent support and perfect alignment of the body.Orthopedic mattresses are costly due to the material used and the unique manufacturing process.
2.It is incredibly comfortable and promises a good sleep.It is heavy as compared to other mattresses due to the multilayer of foams.
3.They cure and prevent the body and joint pains that can occur due to many reasons such as arthritis, lack of rest, etc.Difficult to differentiate between actual and not-so-real orthopedic mattresses offered by different manufacturers.
4.It is a good investment as it is durable and long-lasting.

As we can see pros of orthopedic mattress overpower the cons that is why doctor clinically recommends it.


Types of Orthopedic Mattress


Although any mattress could be called an orthopedic mattress, the most widespread orthopedic mattresses are—Memory Foam, Latex, and Hybrid mattresses.

Let’s discuss them in brief.


1. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are considered the best mattresses, they are made up of modern foam that aligns with your body while sleeping. It means that it adapts your body shape by maintaining its elasticity even when you change positions.

It is primarily suitable for people with chronic back and joint pain. However, some people do not like the sinking nature that comes from memory foam.


2. Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

Latex is an excellent material to make the mattress as it gets converted to a highly breathable form and adapts to the shape of your body.

Latex mattresses are bouncier and more substantial; therefore, it is a good choice for spinal support.


3. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress has become a trend! As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is the combination of advantages of two kinds of mattresses.

It helps provide excellent support and comfort for the overall body. Hybrid mattresses have less motion transfer and are closer to the body.

Now the question arises, with so many orthopedic mattresses, how to find a real one? Let’s see.


How to Find a Good Orthopedic Mattress?

Well, the question is legitimate! Many mattresses claim to be orthopedic, but they may not provide the benefits you are looking for. So, to find an actual orthopedic mattress, check three properties—firmness, pressure relief, and spine alignment.

1. Firmness

Always keep in mind, ultrasoft and extra firm mattresses are not orthopedic mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are usually medium-firm as they are the most comfortable and often recommended for back pain and overweight individuals.

Also, medium-firm are universal as it is suitable for every kind of sleeper—side, back, and combination sleepers.

So, if you are buying an orthopedic mattress, first of all, check its firmness and go with a medium-firm bed.


2. Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief is related to the firmness of the mattress only. When you sleep in bed, your hip and shoulders joint have to bear your body weight.

If your mattress is too firm or too soft, you feel uncomfortable that causes pain in your back and joints. A medium-firm bed helps to relieve the pressure of your body weight from hip and shoulder joints.

That is why orthopedic mattresses are usually medium-firm to provide you the benefit of pressure relief and comfortability while sleeping.


3. Spine Alignment

Spine alignment is the next important factor that ensures the proper structuring of orthopedic mattresses.

Orthopedic mattresses are usually softer towards the head and foot of the bed and firmer in the middle. It helps in spine alignment as it will support the natural curve of the spine.

If alignment is not proper, then it causes discomfort, back pain by putting stress on muscles and joints. So, orthopedic mattresses have a proper spine alignment structure that supports the spines.


The Bottom Line:

Orthopedic mattresses are an excellent solution to the sleeping problems that we all face. It provides numerous benefits, and the best part is that it is suitable for everyone.

However, with so many orthopedic mattresses available in the market, choose properly designed that achieve the perfect balance of softness and support.

Here we like to say bye! What do you think your mattress is orthopedic or not? Let us know in the comments.

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