How To Dispose Of A Mattress? 6 Bed Disposal Methods

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Purchasing a perfect mattress for yourself is a complex process, but so is getting rid of it. Did you know every year, around 18.2 million mattresses get thrown away in the united states itself? Throwing away your mattress can cause an increase in waste, due to which various disposing techniques have obtained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

This way, you can get rid of your old mattress along with helpful techniques or by following proper guidelines, which can be beneficial in decreasing waste. Here we are going to discuss all the methods through which you can dispose of your mattress quickly.


6 Methods To Dispose Of Your Mattress

There might be numerous reasons to get rid of a mattress like you might feel your mattress isn’t providing you with the proper comfort level it used to or torn edges in the corner of your mattress.

Sometimes shifting plays a significant role in removing all old stuff from your house and starting over. Even though reasons for disposing might be different, it’s crucial that the methods be followed carefully and adequately.

Here are some of the ways on how you dispose of your mattress:

1. Consider Recycling


Recycling is the most advantageous and environmentally friendly option for disposing of your mattress. Around 80% of mattresses can be easily recycled, according to the mattress recycling council.

For recycling your mattress, start by doing a google search about recycling services in your area. You can use your zip code to make the search process faster.

In some cities, these recycling services take a small amount of money to pick up your mattress. While in some cities, this process is entirely free and doesn’t cost you anything, so look into the entire process carefully before recycling.

Some recycling services might take. In case you can’t find any mattress recycling services in your city. Then you can look for other resources like:

Earth911 is one of the largest recycling centers. Just add your zip code along with the object you want to give for recycling, and that’s it.

If you can’t find any good recycling services in your area, you can contact the city’s municipal office in charge of recycling. Reach out to them and provide the information about your mattress.


2. Donate It


If your mattress is in a good state, try donating it to your local charity or organizations that accept donations of mattresses. This way, you can help someone in need by providing a mattress to the ones that can’t afford it.

However, make sure you aren’t donating a rip-up or crooked mattress. Only donate it if the mattress is in good condition. You don’t even need to think about the pickup or drop facilities as charity people generally send a free pickup for the mattress.

You can also donate your mattress to hospitals as they are always open for donation.

Suppose you can’t reach out to charities that consider contacting local businesses, homeless shelters, and thrift shops.

Local companies and thrift shops are ready to take good-conditioned mattresses, so they might be an asset for you.

This way, you can provide your mattress to someone that might need it. So rather than just throwing it away, do consider providing it to someone.


3. Repurpose It

If you like to create new things or follow DIY, you can explore numerous cool things using your old mattress.

A mattress contains materials like wooden parts, spring, fabric, coils, foams, and several more materials that can help you explore various new things.

You can use these materials to create new things like using springs and coils from your mattress for decoration purposes, holders, bird feeders, and more. Wooden parts involved in your mattress can be great for creating new wood objects.

You can even use this wood for gardening or creating decor objects, and you can also compost these wooden parts into creating a bin and more valuable kinds of stuff.

The cotton and foams in mattresses can be great for filters, padding, pillows, seat cushions, and more. By working on all these ideas, you can easily use your old mattress and generate several benefits.

Also, if you aren’t a creative person and do not want to indulge in reusing your mattress, you can remove the individual parts like springs and steel parts of your mattress and sell them to recycler of scrap metal or scrap yards.

You can recycle other materials in mattresses like wool, polyester, cotton, and silk as well.


4. Resell It


If your mattress is in good form and you don’t want to recycle it or give it to charity, you can resell it. You can use various product selling sites or your social media to see if anyone is looking for a mattress.

Place an ad on different websites, or you can promote your mattress through your social media account to reach a good number of people.

You shouldn’t expect to get a lot of money even if it is a branded mattress as it has already been used and become old, but you never you might get a satisfactory amount, and this might even help a person looking for a mattress.

So it can be a win-win situation in some cases, you should try this option. Make sure your mattress is in a good and usable form and not torn or ripped from the edges because no one would want to purchase a mattress that is damaged.

Selling defective mattresses might affect your own reputation.


5. Throw It

If you have tried all the earlier mentioned methods and still can’t recycle, reuse or resell your mattress, then there isn’t any other option except for throwing it away. However, this doesn’t mean you should just take your mattress and throw it near your trash.

If you do that, you might get fined. There is a process that you need to follow in order to get rid of the mattress. In some cities allow you to get rid of your mattress by putting it in a dumpster.

If your city enabled you to throw your mattress in a dumpster, you would be required to follow particular rules like covering your mattress with a plastic bag properly and making sure it is completely wrapped.

These rules might not be applied to all the cities; therefore, first, check the law and regulations of your respective cities before using this option.

Though this is also an easy way to get rid of your old mattress, make sure you only use this method when all the other options are working for you.


6. Waste Disposal Service

Waste Disposal Service

If your city doesn’t allow you to use the dumpster to throw your mattress, you can follow several other options like taking the help of a waste disposal service.

These waste disposal services can help you get rid of objects that you can’t just throw away in your trash. They collect old mattresses that people want to get rid of, so search for a waste disposal service in your area, and they will quickly help you get rid of your mattress.

You can directly search for junk removal near your area to get rid of old mattresses. These businesses take away all the junk that can’t be thrown in the dumpster. You can directly contact them about the mattress and get rid of it quickly.



Should I burn my mattress? 

No, burning your mattress isn’t a way to dispose of it not only is it wrong and unsafe and harmful for the environment in close with the site of the fire. Apart from the environment, it is also dangerous for the person as well because the mattress contains volatile organic compounds.


After how many years should I dispose of my mattress? 

A mattress usually can last up to eight to ten years, and you can dispose of it after ten years. However, whether you should dispose of your mattress or not majorly depends on the condition of your mattress. If it is in good shape and valuable, then you can continue to use its long period.


What are the signs that indicate you have to dispose of your mattress? 

A few signs that indicate it’s time to dispose of your mattress are it has begun to sag, torn or ripped edges, makes noise, starts to smell, becomes uncomfortable, and more. All these signs state it’s time to get a new mattress and get rid of the old one.


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Disposing of a mattress can be a complicated process for some people as the majority of times, people find themselves in a place where they don’t know what to do with their mattress.

Here we mentioned all the helpful ways to dispose of your mattress or use it is beneficial ways to make them useful.

We hope the solutions mentioned above have helped you in solving issues related to disposing of your mattress.

Notify us in the comments if you have any queries or doubts related to disposing of the mattress.

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