Omron HEM-7120 VS Omron HEM-8712 | Which One is Better?

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During this pandemic, things are going berserk & everyone is looking forward to protecting themselves. The most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle nowadays is to prevent hypertension & maintain blood pressure increment or decrement.

This article will discuss and review which Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) of a Japan-based company, ‘Omron’, is a better choice.

With the rise of health problems, there is an outbreak of people going to hospitals, doing their check-ups, monitoring their blood levels which could cost you more than enough.

These digital blood pressure monitors are considerably cheap & worth monitoring your blood levels to keep you better. Let’s compare and decide.


Omron HEM-7120

Omron HEM-7120

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Generally, when we look at the Japan-based company ‘Omron,’ it has excellency in the medical field. The brand is dedicated chiefly to build blood pressure monitors & if we look at HEM-7120, it is entirely automatic with a single button without any hassle.

Let’s look at the complete overview of this model & analyse how it performs in terms of features, Readability, how accurate it sounds & what’s the actual people’s opinion on this digital blood pressure monitor.

Model Type

The HEM-7120 comes with an upper arm BP Monitor, which measures almost every type of blood pressure. This model has an essential one-key reading & can be used for many purposes, which we will talk about soon. The HEM-7120 is in for a budget & has quite a few advantages & disadvantages, which you should know.


Accuracy & Readability

When we talk about how much beneficial it can be in terms of accurate measurement, after we tested & reviewed, we’ve seen accurate as well as inaccurate readings in some cases.

The deviations were noticeably much significant rather than just (+5 to -5) as per the features provided for this model. But for most of the part, it has shown comparable figures instead of giving panic attacks to us.

The Readability is pretty simplistic, containing an LCD panel with an excellent display. There are particular abbreviations also being displayed, which is a plus point for users.


Overview of Features

Being one of the best selling and highly demanded, this in-budget BP Monitor is tremendously lightweight, which you can take with you wherever you want. It’s portable & perfectly fit into the upper arm.

Hypertension and faulty heartbeat sensors provide you with somewhat accurate results. Not only that, it controls the inflation of the arm cuff with its tech.


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Omron HEM-7120

Advantages (Pros):-

  • Due to its premium build quality, it will keep up with you throughout the day.
  • Portable & easy to use as it won’t make you think twice while operating it.
  • A reasonable low-cost BP Monitor can provide you with quick readings.
  • It shows you the last reading so you could keep up with the data.

Now let’s look at some of the disadvantages which are necessary to be mentioned.

Disadvantages (Cons.):-

  • One of the essential elements which are always there for any electronic, ‘a power supply’. Unfortunately, they don’t provide you, so you have to purchase it separately.
  • Amazon reviewers saw quite a few inaccurate measurements, so you need to think before choosing this one.
  • It doesn’t store your older readings except for the last ones.


Omron HEM-8712

Omron HEM-8712

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Similar to HEM-7120, it still differs at some point when it comes to its accurate measurements.

Model Type

Nothing much different from HEM-7120; it also includes an upper arm monitor, which measures systolic & diabolic. The HEM-8712 is a bit expensive than HEM-7120 due to some instances, which we will discuss further in Accuracy & Readability.

It’s also entirely automatic, with no compromises made up there. Let’s deep-dive into what makes it a bit expensive.


Accuracy & Readability

At this price, the HEM-8712 does accurate measurement better than the HEM-7120. When we were testing this model, it gave some improvements. The Readability is the same as that of HEM-7120 no changes in that.

The same 103x80x235 mm dimension with an LCD Panel is top-notch. The nearly accurate readings will be evident to you on the panel. Sometimes it shows inaccurate readings, the reason being due to its software platform.


Overview of Features

One of the best highlights of this BP Monitor is its Hypertension feature which lets you know the exact range, yet it is accurate with a deviation of 4mmHg. The Cuffs are perfectly comfortable on the upper arm.

It will be a user-friendly device for you, with a heart icon beeping on the screen while measuring. It’s similar to that of HEM-7120.


Advantages vs Disadvantages Of Omron HEM-8712

Advantages (Pros.):-

  • It’s easy to operate and connect, with a user-friendly dashboard for you to interact.
  • The best part is that it provides you with better results & accuracy & you can transfer your data quickly.
  • It shows your pulse rate additionally regardless of the blood pressure.

Disadvantages (Cons.):-

  • There is no battery indicator for you so that you can keep up with the device.
  • Some of the minor elements like date & time are not visible on the panel.
  • The Power Supply is not included in this model, other than the set of batteries for you.


Comparison Deck

Similarities between Omron HEM-7120 & HEM-8712

  • When it comes to durability and Readability, they both give better results.
  • The Display of each BP Monitor is identical & nowhere different.
  • All the features, including hypertension & pulse rate, are in these models.
  • Both Models doesn’t include a power supply & are portable.
  • There are no storage options available for you to access.


Differences between Omron HEM-7120 & HEM-8712

  • The Omron HEM-7120 is a bit cheaper regardless of how they both are similar to each other. On the other hand, Omron HEM-8712 is a bit expensive.
  • The Omron HEM-8712 is very accurate in terms of heart rate & pulse rate. After our many reviewers tested it, they picked HEM-8712 over HEM-7120
  • There is no such thing as a battery indicator on these models
  • Another BP Monitor called Beurer BM 28 is out there in the market too & is in direct competition with HEM-8712.


Which One is Better? (Conclusion)

When we look closely at both of these models, we found out that no matter how appealing it seems to us or the features they give us. We only care about the accurate measurements in the BP Monitor &HEM-8712 proves it to be the better choice.

This might be a bit expensive but doesn’t deviate like HEM-7120 at a large scale. It’s a portable device with satisfying results. We prefer you to choose Omron’s HEM-8712 over HEM-7120 unless you are on a budget; go for HEM-7120.

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