How Much Post Workout Protein Do You Really Need?

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While preparing for the ultimate fight with yourself in gaining a lean muscular structure, meals play a vital role in your diet plan. A pre-workout & post-workout protein consumption should be more focused than your workout sessions. This will allow you to manage & differentiate improvements much easier.

Through this article, we will enlighten you with how much post-workout protein content you should consume & how could it be beneficial for you. Whenever you plan a certain goal in your life, especially maintaining a lean muscle body. You analyze your body & seek a diet plan according to your body structure.

In this article, we’ll explore what sorts of food & why is essential for you to focus on the food you eat to live up to your goals. Let’s begin and classify each of these questions & doubts.


Importance of Protein Consumption for Workout

Importance of Protein Consumption for Workout

Imagine, if you had a goal of completing your exercise perfectly & wondering how you’ll be replenishing yourself. Then you must consider protein consumption pre & post-workout for better handling at workouts. The Importance of Protein Consumption is essential to understand, as during the time you workout or exercise the fuel source for your body is depleted while consuming Glycogen.

After you had a tiring workout, the amount of glycogen is needed back to repair and regenerate your muscle proteins which will further help you to grow your muscles. This needs the right selection of protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and certain fats. This concludes as being your diet.

Brief Role of Protein

  • It is crucial for them to aid your muscle tissues & repair damaged cells in your body.
  • It plays a role to transport oxygen to various parts of the body.
  • Protein contains essential amino acids that help you in improving muscle function.
  • Divide & decide your protein meals so you may gain a better portion of muscles.

This allows you to restore your Glycogen stacks, & muscle protein breakage. Consuming protein meals provide you with amino acids that will promote muscle growth and repair.


How much is Needed?

How much is Needed

When you are looking forward to accessing the protein essentials it is really important to choose the right protein quantity with the perfect quality of choice in your diet. The amount of protein each day should be approximately around less than 1.5 g per body weight.

There is another aspect to it, if you are considering enhancing your lean muscle, then a 110-115gms of protein content on a daily basis for an 85-90 kg person is sufficient.  If you ask me, the protein per meal then 30 gms of protein per meal which means a total of 120gms per day (in 4 meals). Is the best a man can get.

You must be wondering why isn’t there a possibility to eat more than 30 gms of protein per meal? Well, there is a protein limit for every person, it’s the amount of maximum protein you can absorb and digest in your body. This might increase depending on the person’s body weight.



There are certain challenges a person will face while consuming protein meals, after a workout. This includes series of challenges which we will be organizing for you to understand.

  1. More than 30 gms of protein is not worth it: In order to maximize the ability to stimulate muscle growth by a proper consumption of protein is limited. This means no matter how much you are muscular, you won’t be able to break down more than 30 gms of Protein.
  2. Splitting of Protein during Meals is important: The amount of protein consumption after workout needs to be divided into separate plans in breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. This will allow your body to process proteins in a suitable fashion. Going against it, and eating meals in one go will only going to harm and will take quite a lot of time to process food.
  3. Protein depends on your Body Mass: The amount of protein you consume might be limited but it doesn’t mean that you need to eat the maximum amount every time you exercise regardless of how much is your body mass. This means, if you are having a perfect buildup of muscles already, you can lessen the amount of protein consumption.


Techniques for Perfect Result

After you have understood the challenges and amount of protein you need in your diet, there are certain techniques that I would like to mention which will enhance your chances to get an amazing result.

  1. It is highly essential for you to consume water in massive amounts. This helps you in replenishing your energy & optimize your internal environment for your body. Either there can be a use of protein water or just water, it is up to your choices. There should not be such consumption of sugary mixtures in your liquid.
  2. A balanced meal should be taken with an equal amount of fats and carbs in your diet. These will help you to easily absorb all the nutritious factors of proteins into your body.


The Final Verdict

Considering all the tips, techniques and challenges now you must be clear about how you should proceed. In getting a good result, you shouldn’t be skipping any of those points we mentioned. It is essential to not go more than a few hours in order to get the best out of your daily schedule.

A perfect lean muscle needs determination, with a proper diet and patience.

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