10 Reasons to invest in a mattress protector

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You all wish to have a pleasant sleep at night. Right? Is your mattress hygienic? If not, then how will you get to sleep well?

If you are confused about whether your mattress can give you a healthy sleep or not, why not buy a mattress protector? Now, you must be questioning whether it is worth buying a mattress protector when you already have a good mattress?

Why not? Read the whole article to know the reasons why people buy a protector. We will also tell you what a mattress protector is.


What is a mattress protector?


By the word itself, you can understand its role and meaning. A mattress protector is supposed to protect the mattress. It works like a seat belt for your mattress and gives you sound sleep.

Protectors are made from polyesters and cotton with a waterproofing material, polyurethane, or vinyl. And as these materials are soft, it’s good and safe for sensitive skin.

You can find two types of mattress protectors in the market. Let us help you to know more about them.

  • Quilted

Quilted Mattress Protector

Quilted mattress protectors may feel like your bed is luxurious and comfortable by providing a more cushioning effect to you. And it also provides extra layers for protection.

  • Non-quilted

Non Quilted Mattress Protector

Non-quilted mattress protectors keep the mattresses protected on the areas exposed to air and prevent dust from getting collected in the corners.


What are the reasons to buy a mattress protector?

Most of you must already have a costly healthy mattress. Then you are thinking, why should you buy a mattress protector and spend additional money? Right? It is not a compulsion to use a protector for your mattress, but you will think once to buy it after reading the benefits mentioned below.

And if you are worried about your hygiene and want your mattress to run longer than the warranty period, you need a mattress protector. And to enjoy much more benefits, read on to know the reasons why you must purchase it.

1. A mattress protector is easy to clean.

Can you easily remove the stains and wetness from your mattress? No. So, it would be best if you try out using a mattress protector. It is washable and easily removable bedding. Also, if you do not prefer to wash it, you can vacuum it.

You can wash the mattress protector once or twice a week if necessary. Otherwise, washing it every two months is enough. And if you have children and they have a habit of wetting the mattress at night, then do buy a mattress protector not to burden yourself.

By getting a mattress protector, you can be assured of sleeping on a clean and germ-free bed. And also, if you wash the mattress protector by adding a mild detergent, you can sleep with a fragrant surrounding.


2. A mattress protector can protect you from allergies.

Mattress covers act like a barrier between you and dust mites in your mattress. The bed bugs and dust mites can cause allergic reactions like dermatitis and asthma.

An uncovered mattress can cause you these allergies, especially if your skin is sensitive, then a bad and old allergic mattress can be dangerous for you.

The mattress protectors have hypoallergenic properties that protect you from all the allergens inside your mattresses or pillows. If you use the mattress protector from the start, it can prevent bacterial growth on your mattresses.

The mattress protector will also prevent the speck of dust from getting stuck on the bed, preventing you from itchy eyes, sneezing and provide a good night’s sleep without any discomfort.


3. A mattress protector can reduce germs and bacterial growth

As you know, we sweat while we sleep. The mattress soaks our sweat in, and it becomes an ideal place for breeding bacterias and germs. And this may give out odour and worsen the condition of your mattress.

You can create a barrier between your sweat and mattress to avoid bacterial growth. How? By buying a mattress protector to keep your bed clean and safe.

Now, you know that a mattress protector has hypoallergenic properties. Therefore it also prevents bacterial growth and protects you from the germs on your bed.


4. A mattress protector protects your investment

Are you in doubt whether to invest your money in a mattress protector or not? Or do you feel like investing to buy a luxurious mattress was a waste of money?

If you buy a mattress protector, you will get the answers. First, it will increase the lifespan of the mattress you are already using, and then a mattress protector will last for at least two years.

A spring mattress can last for 6 to 10 years, and if you buy a memory foam mattress, it will last for 15 years. And your mattress will not get repaired or replaced even during the warranty period if it has worn out or stained. To protect your investment in your mattresses, buy a mattress protector.


5. A mattress protector is affordable.

Do not think that a multi-task mattress protector would be expensive. It is affordable, and you can also buy it through online shopping applications.

Its price can range from 100’s to 1000’s. And it would be best if you buy a good quality mattress protector to experience all of its benefits.


6. A mattress protector comes in different sizes, colours, and designs. 

You can buy a mattress protector for any bed size as it comes in all sizes. It is available for single, double, queen size, king size, and all other types of beds.

To protect your bed completely, you need the perfect size of its cover. And you can select the colour while buying it, out of red, blue, grey, white, and different self-designs of it.


7. A mattress protector can provide you comfort to sleep well

You can expect most of the comfort from a mattress protector that you expect from a good quality mattress. The microfibres inside a mattress protector are soft and allow air to pass.

And as it is breathable, you can understand that it keeps the bed cool and maintains the temperature even in hot weather conditions. The comfort, cushioning, and luxurious feeling of a mattress protector help you sleep without any disturbances, and you get up fresh.


8. A mattress protector is hygienic and good for the environment

Most of you spend at least 8 hours in your bed. And you also keep your mattress clean and dirt-free. Right? But can you see the harmful microbes growing on the bed with your naked eyes?

Why do you wash your hands before you eat? Likewise, it is essential to maintain the hygiene of the bed where you sleep. You can buy a mattress protector to protect you from fungus, fleas, airborne pollutants, decaying food wastes, or pet hair and stay hygienic.


9. A mattress protector is useful in every season

Whether it is summer, winter, rainy season, or spring, a mattress protector will not get damaged and affect you according to the current temperature of the surroundings.

It can keep you both warm and cool. In summers, the mattress protector allows itself to breathe out to keep you cool. And in winters, the soft material inside the protector provides you with warmth.


10. A mattress protector is good for children

Infants and small children are sensitive and can catch any disease quickly. And as a mattress protector is known for its cleanliness and hygiene. Buying it might keep your babies away from health problems.

Also, small children are very energetic and spill food and drinks on the bed. And the habit of babies to pee on the bed also wet the mattresses. In this condition, if you do not have a mattress protector, the wetness can give out odour and decrease the lifespan of your mattress.

So why wait and let your mattress damage. Go on and buy a mattress protector. Also, it is soft and cushiony, which will give your baby a comfortable sleep.



A mattress is essential for a peaceful sleep. But if you are not happy with your mattress and do not want to buy a new one or it is becoming difficult for you to take care of it, buy a mattress protector. A mattress protector is a seat belt to your mattress that protects it.

It is worth buying as it is easy to clean, prevents allergies, reduces bacterial growth, and is comfortable and suitable for babies. It is affordable, and you can get it in any size, colour, or design.

Surely try it out if you are concerned about your hygiene. And do not forget to tell us in the comment section whether you liked the mattress protector and found it reasonable to buy it or not.

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