7 Must-Have Health Monitors In Every Household

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Health monitoring is important to prevent and detect health issues. But, how many times will you go to a doctor for a regular full body check-up?

Why not buy some long-term investment equipment to take care of you and your family’s health. And which will also benefit you with regular check-ups at home only, as it is necessary to monitor your health condition at least weekly.

Therefore, this article will help you buy the seven most important and helpful monitors to monitor your health condition.


What are the 7 must-have health monitors in every household? 

You must have easy-to-check machines at home for emergencies. And what are they? They are many, affordable, and easy to use. You can get them at any pharmaceutical or medicinal shops near you. So, let us dive deeper in detail into each of the seven must-have health monitors in every household.

1. Thermometer


A thermometer is a device for measuring and indicating temperature. It has a sensor to detect temperature and a few elements to convert the temperature counting into numerical values to get displayed. A thermometer is available in different types to use in different ways. Let us see what they are!

1. Liquid Thermometer

A liquid or mercury thermometer is a hermetically sealed narrow glass tube consisting of divisions and a bulb filled with mercury at one end. This type of thermometer shows the correct reading and could be placed in the mouth, underarm, or rectum to check the body temperature. But, they are rarely used today because of their glass material, which is easily breakable. Also, mercury is not a safe substance.


2. Digital Sensing Thermometer

Digital thermometers have heat sensors to detect the temperature of a person’s body. They are faster as they show the result in 1 minute or less on a convenient digital display. You can use it in the mouth, armpit, or rectum.


3. Advanced Oral Thermometer

Oral thermometers are pear-shaped and long-tipped. Unlike liquid thermometers, an advanced oral thermometer is faster, made of unbreakable material, and easy to dispose of. The average reading in it is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. Temporal Thermometer

Temporal artery thermometer has infrared ray technology to read the temperature. You need to pass it on your forehead without touching it for a few seconds. And the monitor will sense the heat and tell you the body’s temperature.


5. Pacifier Thermometer

Pacifier thermometers are for babies. You need to place it in the baby’s mouth for reading. But, it may not show the exact temperature.


2. Oximeter


A pulse oximeter is a device to detect the oxygen concentration in the blood. It is a tiny monitor that uses infrared light refraction to detect the level of oxygen binding the red blood cells.

It is easy to use, affordable, and most importantly, easy to carry. Please read the instructions written on the box before using it. The oximeter to use at home is the fingertip oximeter, where you need to clip your fingertip inside the device to get the readings.


3. Aneroid Monitor

Aneroid monitor

An aneroid monitor is a homey device to check the blood pressure level. It has a gauge and cuff. The gauge tells the reading using digit pointers, and the cuff has to be tied 1 inch above the elbow folding. It is easy to use and shows the exact BP readings in a few minutes. Open the cuff when it cuts off the blood flow of the cuffed area to get accurate results.


4. Glucometer


A glucometer or blood glucose meter is a home monitor you must buy, especially if you or your family members have diabetes. It measures the level of glucose in the blood. A routine check-up of blood sugar levels may help you prevent diabetes.

And for diabetic patients, it may get easier to control their body’s diabetic level. They must use this home monitor 4 to 10 times a day to record the fluctuations of glucose levels in their bloodstream.


5. Nebulizer


A nebulizer is a home monitor consisting of a mask connected to a machine. It converts the liquid medicine inside the device into the mist to pass it to the lungs through the mouthpiece. It is mainly for people with breathing problems like asthma, COPD, covid patients, and lung diseases.

It could come into help at any time to anyone at your home. So consider buying a nebulizer home monitor to prevent any health issues. Nebulizers are available in three types: jet, ultrasonic, and mesh.

1. Jet Nebulizer

Jet nebulizers are mainly for children as it helps the medicine reach directly to their lungs. The child only has to breathe through the mouthpiece attached to the nebulizing machine.


2. Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Mostly the ultrasonic nebulizers used at home are small in volume. It works similar to a jet nebulizer by inhaling medications through the mask. But, unlike jet nebulizers, ultrasonic has many limitations.


3. Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh Nebulizer is an advanced nebulizer providing the benefits of a comfortable and easy inhale because of its differently built mask. Instead of a mouthpiece, it has a mesh cap with holes to dispense medicine into small particles for easy inhalation.


6. Weight Machine/ Body Composition Monitor

Weight machine

A weighing machine or weighing scale or a body composition monitor is a useful medical device, especially if you are on a diet or losing weight because of some medications. Also, being overweight can lead to many health issues. Therefore, buy a weighing scale for yourself, and keep a check on your body weight.

You can buy anyone out of analog and digital weighing machines. But, it is said that digital weighing machines show more accurate results and are long-lasting than analog weighing machines.


7. Holter Monitor

Holter monitor

A Holter monitor is a small wearable device used to keep track of the heart rhythm based on your all-day-long activities. It is an electrocardiogram device (ECG) that you can wear for a maximum of two days a month. It detects irregularities or fluctuations in a heartbeat and prevents you from any major health issues.

The Holter monitor has two parts: software and hardware. The software records the signal of your heart, and the hardware review and analyzes it to show you the results.

They come in different types with different structures but the same function. Let us see the kinds of Holter monitors available in the market to perform ECG at home.

1. Wireless Holter Monitor

It is similar to a standard Holter monitor but has a longer recording time. It also has the feature of transmitting the data using a cell phone to whoever you wish to share.


2. Event Monitors

Event monitors only show the electrical activity of your heart; that is when you experience any symptom. Therefore, it is smaller and stores less data than a standard Holter Monitor.


3. Post-event Recorders

It is only useful when you experience any symptom. Otherwise, it does not record or show heart abnormalities and could not be worn like other types.


3. Pre-symptom Memory Loop Recorders

This device keeps on recording and erasing data according to the needs. Pre-symptom Memory Loop recorders are also called continuous loop event recorders.


4. Auto Detect Recorders

It automatically detects the fluctuations of your heart, and you need not switch on and off the device.

You can not buy every health detecting machine for home use. Only a few of them are made handy and easy to use at home. And the most necessary ones are listed above. So, consider buying them to stay healthy and safe from chronic diseases.


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Health monitoring is important to prevent and detect health issues prior. To stay healthy and to stay away from various chronic diseases, you must check your body’s temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, body weight, and much more. And for which there are many monitors available in the market for home use to let people monitor their health regularly.

The seven must-have monitors for every household are thermometers, oximeters, aneroid monitors, glucometers, nebulizers, weight machines, and Holter monitors.

Buy these monitors and stay healthy! We hope you found this article helpful. So, do not forget to share your experience reading this article with us in the comment section below.

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