21 Effective Skin Care Tips For Teenagers (Skin Care Tips for Teens)

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Most commonly, teens face pimples and acne at their age. And it occurs due to bacteria and toxins trapped in their skin pores. How do they get trapped? At teenage, the body develops and matures. The hormones produce more sebum that clogs the pores and invite bacterias.

Therefore, a teen needs to take proper care of their skin. Do not worry if you are not aware of any skincare routine. This article will help you by providing effective skin care tips to maintain your skin’s flawlessness and softness as a teenager.

To begin with, a skincare routine at your age is necessary because it will help you with the problems at older ages. Therefore, read on to prevent premature aging!


Skincare tips for teenagers

Are you fed up with oily skin? Or acne, excessive sweating, warts, eczema, or other dermatitis issues? Teenagers face these common problems, and only a proper skincare routine can help them out. Therefore, if you are one of them and are tired of daily skin issues. Follow these tips and get rid of skin problems.

1. Do not touch your face frequently

Do not touch your face frequently.


Do you remember where did you touch last? And when did you wash your hands last? You do not remember. Right? And after touching everywhere, we touch our face and transfer bacterias, dust, and viruses to our skin pores which may cause irritation and increase inflammation in the pores.

So, it is necessary to keep your hands clean by washing them repeatedly or trying to keep your hand off the face. And also, when you do touch-ups and apply creams and packs on the face, do not forget to wash your hands.


2. Wash your face

Washing your face retains the natural moisture and prevents dryness. Therefore, wash your face at least twice a day with warm water. And if you use soap or face wash, massage it in a circular motion.

As you know, your body retains sweat at night. So, it is necessary to wash your face when you wake up to clean off the sweat and dirt. But, do not wash for a longer time as it may increase oil secretion.


3. Use a cleanser

face cleansing

It is best to replace soaps with a cleanser. But, do not scrub your face harshly using a cleanser to avoid irritating your skin pores. Buy a gentle cleanser or use a natural one of your skin type.

Oily skin types must use a cleanser containing Vitamin A or zinc supplements, and a person having a dry skin type must use a milky or moisturizing cleanser.


4. Choose the right products

Choose right products


Choose a reliable product from a known brand if you are a makeup person. Even if you use regular creams and moisturizers, they should be bought from a good company.

A wrong or harsh product may break your skin, and water may evaporate from the pores increasing skin irritations.


5. Wash off makeup

Wash your makeup before bed to avoid clogging and breakouts. A red bumpy rash called perioral dermatitis may also occur in some people. Therefore, you can either use a cleanser or micellar water to clean the makeup.


6. Do not share your makeup

You should not share your makeup with even the people close to you. Why? Because it may result in cold sores. How? Cold sores are caused by viruses transmitted through the nose and mouth. And when you share makeup products like lipstick, the viruses transmit from another person’s lips to yours.


7. Take care of lips

lip care


Your lips need some care too! At least once a day and before bed, wet your lips and apply petroleum jelly or any lip balm. Or you can also scrub your lips with a baby brush or use natural scrubbers like a honey-sugar lip scrub and then apply lip balm.


8. Keep hair clean

keep your hair cleaned


The specks of dust stuck on your hair may come on the face, and the pores may absorb them to cause acne. Therefore, tie your hair not to let it come on the face or keep your hair clean.


9. Say no to powder on the face

You can apply powder, but not if you have oily skin. The powder on the oily face may clog the pores and form patches on the skin. You can replace the powder with tissues or blotting papers.


10. Use hand cream

hand cream

Take care of your hands and use good hand creams to massage every morning and night. Use a bit of it to keep your hands moisturized.


11. Make a night skin routine

You must follow a skin routine at night also. Wash your face, legs, hands, or take a bath 90 minutes before bed, as it is important to remove the dirt from the whole day before sleep. Then apply hand cream, moisturizer, lip balm, and then sleep.


12. Moisturize your skin

Apply moisturizer at least two times a day to prevent dryness, itching, wrinkles, and soothe your skin. It affects you better if you apply it to the wet skin after bathing. Do prefer using an oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin and if your skin is sensitive, avoid using fragrant moisturizer.


13. Exfoliate


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It is a necessary process, and you can exfoliate any part of the body at home only. Either buy an epilator with attached exfoliation parts, buy a cream from the market, or make your exfoliating agent at home using natural ingredients.

If you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week, it may help you avoid clogging of the pores. But, do not over-exfoliate by scrubbing your skin for a long time.


16. Don’t pop up pimples

Do you want lifelong scars on your skin? No. Right? Then avoid pimples and do not try to pop them. You pop to hide it, but instead, it will become more noticeable and leave scars and spread infections. It may also delay the natural healing of pimples by pushing the infected part and bacterias deeper into your skin.

To cure your pimples and acne faster, you can consult your dermatologist or apply natural remedies like tea tree oil to the affected area.


17. No skin-tight clothes

Avoid wearing skin-tight clothes when you have acne on your skin. Try to wear breathable and soft clothes or cloth of breathable fabric like cotton. Even try to avoid headbands and caps when you have acne on your face because the sweat and dirt from caps or headbands may spread infection.

Synthetic, woolen, or spandex materials may cause allergies, infections and may keep your skin drier.


18. Protect your skin from sun damage



The ultraviolet light damages your skin if you overexpose your skin to the sun. So, either wear full sleeve clothes, cover your face with a cloth, wear glasses or apply sunblock or sunscreen on your skin. Otherwise, the UV rays of the sun may kill your skin cells at a young age.


19. Drink more water


Water keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, which results in glowing skin. It also flushes out the harmful toxins from your body and keeps your skin healthy. You must drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. And in the morning, you must drink one glass of warm water. You can squeeze lemon and add a spoon of honey to it.


20. Maintain a balanced diet

Maintain a balanced diet


Eat fruits, vegetables, and food enriched with minerals and nutrients required by your skin. Your skin needs Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin A, B, C, and essential fatty acids to stay healthy.

Dairy products are the most common reason for acne and pimples in some. Why? Because some people may be allergic to dairy products. Therefore, they can switch to almond, soy, or oat milk.


21. Don’t take any stress

Teenagers take the stress of studies, career, and future, but you must not stress and overthink something because stress can lead to eczema flares. Yoga, meditation, or regular exercises can help you control your stress level.

It is essential to stick to a proper skin routine, and being a teenager is the time to start taking proper skin care to maintain healthy skin life-long. Just follow all the tips and be patient to get the results. Live a healthy lifestyle and make healthier food choices.



Most skin problems arise in teenagers, and it becomes the crucial time of your life to start taking proper skincare. Commonly, teenagers face acne, pimples, cold sores, eczema, and other dermatitis issues.

Therefore start following a proper skin routine and lifestyle by maintaining a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, taking no stress, keeping yourself clean and hygienic, using your own makeup products, and washing your face at least twice a day. And also by applying reliable and safe material on the skin.

We hope you all teens found what you were looking for. Do not forget to share your experience of following the tips provided in the comment section below and what result you got from it.

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