How To Use Cold Wax? Simple Process Explained

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The burning sensation of hot wax on the skin is a significant pain. But we still go for it because no one wants unwanted hair on the skin.

Cold waxing is an option for those who don’t like hot waxing. The reasons other than hot sensation can be rashes, or your skin is too sensitive for that hot liquid.

In this article, you use cold wax strips to clean those unwanted hairs from your body.


How To Use Cold Wax?

Cold Wax

Cold waxing is easy and can be done by yourself. But there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. The hair growth should be longer, i.e., ¼ inch, since the waxing strip might not clear small hair.

Make sure you rub the strip between your palm, give it friction, make it warmer, and use it. It will help the wax to get smoother, and it will stick nicely to the skin. After applying, always rub the strip from above.

It will make sure that all unwanted hair sticks to the strip. It is a fundamental and most vital step in waxing. Constantly hold your skintight from the end of the strip, then pull the strip versus the growth of your hair.

Be fast! Pausing in between can break your hair from the middle. This process is vital since the faster you pull your strip, the less it will pain as well. Along with this, Speed also makes a difference in the clean and effective hair removal process.

Let’s talk about the application of cold wax strips.


Process Of Using Cold Wax

Cold Wax Process

Here are some simple steps you can follow to use cold wax:

  • Take a strip, keep it between your palms and rub it from both sides. The friction will activate the wax stickiness, which will help you in sticking the strip easily
  • Do this for 20 seconds until you feel a slight rise in temperature
  • Strips have two layers. Remove them precisely since they might stick to anything that will come in the way. Pay attention to your fingers
  • Now apply the wax, exposing the wax area to your skin
  • The place you are waxing should be dry. If it isn’t, try talcum powder or baby powder
  • After applying, rub the strip from above for 5-6 seconds so that it sticks to your skin hair properly
  • Remember forever pull the strip from the opposite direction of hair growth and hold tight your skin at the ending of the strip
  • Pull it fast since speed is essential for painless waxing, removal of dirt, etc.
  • If you feel any excess wax remove it with wipes or a towel
  • Now enjoy the silky-smooth skin

Cold waxing is a smooth and straightforward process. You do not need to prepare wax. But you are preparing your skin before waxing is essential and effective in cold waxing.

Let me tell you how you can prepare your skin for cold waxing.


Essential Steps Regarding Cold Waxing

It is relevant to prepare your skin before waxing. Ensure your skin is dry pre-waxing since the strip might not get stick-on wet skin, so clean sweat and water. Removing all dirt will expose your hair, and this way, waxing can be accessible and appropriate.

The easiest way to prepare your skin is by exfoliation. Try to exfoliate before 12 hours of waxing. You can exfoliate your skin with any scrub available at home or in stores near you.

Remember the basic rules of waxing, do not wear tight clothes, especially in the area you will be waxing. Avoid heat because it might cause sweating, stay away from dirt, smoke, and pollution, lastly, cleanse your skin before starting the process.

After waxing, you can nourish your skin with coconut oil, moisturizer, or skin cleaning wipes.


Essential Tips Regarding Wax Strips

Ignore cutting of waxing strips! Since it will get messier in the application of the strip. Use it in the same size and shape. However, you can choose wax strips according to the area you are thinking of wax.

Ingredients in your wax strip make a difference since they provide nourishment and essential components to your skin. Natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Lavender, honey, and aloe vera are gentle and nourish your skin.

Essential oils like argan and jojoba are also great ingredients. You can use these strips more than once. These strips are usable until they no longer stick to your skin. Even if you see 1 or 2 hairs reapply the same waxing strip and pull it again.


Benefits Of Cold Waxing

The significant benefit of cold waxing is you can do this at home without any help. Extremely comfortable; apply and pull.

Drug store wax strips are great to use, but investigate the ingredients, as I have mentioned earlier.

At any point, you see the appearance of hair peeling it off with the same strip. These strips peel off the tiniest of hair growth from the skin.

Cold waxing is less messy. You use a strip, throw it away, no heating of wax or falling of wax on sheets, etc.



Does Cold Wax Remove Tan?

Yes, any form of waxing can help in the removal of tan or dead skin cells. But it is more effective on larger areas of body parts. If the ingredients are valuable, they will also leave behind well-nourished skin.


Does Cold Wax Expire?

Wax changes its properties but does not expire. It will get messier, making it hard to do waxing, but it is stick-on and pull-off types if used on time. But it takes a long period for cold wax to get messy.


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Cold waxing is the cheapest and easiest way to remove hair.  Not only it clears hair, but it leaves your skin smooth and silky at one go.

It can be done quickly at home, making it easy to use, and you can reuse it as I have mentioned above. Cold waxing can be done even when you are at home comfortably.

The most vital one is no chances of burning your skin and tolerating the pain or burning sensation.

Are you thinking of trying cold waxing? Let us know in the comment section below.

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