OMRON HEM 7120 VS OMRON HEM 7130 BP Machine

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Blood pressure monitors are a blessing for those who suffer from hypertension. A blood pressure machine can help you in keeping a constant check of your blood pressure levels.

In a country like India, where one out of every five people has high blood pressure, these monitors are in high demand.

What could go wrong with buying something as simple as a? Trust me, a lot! A variety of factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a blood pressure monitor.

OMRON is viewed as a trusted brand. It is the choice of many shoppers. There are many variants and models in this one brand. So, it might be a little tricky to put down a finger one.

How to know which out of these is the best for you? In this article, we will be evaluating Omron 7120 and Omron 7130. So, read further to know about the positive and negative attributes of this device.


Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine

OMRON 7120 

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The Omron HEM 7120 is a digital blood pressure monitor that works automatically. It is convenient to use and handle. It requires just one tap to determine your blood pressure.

Therefore, even if someone is not used to handling gadgets, they won’t have any trouble using this device. It works on the Oscillo-metric principle to provide better precision.

Apart from, determining blood pressure, it also measures the pulse rate.

Let us weigh down the pros and cons of OMRON 7120. Here, I have listed the good features and warned you about what could go wrong.


  • EASY TO USE – The OMRON HEM 7120 is easy to use. It is digital and functions automatically. The elderly are usually unable to operate complex monitors. Therefore, this is a good choice for them.
  • PORTABLE – The blood pressure monitor is easy to carry. It just weighs 0.73 pounds. So, even if you are travelling, you can take it with you.
  • BODY MOVEMENT DETECTION – One of the key features of this monitor is that it detects body movement. So, if while measuring the patient moves a little, it warns the user to retake the reading.
  • ENHANCED IntelliSense TECHNOLOGY – OMRON HEM 7120 comes with ‘IntelliSense’ technology. Therefore, this means it can give controlled inflation without the need for re-inflation. This feature, therefore, makes the readings more accurate. All this makes the whole process less complex for the users.
  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT DETECTION – In case your heartbeat staggers and varies by more than twenty-five per cent then it indicates the same. An irregular heartbeat might not give an accurate reading. Hence, this feature is imperative to determine a precise reading.
  • HYPERTENSION INDICATOR – If your systolic or diastolic pressure is beyond the standard range, then there is an indicator for that too. So, it is pretty apt for aged patients.
  • WARRANTY – The monitor comes with a three-year warranty. If anything goes wrong, it will be fixed by the company. Therefore, your investment is secured.


  • CUFF SIZE – There has been a lot of complaints regarding the cuff size. The Omron HEM 7120 does not have a standard cuff size. So, a lot of adults struggle with getting it fit around their arms. The cuff size has a circumference of 22-32cm. Therefore, buying make sure your arm circumference meets this range.
  • ACCURACY – The Omron HEM 7120 is said to provide pretty accurate measurements. However, there have been complaints that after a few months, the readings fluctuate. So, you completely cannot trust the precision.
  • NO ADAPTOR – There is no charger included in the packaging. So, you have to invest in a power adapter separately.
  • LCD SCREEN – The LCD screen does not have a hard plastic screen protector. You have to be careful while using it. So, there are chances of it getting damaged or breaking.


Omron HEM 7130 Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine

OMRON 7130

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The Omron 7130 is another model that is sold by this same company. Like the Omron HEM 7120, this one is also completely automated.

It is also a go-to choice for many shoppers when considering purchasing a blood pressure monitor.

This model also works on the same Oscillo-metric principle. It does almost the same job as ORMON 7120. But, there are slight intricacies that make it stand out.

So, read further to know what are the perks and benefits of buying it.


  • MEMORY- The most impressive feature of the Omron 7130 is that it can story memory. The last 60 readings can be saved, along with time and date. So, that is exemplary if you wish to compare and analyse your readings.
  • CUFF SIZE – The cuff size of the Omron 7130 is 22-42cm. It is more inclusive. Therefore, there will be no issues with fit.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE INDICATOR – This model is more advanced. It is equipped with a Blood pressure level indicator that is not present in others. Hence, this feature enhances its usability.
  • PORTABLE – This blood pressure monitor is not bulky. It just weighs 570 grams. This feature makes it portable.
  • ENHANCED ‘IntelliSense’ TECHNOLOGY – The key feature of any Omron blood pressure monitor is ‘IntelliSense’ technology. Therefore, it makes it easier to use. The user does not need to operate and set it up. So, it becomes even defter to use.
  • HYPERTENSION INDICATOR – The Omron 7130 comes with a hypertension indicator. In case your readings exceed the optimal range, it will beep and warn you.
  • BODY MOVEMENT DETECTION –   This monitor senses body movement, which is one of its main benefits. If the patient moves slightly while being measured, the user is indicated to redo the reading.
  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT DETECTION – If your heartbeat staggers and varies by more than 25%, it indicates the same. An erratic heartbeat may make it difficult to get an accurate reading. This characteristic is critical for obtaining a precise reading.
  • AVERAGE OF LAST THREE READINGS – The OMRON HEM 7130 also allows you to consider the average of last readings taken within 10 minutes. This could provide you with better precision.
  • LCD SCREEN – The LCD screen in OMRON HEM 7130 is wider. This makes it look sleek and compact.


  • MULTIPLE BUTTONS – Using Omron 7130 can prove to be a little tricky to some users. It is so because instead of just one button, there are three. These buttons only enable one to set date, time and access history.
  • ACCURACY – Even though it is equipped with ‘IntelliSense’ technology, it can show inaccurate readings. Over some time, digital devices can give faulty readings. This same complaint persists here too.
  • COST – It can be a little pricey for some buyers. So, if it exceeds your budget, then refrain from buying it.
  • WARRANTY – The warranty is quite less. It is just one year. So, after that, if anything goes wrong the warranty, will not cover it.


 OMRON HEM 7120 OR OMRON 7130 BP Machine

DISPLAY LCD display Larger LCD Display
CUFF SIZE 22-32CM 22-42CM
MEMORY No Stores memory of last 60 readings.
COST Rs. 1948/- Rs. 3298/-
‘IntelliSense’ TECHNOLOGY Yes Yes


What to take into consideration when buying a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Are you still struggling to understand which parameters should be taken into consideration? Well, we have got you covered on that too. Take a look at this list I put together —

  • ACCURACY – This goes without saying. It is imperative to buy a device that provides you with precise readings.
  • CLINICALLY APPROVED – A lot of buyers overlook this point. Make sure that the BP monitor is clinically approved. This is a symbol of assurance and trust.
  • CUFF SIZE – Some BP monitors come with a limited cuff size. This again causes hassle. So, to avoid the same make sure that the range of cuff size is wide.
  • WARRANTY – It is necessary to protect your investment. Therefore, make sure the monitor comes with a good warranty.
  • PRICE – It is crucial to consider this factor. There are several blood monitors in the market and, they come in different ranges. So, make sure to compare all the options.


Why should you monitor your blood pressure at home?

It is a necessity for those with hypertension. By using a blood pressure monitor, you can regulate and monitor your levels daily. This can prove to be imperative.

If your levels continue to stay out of the optimal range, then you can consult your healthcare provider. This will help you ascertain the root cause of your problem before conditions escalate.

A blood pressure monitor is therefore essential to provide you with constant feedback and update.



I hope this article gave you a better insight into these products. Let me know if you have ever tried using them or not?

Both Omron HEM 7120 and Omron HEM 7130 are pretty popular. Which one is better? There is a lot of discussion over it. I believe that the answer to that question varies considerably from person to person.

I would personally go for OMRON 7120 because it provides the ‘IntelliSense’ technology on a budget. If the price is not a problem for you, then you can settle for OMRON 7130. It has other added features too. The warranty provided is a little less.

Therefore, I will leave it to you. Do consider the pros and cons wisely before making a purchase.

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