11 Health Benefits Of Air Purifiers, According to Science

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Are you suffering from Asthma and getting triggers? or Allergic to dust, pollen, or unwanted tiny particles?

Air purifiers are the answer since they can remove smoke from your environment with HEPA or activated carbon filters.

These air purifiers remove tiny particles like 0.3microns (microscopic particles), which can pull small particles from 4 to 0.1 microns. Inside the buildings, it is hard for ventilation, which is why tiny particles get trapped.

These may be small invisible dust particles, but they cause some severe health issues. Especially children and elders are high at risk. This article will tell you several ways to tackle some severe diseases caused by tiny micron particles.

Let’s see the health benefits of air purifiers which are taken under consideration by science.


11 Health Benefits Of Air Purifiers

1. Protects Elders And Children From Respiratory Diseases

Protects From Respiratory Diseases

Elders and Toddlers spend most of their time at home. They are at high risk of inhaling contaminated air since these generations are at increased risk of getting chronic diseases.

It is dangerous for their system, especially if they already suffer from a cardiovascular or respiratory illness. Air purifiers remove unwanted particles, pollutants and decrease the chances of inhaling hazardous air.

Due to which air purifiers should be a part of the home, this will prevent them from having any severe chronic illness.


2. It Helps In Reducing Stress

Reducing Stress

Yes, an air purifier prevents Stress. The people who breathe high polluted air are at higher risk of getting anxiety, and people who inhale pure air are safe. It affects your cortisol level, which helps in relaxing the mind and body.

The peace of mind it brings with itself is another good factor. Knowing that you are inhaling safe and pure air is suitable for the reason. However, having an Air purifier in your workspace or home will help you with controlled cortisol levels.

Purifier decreases the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in your home. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Humans consider keeping in-house plants for better oxygen and eventually giving you good and fresh air to breathe.

Inhaling carbon dioxide can be lethal; it can cause high heart rates, weakness, dizziness, headaches, and severe lung diseases.

Having a good Air purifier can help you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and prevent getting any above-given illnesses. Air purifiers are the simple and easiest way to avoid the rise of carbon dioxide indoors.


3. Keep Cigarette Smoke And Trapped Tobacco Particles Away

Cigarette Smoke

If you are a parent and still smoke, you need to understand that you may cause severe chronic disease to your child. Tobacco and smoke cause pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, and Asthma.

Children’s lungs are still in the developing stage. Any respiratory problems can cause you their lives. Air purifiers are proven to remove such second-hand smoke since it has activated carbon which sucks all chemicals, odors, and gases along with the smoke.

These unwanted particles pass through activated carbon that the air purifier has, which gets absorbed.


4. Improve Your Mood With The Air Purifier

Improve Your Mood

Decrease your depression with ionized air purifiers. Some air purifiers produce negative ions; this helps in lessening depression. Neat air can support maintaining a good mood. Inhaling good air with negative ions will help you increase mood levels.

It will boost your happiness and will reduce your sad mood. Resulting in a less agitated mood, and it even controls your temper.


5. Beneficial To Use In Hospitals Or Health Clinics

Viruses and Bacteria can settle anywhere, which can contaminate the indoor air. The bad indoor air is more destructive and can cause people airborne diseases. Bringing an air purifier can remove these unwanted and hazardous particles from the air. Eliminating toxins from already suffering people environment make it more useful in hospitals and clinic.

Air purifiers in hospitals and clinics remove bacteria and disinfectant air. These cleaners will help the air not get contaminated by trapping viruses and bacteria.


6. Remove Dangerous Mosquitoes And Insects


Post using insecticides, and it is never guaranteed to remove all insects at once. Mosquitoes that are causes of diseases like Malaria and dengue get quickly indoors of your house.

Purifiers can kill these mosquitos’ preventing diseases and infections. Not only mosquitoes, but air purifiers can also remove bugs and do not leave any smell of insecticides. Cleaners are beneficial against these tiny insects.

All this helps you reduce the chances of getting Malaria or dengue and gives you a clean and clear environment.


7. Lower The Risk Of Getting Leukaemia And Lymphoma

Lowers The Risk Of Getting Leukaemia

Volatile Organic Compounds produce increased vapor pressure. It gives an unwanted aroma that harms health and is the cause of several cancers, Leukaemia and Lymphoma.

These chemicals are part of our ordinary lives in paint, aerosol sprays, stored fuels, air fresheners, furniture coating, etc. These volatile organic compounds can irritate your eyes which causes watering eyes, along with nausea, and cause you difficulty in breathing.

Using air purifiers can reduce volatile organic compounds and will give you a better and more accessible atmosphere.


8. Reduce Pollutants In Your Environment


Asthma is a common disease in the urban environment. The lifestyle we live by and the change in cities’ territory rather than rural areas reflect more pollution-prone conditions.

The rich amount of harmful and hazardous gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc., cause allergies and diseases like Asthma. Battling pollution is a significant problem nowadays since the cause it has on our health is volatile.

Air purifiers are not the solution but the need of human life. Even if you suffer from these diseases, a good lifestyle adaptation will help you decrease the risk of getting these diseases and increase your life rate.


9. Air Purifier Eliminates Lung Cancer-Causing Gas

Radon gas, lung cancer-causing gas, is volatile. The product of the rare combination of uranium in rock, soil, and water. Present in home, schools, offices this gas get into by service gaps or cracks between walls.

Radon gas contaminates your respiratory system and can cause lung cancer. Removing radon and decreasing its level is possible by filling cracks on walls. Air purifiers pull such gases and remove them from your living space.

Using purifiers in school and home will give you radon free environment.


10. It Removes Asthma Attacks Triggers

Asthma gets triggered when carbon dioxide, dust, hair sprays, smoke, and perfumes get into your respiratory system. It is essential to remove all these tiny foreign particles.

Air purifiers are best since they remove tiny to tiniest airborne or dust particles from the environment inside your house. In these cases, small unwanted particles get cleaned with cleaners.

It is crucial to choose an air purifier that reduces these tiny particles and reduces the chance of asthma attacks.


11. Have Allergies? Air Purifier Can Help


Pollen grains, pet odor, tiny dust particles, and smoke will cause allergies in your body. Therefore, prevent it by having a cleaner at home since it removes these small unwanted particles.

These allergic reactions are self-defense mechanisms by your body, i.e., IgE, and cause allergic reactions. Air purifiers use ozone to remove such small particles and give you safe space. You can also use cleaners that do not have ozone.

* Since in many cases ozone causes allergic reaction too.



Which Is The Best Air Purifier?

An air purifier with HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) is the best. Their filter can remove the tiniest particles like pet odor, pollen, and unwanted micron particles. These remove the smallest particles like as little as .3microns


Do Air Purifiers Prevent Coronavirus?

Proper air purifiers can help in preventing airborne diseases, viruses, and micro bacteria. However, self-precautions are necessary for coronavirus, so do not depend totally on Air purifiers.



The new generation needs new solutions, and technology is the answer for these. Air purifiers can help you with minor problems like asthma triggers to grand diseases like Cancer. As I have addressed in the article, toddlers and elders are prone to lung cancer and high risk.

It is vital to understand the tiny amount of smoke will risk someone else’s life at stake. It is essential to think of solutions like Air purifiers that can help in reducing the effect of smoke and in-house trapped bacteria.

Let us know what you think about air purifiers in the comment section below.

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