6 Different Types of Foam Mattress You Should Know

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Purchasing and using the perfect mattress provide comfort and support for a good night’s sleep, and foam mattresses do precisely that!

It is common knowledge that uninterrupted, sound sleep of seven hours is essential for adults.

So, choosing the right type of foam mattress becomes crucial. By the right type, we mean, the one that suits your needs and your budget.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about all types of foam mattresses. Keep reading.


Different Types of Foam Mattresses

Let us look at the different types of foam mattresses available for purchase

1. Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are essential not just for your bed but also for sofas, cushions, and more. Moreover, the soft fabric aligns with your body perfectly.

Memory foams essentially respond to your body heat which helps relieve pressure from painful joints. Therefore, it provides support in areas where your body needs it the most.

There are three types of memory foam mattresses available – traditional/open cell, gel-based, and copper-based mattresses.

Gel-based foam mattresses consist of either gel beads or a gel layer on the mattress for heat. As you continue reading the article, you will learn more about gel-based foam mattresses.

Copper-based foam mattresses are a perfect choice for people with allergies. Copper contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Therefore, this mattress provides long-lasting comfort.

Traditional/open cell foam mattresses consist of tiny air gaps that allow air circulation to regulate temperature.

However, these mattresses usually retail higher than other mattresses due to their unique design that moulds better.


2. Gel-based Foam Mattress

Gel based foam

You read a little about gel-based foam mattresses just now. So, you are aware of its design and construction. Let us delve a little deeper and find out how these mattresses work.

Gel-based mattresses provide equal heat distribution, ensuring enough comfort while you get a good night’s sleep.

These mattresses also have a spring-like effect, thus making them a more suitable choice for children. No matter how much they jump on the bed, gel-based mattresses will retain their original form in seconds.

However, they slowly lose their ability to transfer heat equally. As a result, heat gets trapped in the mattress, which can cause discomfort over time.


3. Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex Foam Matress

Latex foam mattresses are firm mattresses that provide more support than most mattresses. If you prefer using environmentally-conscious products, this is a suitable purchase for you!

As the name suggests, these mattresses are designed using natural latex material.

Because it consists of environmentally friendly products that are free of chemicals such as formaldehyde, mercury, etc., it provides greater longevity.

The only drawback of latex foam mattresses is that they are not as lightweight as other mattresses on the market.


4. Polyurethane Foam Mattresses

Polyutherane Foam Mattres

Polyurethane foam mattresses have similarities with memory foam mattresses. The only difference between these two is that polyurethane foam mattresses have lesser chemicals.

Since different polyurethane foam mattresses use different polymer foam, some are softer, whereas others are more firm. Hence, their softness or firmness can not account for their quality.

Compared to other mattresses, these retail at a more affordable price. So, if budget is your primary concern, these mattresses are a suitable fit for your bedroom.

Author’s Note: However, purchasing this mattress may compromise the durability and longevity of the product as it is prone to forming impressions and off-gassing. 


5. Reflex Foam Mattresses

Reflex Foam Mattresses

Reflex foam mattresses are high-density polyurethane foam mattresses. They are suitable for people suffering from orthopaedic issues such as a curved spine, arthritis, etc.

While the main component of this mattress is indeed polyurethane, there are some differences in the build and functionality.

Compared to memory and polyurethane foam mattresses, reflex foam mattresses help correctly align the spine. Therefore, there is no need to turn and adjust your position while sleeping.

They also retail at a more affordable price. However, they also provide more comfort and longevity than polyurethane foam mattresses. They are also resistant to dust mites, making them suitable for people suffering from asthma or dust allergies.


6. Convoluted Foam Mattresses

Convoluted Foam Mattresses


Popularly known as the egg-carton mattress because of its egg-box shape with peaks and valleys, convoluted foam mattresses have more airflow than most foam mattresses.

The design of convoluted foam mattresses consists of two four-inch sheets instead of one. Hence, they are also available as toppers for your existing mattress.

Convoluted foam mattresses distribute heat and weight effectively, allowing for optimum comfort. Hence, medical professionals recommend these for bed-ridden patients.

Maintaining the cleanliness of these mattresses can be a strenuous task because of this design. However, this will not be an issue if you use a mattress protector.

Because these mattresses are so lightweight, they can be packed and moved in emergency cases.


7. Evlon Foam Mattresses

Evlon Foam Mattresses

Also known as the luxe foam, evlon foam mattresses are available in high-end furniture, pillows, cushions, and more. These mattresses are costlier than any other foam mattress.

Moreover, the tensile strength of evlon foam mattresses is relatively remarkable. The tensile strength of any product measures the resistance of any wear and tear.

Evlon foam has firm and supportive yet dense properties that easily attract customers and make them a versatile choice for high-end furniture and mattresses.


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Conclusively, you have a total of 7 types of foam mattresses to choose from based on your requirements and budget.

While finding the right foam mattress can be a difficult task, this article is here to help and guide you through it all to make the most suitable decision.

If you use any of the foam mattresses mentioned above, feel free to share your experience with our readers in the comment section below!

We shall continue to add more informative articles to our page. So make sure you stay connected and come back for more!

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