How To Care For Your Nails (8 Tips For Healthy Nails)

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Nails are fragile, and it’s essential we take care of them, but often we ignore any concern related to nails.

Many of you might wonder what is the right way to take care of your nails? As nails aren’t a topic people usually put a lot of attention on, I’m going to talk about ways to take care of your nails in this article.


8 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Nails Healthy 

Here are a few crucial points that you can follow to take care of your nails and protect them from any harm.

1. Use Oils And Moisturizers 


Nails can dry out very quickly and cause a breakout, due to which you must provide the right amount of nourishment to your nails to keep them protected.

So invest in good moisturizers, or you can even use avocado oil to keep your nails hydrated. The best time to use these oils and moisturizers is at night. Just gently dab this product on your nails before you go to sleep.


2. Invest In Acetone Nail Paint Removers

Nail Paint Removers

Usually, nail paint removers that are acetone help in gently removing the nail paints of your fingers.

They also help in keeping the nails moisturized. While other harsh ingredients containing nail paint removers can be hard on your nails, causing a high amount of dryness to your nails.

You should avoid nail paints that involve dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde that can damage your nails by making them dry and causing a significant breakout.


3. Maintain A Good Diet 

Nutritious Diet

You might be shocked, but having a good diet does help in keeping those nails strong and healthy by Having essential nutrients in your diet like Iron, Vitamin B, magnesium, protein, and more.

This diet provides nutritional elements that can help nail growth, preventing them from breaking out and being hydrated. Like nails contains keratin which keeps them protected and nourished.

So, by consuming a good amount of protein in your diet, you increase keratin in your nails which will help keep your nails strong.


4. Cut Or Trim Your Nails Regularly

Cut Or Trim Your Nails Regularly

You must cut your nails weekly as trims help in making the nails soft and smooth.

If you don’t cut your nails regularly, they will tend to become stiff, which can later cause you difficulty in cutting them. So it’s better if you cut your nails from time to time.


5. Cut Nails Across Straight

Ingrown nails can be a concern that many faces, so consider cutting your nails across straight to get rid of this issue.

It is also better to always go for cutting your nails after you have showered, as it’s believed that the surface of nails is more smooth and softer after taking a shower.


6. Keep Your Nails Away From Wet Or Unhealthy Surroundings

Unhealthy or dirty surroundings can often lead to germs stuck behind nails, which can cause health issues. In scenarios like washing dishes, dealing with any chemical-related stuff, cleaning the house, and more, don’t forget to wear gloves.

By wearing gloves before any cleaning activity, you can prevent any spoiled or unethical thing from contacting your nails.

Also, by wearing gloves before washing dishes, you can prevent your nails from having too much contact with water as it can weaken your nails.


7. Avoid Biting Your Nails

Avoid Biting Your Nails

Some of you might have this habit of biting your nails, and we don’t understand it can be hard to break a habit.

But it is essential to avoid this one because it damages your nails and causes bacteria to come in contact with your body through contact with nails and mouth.


8. Stop Yourself From Cutting Your Cuticles

When you cut your cuticles, there is a high potential of you causing cuts that can cause germs to enter your body. This can also be a source of major infections.

Cuticles also help in keeping the nail bed area safe. So if you want to cut your cuticle, consider gently pushing the cuticle below with the help of a flat edge of a small stick. This will help in making your nails look even more elongated without actually cutting cuticles.



Can I use Vaseline on my nails rather than oil? 

Yes, you can use Vaseline as a moisturizer on your nails. It will help in keeping your nails hydrated.


Does applying oil to my nails help them grow fast? 

No, oils are majorly used to get rid of dead cells and provide hydration. They can’t make the growth process faster.



Nails require a good amount of care and attention. By just following the steps mentioned above, you can easily take care of your nails. Not only will these steps keep your nails in the right shape but also keep them healthy.

Tell us in the comments which step you consider most essential for keeping your nails healthy.

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